The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Becomes a Fan Favorite.


How many people tuned in to see The Legend of Sleepy Hollow last night? I did! I did! and I’m convinced by the media outlets and social media raves that you die hard fans of Ichabod Crane did as well:) Listen I’m butter for a good Syfy, horror or good trumps evil sort of fictional/fantasy tale. From Dracula’s fangs to Sam & Dean (SUPERNATURAL) smothering good looks wielding into some demon rotten soul to bad to the bone ‘always a party’ vampires Damon and Klaus (Vampire Diaries)- this g-mogul’s got you covered!

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow television is based upon the short story of the same name, written in 1820! Can y’all believe that? Anyhew, I liked the tall and lanky Jeff Goldblum portrayal of Ichabod Crane back in the day and heck yea, Johnny Depp:) but, move over fellas, there’s a new, younger and sort of cute Ichabod in town. Tom Mison brings the character to life with humor and sly glimpses of sexuality for television.

sleepy hollow

The hero to damsel in distress, Abbie Mills- a woman of color. People, there are just too few roles for minority women in lead characters- possible love interests. (Take note Person of Interest) 🙂 It seems Hollywood is finally reading their email: People of color can make money for your advertisers. It’s not always love scenes happening between blonde characters that give viewers fun anticipation. Okay, so I’m sayin “bring it on with the swirl in these shows! What!?!

So Ichabod’s witch wife is in the picture, but, people, she’s dead! Let’s get this party started:) Last night’s episode had Abbie drinking this tea,that takes her back inside the world of the ghostly. Of course, Ichabod drinks the tea as well in support of ‘Ms. Mills.’

Abbie faces her fears, admits her wrongs, banishes the evil and goes to make amends with her sister in an insane asylum- only her sister has escaped! The show is getting off to a great start and this g-mogul predicts it will be a breakout hit.


Although; I beg writers to be more observant with these characters. Case in point?

Ichabod makes a face when he drinks the energy drink…but, when Abbie lies on a table in her bra? What’s going through the man’s head when he sees a woman’s bra for the first time?


P.S. Orlando Jones, you’re the man, but, there’s something very sneaky about you. The boyfriend needs more lines than a mumble or stare for christsakes! just sayin’


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