Sherri Shepherd Finds Her ‘Voice’ After Backlash of Dismissive Tweets

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I just have to give props to Sherri Shepherd who left Chicago to do better and land gigs that would just feed her son! And this was before her second marriage or before the world knew about Sherri Shepherd’s cheating first husband or the private pain of losing the second half to son Jeffery’s twin birth. Sherri Shepherd is a comedian. before there were the television sitcom shows and The View and Dancing With The Stars, Sherri was doing stand-up at nondescript venues.

Now that she is a regular co-host on The View, Sherri is getting the eye of scrutiny placed upon her by opinionated viewers who are well versed in the world of social media. When Sherri said that the world was flat, many people took to twitter in dismay, but, just as many supported her new venture in television talk and could understand her nervousness about the show and as Sherri later said in interviews, she was also experiencing personal troubles and don’t we all?

Recently, after Wendy Williams broke down on her own show while discussing her angst over her 13 year old son’s attitude toward her; preferring to hang out with his dad, refusing to pick up after himself, etc, Wendy Williams was invited on The View to talk and share the teas about her on set tear down. Wouldn’t you know, people took to twitter to praise Wendy for not taking crap from Barbara Walters and her seemingly insinuations that something was wrong in Wendy’s mother/son relationship.

If y’all missed it, just go to the clip of the day at The View featuring Wendy Williams.The blogs had a field day talking about Wendy putting it down on Barbara and that Whoopi & Sherri didn’t say much in the segment as speculating that Whoopi was either angry with Barbara for her behavior or with Wendy for talking too loud and too much. I say which one is it people? just sayin.’

Anyhew ,there were a lot of ‘ugly’ digs at 84 year old Walters, with the majority of folks calling for her to sit down at home or go on an extended vacay somewhere. I have mad respect for the long time Journalist and TV personality, and frankly she makes me tired just looking at her 🙂 What?! Y’all know Barbara need to enjoy the remainder of her life doing absolutely nothing but being Barbara in luxurious contentment. It’s totally nonsense to work your buns off until you’re past eighty, only to die tomorrow! Life is totally not promised, but to hasten it? Reality sucks, people. But, then there’s the other side ” a body at rest tends to stay at rest?” Naw, she needs to lie down.

Okay, back to Sherri Shepherd. The blogs tore into Sherri for not having a backbone and not standing up to Barbara. Folks are saying that whenever Sherri starts to talk or respond, she never gets her point across because Barbara holds up her hand to silence Sherri and Sherri obeys:) People need to quit, I tell ya.

Just today, Sherri did indeed hold her own. She sparred word for word with Ms. Walters in regards to Woody Allen’s alleged penchant for little girls and his adopted daughter accusing him of sexual abuse when she was only 7 years old. Barbara defended Woody Allen, calling him and wife, Soon Yi (his former stepdaughter) wonderful parents to their little girls-hmm

Sherri Shepherd fired back that Woody Allen had sex with and married his step daughter. She also said he dated 17 year old and liked young girls. Of course the heat was on and the show went to commercial. When the show returned, Barbara Walters had the last say on the subject, reminding folks that Woody Allen had been investigated when first accused back in the day and NO evidence was found that he was abusing his daughter.

And now you people on social media, the blogs etc can stop taking digs at Sherri Shepherd. She definitely found her voice and stepped up to the plate of speaking her truths. I wonder if it’s because Sherri Shepherd is her own force to be reckoned with these days? A visionary woman of books, talk shows, dating game shows, television and movies and even a wig line. Gotta own your voice when you’re running in the circle of the “big dogs” doncha know?



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