Sleepy Hollow Returns To Fox Wearing “Skinny Jeans”


Okay, so not the show, but the show’s actor, Tom Mison aka Ichabod Crane decides to try on new garb for their return after a winter break and boy oh boy, the look on Ichabod’s face and Abbie’s hilarious response was just comedic genius! Well, all’s well that starts well, because not being able to sit in those bad boys caused Ichabod to return to his normal, but, dated clothing.

As predicted in my 2013 review of the remake of this classic, hunt for the headless horseman saga, The modern version is a slam dunk! Skeptics weren’t willing to give Sleepy Hollow a chance in the beginning, obviously overlooking the chemistry between the cast and it’s timing; think Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and an audience need to believe in the good vs evil battle where good always triumphs and just the perfect vehicle for a new mystery series adding love and expectations to the mix, is what made this g-mogul call it like she sees it:)


Still to be honest, true and loyal to the Sleepy Hollow phenomena? “Nobody does Ichabod like Johnny Depp!” just sayin’ the man is ultra sexy, smoldering cool and calm under pressure and brings characters to life how we envisioned them to be- in all of his films. Johnny is number one. Sorry, Tom Mison, but we tell it like it is here.:)

Okay, now that we’re clear, I want to give much needed shout-outs to the supporting cast of Sleepy Hollow and say they’re one big mesh of down home collard greens because they bring much flavor to the show: Orlando Jones aka Captain Irving. Katia Winters aka Katrina Crane. Lyndie Greenwood aka Jenny Mills. Nicholas Gonzalez aka Detective Luke Morales. John Cho aka Andy Brooks, dead dude who still wants to protect Abbie.

All of the other cast members make The Legend of Sleepy Hollow the number one show (my opinion) of 2013 and beyond! Okay, say you just can’t get in the groove and watch the show. May I recommend Dracula with Jonathan Rhys Meyers? This show has possibilities, but, if the writers don’t keep the chemistry alive between Dracula and the vampire slayer, it’s going to fail.

Viewers need to see Chemistry and the possibility of a love-connection between its main characters ie Ichabod and Abbie ( wife is in another dimension so don’t trip people!) 🙂

Finally, I’m still watching my all time fav from years gone by and they have truly grown and become married men in real time with babies! Of course, talking about those Winchester boys, Dean and Sam, who Keep the fans happy in Supernatural. The Vampire Diaries better get it together or yours truly will have to settle with The Originals, although Klaus needs to lure Caroline from Vampires to New Orleans for a brief tryst.

Okay my peeps, I have gifted you guys with a hot button post, so y’all better recognize and send me your take on subjects that matter in the world of movies, television and fantasy, while I continue to celebrate my birthday week with the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Awesome company to be in, doncha know? 🙂

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