Sunday Quips From The Wendy Williams Tea Vault


Hey, surprise! Yea, I know y’all been waiting to see what this g-mogul looks like behind the scenes and I have to warn you people, this ain’t me today! Although I’m still rockin’ my natural locs and doing the ‘gray’ me, just a shorter version. Okay, I’m hoping y’all got your church on today, it being Sunday and all, cause we all need some God in our lives:)

Now listen, it’s time for some teas and I’m talking some of the stuff Wendy Williams been letting flow from her mouth and people y’all know how the queen of talk rolls. I wanted to back that talk up a bit though and try to play catch up to what Wendy been sayin’ that have yours truly going “Oh, no she didn’t!” so here goes just some of the quips of late from the former queen of RADIO!

th wendy fire

“Kate Upton is one sandwich away from full blown disaster. She needs to be dating up not down.” – Wendy’s take on the supermodel weight and dating DWTS Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

“Why don’t she adopt from Gary Indiana where she’s from or Chicago? She’s doing what a lot of black people do-try to escape their blackness.”- Wendy on Janet Jackson and new hubby wanting to adopt from Siberia and other foreign countries.

“Chris Brown why don’t you stop blaming Jay Z and be accountable? Why don’t you go out with a nice girl named Mallory. Don’t twitter war me cause I don’t bark back. Save your twitter war young man.”- Wendy on Chris Brown alleging how Jay Z gets a pass from media for shooting someone and selling drugs before he became famous.

“There’s a man for every occasion. A smart woman knows the difference. A 25 year old should be just a drive-by.” Wendy on Vivica Fox who is turning 50 and states her taste in men is evolving. From boys to err, slightly older ‘younger’ men:)

“She’s the type who rather hang on to the marriage just to keep the money.” Wendy on Kris Jenner separation from Bruce Jenner. Consider Bruce is worth in the hundred of millions compared to Kris’s 30 million plus…(hmm)

“I hope she’s not dragging Lamar’s drug troubles out on the show.” Wendy is talking about the Kardashian women and the Kardashian brand ratings, and troubles Lamar is having with drugs.

“You don’t need a long time to cheat, a 100 pumps and 7 minutes will do you!” – Wendy on Real Housewives of New York Ramona’s husband allegedly cheating on her with a young bombshell.

Okay, y’all that’s just some of the Wendy Williams fire too hot to just let fall by the wayside. If y’all like this episode or want to share, hit me up and we’ll incorporate more into the g-mogul’s Sunday quips:)



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