Real Housewives Kandi Burruss’s Mama Joyce: Cray-Cray or Very Intuitive?

th mama joyce

I was really doing swell. I had decided not to write about any of those dang housewives and I didn’t for a long time. Not even when Joe and Teresa got slammed with fraud charges or the teas went down, insinuating that Apollo and Kenya really did have a little something-something going on! And y’all know I wanted to get down with the get down when Phaedra’s husband was arrested and charged with identify theft/fraud for stealing retired folks’ checks from their personal information and making millions outta other people hard earned monies-the g-mogul held her expert and intuitive op-eds to herself. And what about NeNe Leakes cray-cray exposure of all of her womanly assets during her ‘pillow talk’ sleepover with the other wives and their significant others (men) in the room? Ladies- show a bit of self- respect! Okay, that was for NeNe Leakes:) just sayin’

But, The Real Housewives of Atlanta Kandi Burruss’s mama Joyce has just canceled out all of my good intentions in regards to the other g stuff. Kandi and fiance, Todd Tucker were rumored to be headed down the aisle on Valentine’s Day, but, apparently the cold reception and ugly digs between the mama and fiance has gotten waay out of hand and poor emotionally distraught Kandi don’t know where to turn or whose camp to hide out in- her mama or or her man?

th Kandi

So, this is why it’s so ugly,people: Mama Joyce thinks Todd is an opportunist. That he only loves Todd and only Todd. That he cheated on Kandi with her best friend and that Todd Tucker really doesn’t love her daughter; he just wants her money. She cited how just two months after dating Kandi, Todd quit his job. Now, Todd is fed up with mama Joyce interfering with his and Kandi’s relationship. He wants Kandi to step into her big girl drawers and tell mama Joyce to back the heck up! Todd is getting so perturbed he even threatened to break off their relationship- Kandi cries so much now, it’s not even funny. I mean, the young lady has so much going for herself; the music, the show, her sex toy franchise and now, clothing shops in Hollywood opening up and welcoming her brand to the Ritz- come on people, the girl should be enjoying her huge success, doncha know?!

How many folks think mama Joyce is gone like- cray-cray? And how many think that mama Joyce motherly intuition is on point? I’m torn, people. See, a mother knows, but, a mother who loves her child and respects that they will make the right decision or heck, suffer the consequence and learn a valuable lesson? would probably tell Joyce to chill out and allow her daughter to be the woman she needs to be. Now, that advice doesn’t come easy. I’ve been there mama Joyce, but, you gotta cut the strings ( rich though they might be) and give Kandi breathing room. She’s in love, mama Joyce! Psst, the streets are talking ( Wendy voice) and we hear you’re having your cake and icing and everything in between with your man and your daughter admittedly doesn’t interfere. Leave your daughter be and let her enjoy her man, mama. just sayin’

Y’all have gone and done it now. I’m all stirred up and just had to speak on it:)



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