Whoopi Celebrates Birthday On The View With Her Favorite Things


Okay people, so this doesn’t mean the G-mogul is officially back on the scene and this sure ain’t my computer-just sayin’
I’m missing letting y’all in on the latest teas though and judging from how my blog been blowing up lately with over 400 of y’all wanting to get the real from the real:) thought I’d better put in a quick holla!

But, before I go any further, let me just give a big shout out to FAMILY. Lord these folks who are my folks have my back and I’m thankful and grateful for my true blood brothers & sisters… love y’all-)

Okay, on to why folks been blowing up the “t” blog aka clara54. It’s cause they want to know about a few of Whoopi Goldberg’s favorite things or thangs if you wanna put some slang in it. Anyhew, Whoopi celebrated her birthday on The View November 13th by jamming on stage with one of her fav bands- The Rascals. She played the Tambourine.

But, y’all want the goods on a few of her favorite things, doncha? Okay then:

Portable Changing Station can be found at Aviilo.com -will run you about $59 to$119
Spence Shoes at Spence.com and costs 69.99 and up;somebody ship the g-mogul a pair. just sayin’
Base Egg at baseegg.com- okie dokey- $99:95
The Confessional.com cheese cake(homemade) ships anywhere
Raven eve jewelry at raveneve.com costs about $15
Kiwi crate.com for kids subscription based activity
Sodastream.com turns water to soda AND the big Whoopi ticket item ?
Infiniti Pro Secret by Conair Curl (curling iron) can be purchased at curlsecret.com at $89.00 and this sucka uses an automatic curl chamber 🙂 Let me know how that works for ya, cause I’m a locd type of gurl- just sayin’

Anyhew, here’s what all the traffic been about at the tea blog- don’t ever say the g-mogul don’t care bout bringin’ the teas, even when she’s been MIA. jst sayin’



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