Robin Thicke, Paula Patton And Miley Cyrus “Twerking”

Alright already, people. It’s officially September 1st and the g-mogul is back! Now, don’t go thinking I haven’t been listening to all the hoopla these last weeks because I have and I’ve been biting at the bit to jump right in there and have my say, but, y’all know what? It wasn’t enough to drag me outta my serenity space and bring y’all the teas the way only I can give:) But, yay for September and new beginnings! Still there’s a little bone picking that’s way past due, so let’s get started.

throbin & paula patton

I’ve always thought this was a gorgeous couple. They’ve known each other since high school. They married and have a handsome kid. Now, the stuff is hitting the fan with rumors and innuendo about the pot smoking, threesome and questionable sexual preferences. It’s all too much information and can backfire for this couple if somebody don’t stop getting diarrhea of the mouth and take a chill pill. What goes on behind closed doors should stay behind closed doors- like Vegas, doncha know?

Yes, Robin Thicke. You need to zip it about your personal life-son. So, according to a Howard Stern interview, you and your wife like to try anything and anybody. Should your adoring fans need to know? And you have a child that will grow up to understand and should the two of you be asking what’s he going to think or do when he sees/hears about all of this stuff.

And, Robin, why spill secrets about your wife? Do you know what the blogs are saying about her? I dare not repeat it here. And Robin, loved the ‘Blurred Lines’ video (kinda like bringing sexy back) but, did you have to perform that song with a barely 20-year-old Miley Cyrus, where she’s twerking and groping your groin? Can you spell dirt bag move on your part? Well, that’s better than “douche bag” label some folks are calling ya.

robin & miley

And on the very same night of the VMAs were you not photographed with your hand buried in the backseat of some blonde young woman, calling herself a fan? Robin, the reflection in the mirror caught you ” smile, you’re on candid camera.!” All of the love talk you have for you wife, sure wasn’t evident in that shot. Just sayin’ dude. Does Paula Patton care that your erratic behavior is casting a shadow over the happy couple in love/respect the public has about your marriage? The blogs are not being nice to you guys, right about now.

throbin & paula

A word? Shape up. Clean up. Keep the threesome undercover. Yep, the g-mogul’s back and that’s a wrap!


Next: “Lamar Odom I’m Comin.”


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