Mayte Garcia of Hollywood Exes

thmayte g

Happy Monday, peeps! Wanna know what the beauty of being a woman is? We get to change our minds, just because:) Anyhew, I left off the last post telling y’all I wanted to concentrate the tea on one celeb at a time, well, scratch that. The reason for this short lived change of heart? Today’s focus, Mayte Garcia, ex wife of the artist, formerly known as PRINCE and one of the reality stars of Hollywood Exes.

In a word, the woman is getting on my bad g-mogul side and she’s boring and irritating in her new-found confidence of superiority that’s exhibited on the show. Mayte seems to be feeling her oats, by trying to throw her weight around, thinking she can force the other women to follow her demands and not wear or purchase fur in her presence.

Yep, the fur thing. How dare you Mayte? And who are you, really? Of course, the viewers were rooting for you when you got to bring the precious little one home. We were there for you when you finally packed away the purple ones’ plates. Okay, so it’s not like he was ever coming back! Just sayin.

The second season is showing a different side of the former dancer or maybe she’s always been a little sh*t. Word to the wise, Ms. Garcia- this is a country built on democracy- freedoms of speech and the right to choose.  Don’t get it twisted and think you way is the only way.

For the record, I’ve never cotton to wearing fur, even if I could afford to:) fur is just not my thing. If you’re loving on your fur. More power to you. I’ll talk about your furry a$$s later.


P.S. Andrea, you change alliances like a chameleon changes color. What’s up with that!?!

P.P.S. Shamicka, was Martin Lawrence scared of you?!


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