The New Basketball Wife-Tasha Marbury


Tasha Marbury is apparently finding herself without allies on the 5th season of Basketball wives. The newest cast-member has admittedly known Evelyn for years and they’ve reconnected on the show-sort of. It’s not looking so good for Tasha as she’s been laughingly referred to as “boushie” by some of the original cast. Now that Jennifer, Kenya and Royce is no longer a part of the franchise, the others have no one to pick apart besides themselves (lol) and that probably gets a tad ‘old’ for the cast and for the reality show’s viewers.

Anyhew, Tasha had better watch her back. The women have to maintain the drama in order to continue to support their fashion lines, nail polish launch and wig collections. just sayin’ The show seems dull and repetitive and frankly, not very interesting. There’s Suzie obviously trying to act tough. Shaunie, trying to keep the interest of a younger man ( by any means necessary) Evelyn just trying to stay relevant and Tami not wanting to ‘feel’ anything in regards to her mother’s battling cancer.

Perhaps it’s time for Basketball Wives to take a time out because this viewer is tired of watching these “angry birds” (as one blogger phrased the women after they walked out of Tasha’s birthday bash) attempt to keep the fires of Basketball Wives burning. Perhaps a former Basketball castmember put it best when she exclaimed how “random hos’ were running the show and Shaunie should have kept it just about basketball wives. For the record, Laura Govan was never a ‘wife’ either- does common law work?


Whatever the reason for the show’s lack of appeal these days, methinks it’s maybe seen its last season.

What say you scribes? Think the show will gain momentum?



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