Breaking Down Bravo’s “The New Atlanta”


Truth? I wasn’t going to bother with watching the show for several reasons. 1. It’s really a show for the new millenniums in that it ‘s about young professionals whose only concerns seemed centered on partying, finding love and participating in silly cat-fights. 2.I’ve already gotten caught up with keeping y’all up on the teas of the Housewives Sagas and The Basketball Wives-to add another Bravo mess would be cray cray. Anyhew, the 3rd reason I wasn’t too interested is because I’d sort of seen the preview and didn’t care for the arrogant vibe oozing from one of the fellas.

Well, now, I’m writing about that dude whose big-headedness, arrogance and in your face disrespect for women turns my stomach. The killing part is the women ( 30 something ) women ie Alex and Africa- beautiful accomplished women have the nerve to actually find this predator attractive!

As a woman who can ‘read’ and I say this in all seriousness; these women need to wake the f=uck up! Dude doesn’t give a crap about their feelings, doesn’t respect them or want to really know them! He’s said it more than enough times; how as long as he’s honest with the women by letting them know he’s not just with you and that you’re not really the one? Tell me why women of such intelligence and talents would want to be with such a scum bag? Africa I can see you hurting as you’ve admitted you’ve caught feeling for this person. Get out! and stop making excuses for his bad behavior!

Emily, I like that you’re a business woman, but, also a little user aren’t you? Playing with your ex boyfriend’s emotions because you can. Been there, done that and it doesn’t end pretty. As the late great MJ sang “Stop the love you save might be your own! But, props for trying to pull Africa’s coat tail- gurl needs intervention. just sayin’

Alex, what’s with this haughty little girl act? You’re relying on daddy for your cash flow and footing the bills to your rave parties-you seem to think it’s proper to just party and be merry. What’s going to happen when daddy won’t god forbid be there to supply you with stuff anymore? Wake up Alex and own your responsibilities.

Tribble, you’re the man right now! You have those morals I can see in men of character. You’re still a turd of sorts with all of that playfulness, but, your heart seems like it’s in the right place. Awe shucks, you was feeling Africa? Well, don’t give up. Africa’s about to face the wrath of Vawn’s ugly ways.

Vawn, you’re strutting round like a rooster in a hen-house, but, dude, you ain’t all that doncha know? You say you’re writing this book as a tell all to how men really feel? That you can’t see yourself having sex with just one woman? I pity the fool woman who’d even consider marrying you. And, trust, you ain’t all that!



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