More Sunday Quips From The “Tea” Vault of Wendy Williams


Okay, this is really crazy right now in my neck of the woods, cause I’m cooking Sunday dinner and packing and giving my peeps the 411 on quips lifted from the tea vault of the queen of talk, Wendy Williams. Yes, it’s soul food and yes, I’m excited by some unexpected family news where my presence is requested, so I’m packing and I will be missing in action at my blog for a while- just know I’m somewhere dishing the ‘dish’ like only this g-mogul can- in real time:)

Let’s get this party started!

“Oprah says she come from a place of addiction, only food doesn’t count!” But, I like Welcome to Sweetie Pies.”
Wendy on rumors of Oprah attempting to grab interview with Lamar Odom to talk about his alleged drug addiction & personal problems.

“Lamar please don’t be naive.They did it at least once in my mind.They look just too close-Lamar don’t be naive.”
Wendy on whether Khloe and rapper, The Game (rapper) are more than friends as they were caught by photographers coming from a party together.

“Your stomach was always the first thing to enter the room!”
Wendy on Reuben Stoddard losing 20 lbs on the reality show Biggest Loser. Reuben originally weighed 463 lbs.

“He’s made her over.I don’t even recognize her anymore. Nobody wants to buy high end baby clothes when 1/3rd of the country is suffering.”
Wendy on Kanye wanting Kim to start a baby clothing line.

“Casper you had the best two years of your life, so take your stuff and get out, if JLo wants you to. I still think she and Mark will get back together cause that divorce is not finalized.
Wendy on Casper and Jennifer Lopez split.

Finally, Wendy came clean about telling her audience and us how she’d read all three 50 Shades of Grey book:
“I been telling you I read all three books. I didn’t. I read two. I just wanted to be down.”

“Dang, Wendy, you ain’t gotta lie to us, gurl!”

That’s a wrap my g-moguls and spectators of the teas. I’ll be back!



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