Katherine Heigl- A Fallen Star…


People can say what they want about Katherine Heigl, at least she’s working after her backlash from folks in the industry.Y’all catch that nighttime sleep-aid commercial yet? And she has appearances in upcoming movies and is being considered for a possible new drama series where she reportedly will play a CIA analyst whose personal life is well full of “drama.”

Katherine Heigl was around long before she became the breakout star of Grey’s Anatomy. She was into television and modeling. She was for a time present in forgettable movies I won’t mention, but, when Grey’s came knocking and “lzzie” was born she became the cat’s meow- the darling of Hollywood elite. She won a primetime emmy award for outstanding supporting actress in a drama in 2007. Heigl refused to submit her name for another Emmy, citing the less than stellar material she was given to work with, which apparently cut the show’s creator Shondra Rhimes to the white- just sayin’

When she gave interviews to Vanity Fair about her breakout comedy movie “Knocked Up”, the actress said she liked working with the other cast members, but, felt the show was, “sexist”, citing obvious differences between female cast and male cast members. Again, a backlash from Hollywood insiders and bigwig executives who labeled the actress a “hypocrite”, a “traitor and “difficult” to work with.

Okay, it’s safe to say that fame went to her mouth, but, people, I applaud her for voicing her truths- it’s the fallout she wasn’t prepared to handle. Katherine Heigl, if you walk in truth, make sure you have your big gurl drawers on, cause, a lot of those executives signing your checks can’t handle the truth! And how you living?:)

When Katherine does make her comeback and regain her star crown, you can bet she will make better decisions when she gives interviews or her opinions and that attitude? People will be asking “What attitude?”

Question for the post: Do you think Katherine Heigl’s momager helped derail her career?



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