Wanda Sykes Debuts “Herlarious” From Harpo Studios


Oprah’s Own Network debuted Wanda Sykes, ‘Herlarious’ on Saturday night to Chicago audience and home viewers. Who hasn’t heard of Wanda Sykes? She’s a comedic actress,sometimes “dung” starter, a friend to Ellen DeGeneres and a lesbian who recently married. She’s not exactly a MOMS MABLEY of female comedians, but, let’s face it, they don’t make em like MoMs anymore. Wanda Sykes does possess a dry sort of wit that when combined with her arsenal of facial distortions; manages to keep an audience engaged throughout her routines.

The audience laughed when she talked about Iyanla Vanzant atttemptng to fix DMX’s life and when she told how folks asked why she was doing a show with all female comics. The punch line was “cause Oprah asked me to!”… and everybody know when Oprah asks you to do something… Anyho, there were two segments of three women comics coming to the stage to make or break the audience with their brand of humor.


Let me just be 100 with y’all. This first show did well, overall (my opinion) however, there were only about three of these women who actually made a ‘laughing’ impression on yours truly and I like to laugh. Humor is so important, people and let’s applaud the women who step up to do a tough job that I certainly can’t do. I don’t know who were responsible for the skits, but, they stank to holy hell! just sayin’

Brooke Shields talking about her pedigree (degree & Ivy League status) starts off fine, but, fell flat by the end where she is turning down stage lights on Wanda Sykes and giving her directions from the sound booth. Then, there’s Wanda dressing like Ms. Sophia and Kim Whitley following her lead- Kim Whitley actually told some raunchy/ ratchet jokes that were sort of funny and sort of not. What?! I mean, sexapades with young boys preferably over old men whose balls roll on the floor? Okay, Kim. Liked that outfit though, gurl:)

Carmen Lynch, Tracey Ashley ( loved her imitating scene from The Help) and Andi Smith will bring much better next time (read) Missed out on Gloria Bigalow. The winners on Wanda Sykes “Herlarious”? Marinia Franklin and the Maintain skit by Wanda Sykes and Kim Whitley. Feel free to weigh in on what y’all thought of the show. I’ll be checking in periodically people for the next few weeks. Not posting. I’m off the radar for vacay.


Psst. While I’m away, watch out for Ryan Seacrest tryin’ to rob Selena Gomez’s cradle. Did y’all catch the vibes he was shooting at the newly 21 year old on his E interview?


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