Whoopi’s Tuesday “Shoe” Cam

Okay so I spent an hour searching for those dang shoes Whoopi wore today! Have no fear, found something better. One of the hot spots where Whoopi purchase her shoe cam shoes 🙂

IC Logo where to buy whop shoes

Hey y’all! Before we talk about the ‘shoes’, let’s just give a shout out to the shoe cam diva talk show host who coined the shoe cam phrase first? Ms. Wendy William of “How you Doin?” started the shoe cam thing on her daytime talk and now, Whoopi. Also, since we’re going there; Whoopi favorite things segment was a spin-off from The Oprah Show “some of my favorite things.” I know, people mere trivialities:) but I’ve been burned for my casual ‘phrases’ a few times in the past that snowballed into something huge and I wasn’t left feeling pretty:)

Y’all know how I roll here, so give credit where credit is due. Just sayin’

What y’all think about those shoes Whoopi wore today? Some of her co-hosts tried to be nice as they speculated about someone possibly tipping over in those clogs! Whoopi assures everyone (those of you at home as well) that the shoes are incredibly comfortable and yes they are built like a high heel and fancy-girl! Let’s take a trip down Whoopi “Shoe Lane” in case you missed out on viewing these babies:

images whoopi

imageswhoopi shoes tues

index boots

images moms

I feel ya moms! 🙂



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