Memorable Moments of 2013 In Celebrity & World News

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Happy Happy 2014! Okay, so I got a wee bit excited about the Holidays and a brand new New Year, but, now I’m back and thought what better way to start the New Year off right than by dishing on memorable teas of 2013? I know, original right?:) Oh well, here’s a look back at some of what made this g-mogul’s year in 2013. Feel free to add to your flavor to the g mix, I won’t be mad at ya:)

What the world most likely will be talking about going forward into 2014:

Of course we have to begin with celebs and what they were doing in 2013 that made the world go “what!?!”
Miley Cyrus, that once cute Hannah Montana kid, made everyone sit up and take notice by her wild ‘twerking’ performance at the AMAs with that other chart topping singer, Robin Thicke. Yes, both artists caught America’s attention and how, with their wild antics and racy song lyrics.
The number one celeb name searched on Yahoo in 2013 was Miley Cyrus and one of the top words people googled was Twerking.
Robin Thicke made headlines earlier on with his top song of 2013, whose lyrics and video sent him to the top of the charts. Add to that, Mr. Thicke’s appearances on shows like Howard Stern where he talked freely about his sexapades with actress-wife Paula Patton. He nearly brags about how his wife was once a good girl, turned bad by him, as referenced by lyrics to Blurred Lines.

There was also a hiccup for the singer in all of this glory, brought on by lawsuit by the family of the late great crooner, Marvin Gaye (let’s get it on!) who accused Robin Thicke and Pharell of stealing lyrics tone of their dad’s song. As of this posting, reportedly, the family refused cash settlement from Robin.
One music insider states blurred lines became the biggest summer song for Robing Thicke, along with producer Pharr ell and was a great Marvin Gaye rip off- remix for a modern day audience.

Miley Cyrus came in like a wrecking ball with her Bangers album and claimed the top billboard album. She according to music watchers manipulated the press, viewers, social media and the music industry with her nudity, tongue acts and dance routines with the cats-

Facebook’s most talked about stories of 2013 were:
The Government shutdown
The Boston Marathon Bombing
The Super bowl
My musical input:
I didn’t know Katy Perry and Rhianna were smokers. Lady Gaga should dress down more. She actually looks better when she’s not wearing feathers and meat.
My favorite singer of 2013 was Justin Timberlake because he’s smooth, sexy and sings great in a suit & tie. Note to self- pick up the album 20/20. The worst singer taking up space on my 2013 list was Kayne West who really took the cake when he compared Kim Kardashian to the first lady, Michelle Obama and himself to Jesus- there’s just no comparison on either side.
Too much fanfare about the Kardashians on instagram and “selfies” just sayin’ Grew tired of hearing about Lamar Odom’s alleged drugs and cheating; the divorce and Kris and being ‘that woman’ Kris Jenner- mommanager. I grew tired of Justin Beiber losing his cool and his pants and blaming it all on his being only 19.

I applaud Beyonce for dropping her album without publicity and not really caring how Amazon or Target refused to sell it and grew tired of the overexposure.
There were a lot of celebs babies born in 2013 and the most goggled girl names were:
Here’s to a great and fab New Year y’all!



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