Bruce & Kris Jenner Say They’re “Much Happier” After Separation

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Come on now, Kris & Bruce. You guys, is this a publicity stunt? Well, apparently not, considering Kris Jenner is no longer wearing her wedding ring and Bruce has been living in his Malibu home. The property was rented by Kris Jenner as seen in prior episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, because Bruce had complained about too little personal space after having to make arrangements for a new mom Kim and her temperamental black boyfriend, Kayne West to take up residence in the Jenner home.

NOoo, I’m not saying that this was the last draw for Brucie boy, I’m just sayin’ it couldn’t have been a positive thing as Bruce noted when he had to help move all of Kim’s stuff into their home while Kanye was out and about doing only he knows what, while in Paris on tour. Still, it’s reported that Bruce and Kris have reportedly been having problems for months and haven’t had sex for years. Anyhew, that’s the 411.

There are reports that Kris has been hanging out with younger men of late, bad boys like dude from Girls Gone Wild, Joe Francis and Britney Spears ex/ manager/agent, Jason Trawick. Who knows what those hookups were about. The fact is the two issued a statement tooting their mutual love and respect for one another and their first priority family. It’s a lovie dovie separation where they’re quoted saying they’ve much happier living apart, but, if they do decide to divorce, consider how the tide might change. Bruce stands to get half of the Kardashian empire!

Reportedly, there was no prenup when the two married 22 years ago and so, “all’s fair in love and war.” just sayin’
Two people who have fallen out of love, shouldn’t stay together just for the sake of the children or for the love of money. (Kris Jenner)

We who are g-moguls only report the news. But, we can also wish them well and hopefully, they will have the same mindset of happier than thou when it comes time to split the finances:)

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Peace be unto y’all!



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