Celebrities Who Got “The Big Head”

image Big Head

Regular folks are not the only ones who when they get a little successful or gain a little bit of notoriety start acting some sort of way, like they’re God’s gift to M.C.Hammer’s “can’t touch this” mode of insanity.And I know a few folks who be thinking’ like that, but, no worries this post is not about YOU 🙂 It’s about celebrities who have gone and gotten the “big head” and have almost lost something of value in the process-their friggin minds. Okay, I meant to say they’ve lost their humility-just sayin’

So, when do celebrities come down to earth and realize that they’re just very blessed folks who have been given the opportunity to share their gifts with the world at large and get filthy rich doing it? When will these flesh and blood folks realize that without their fame, fortune and assets, they’ll be regular folks calling themselves human beings? anyhow, enough of the spiritual meanderings on this g-mogul’s blog where the teas are the thing and the post is about celebrities getting the “Big Head.” Y’all like the caricature? It’s a free image and it’s representing’

So, the big head thang came about from a former post I had written on one of my other blogs (yes, I got several) where I’m telling regular folks to “Don’t go getting the big head” cause y’all still just people and so here are the celebs who might need that same wake up call from the g-mogul blog just keep putting it down and keeping it all the way real-for real!

th justin bieber

Justin Bieber, you were a kid who got discovered on YouTube. Now, you think you’re all of that with your teeny-weeny little self, walking around with your home boys, drinking and drugging and having unprotected sex (allegedly) 🙂 anyho, you’ve been pulling wild pranks and fighting and getting into plenty of trouble while your friends get busted and sent to jail for some of these escapades, you, Justin take to twitter and call yourself ‘ just a “kid.” Hmm, Justin, methinks you are acting like a privileged little white boy and that you are spoiled and think you’re above the law-because you feel entitled. What?! Calling it like I see it, people.

You want to call yourself an adult when it suits you and a kid when you get in trouble? Grow up and take responsibility and stop acting like you don’t know right from wrong because you do.


NeNe Leakes you should hide your head in the sand for the outrageous and embarrassing way you been acting since you got invited to Hollywood to make your fame and fortunes awe, but, NeNe you starting to find out that celebrity is fleeting and that your fifteen minutes of fame where Donald Trump made you a “very rich b*tch” isn’t really flying since losing your short-lived sitcom, staring on Glee and purchasing that big ole mansion in the California Hillside. Now, you’re making sure your time on The Real Housewives of Atlanta isn’t cut short because that’s become your basic bread & butter that will keep you/r people shopping for bigger and better, you got to go and act ugly on the show, dress inappropriately at your pillow party and show your true colors as an instigator-your ‘show you the money’ attitude stinks and you’re getting the “big head’ but, you need to get right with God and stop playing the money, do and say anything fool.

th robin thicke

So, Robin Thicke, you’ve always been rich coming from your daddy’s Alan Thicke and his sitcom bankroll. You always been privileged so that’s nothing new, but, your work as a singer has never been so recognized as when you got the ‘Blurred Lines” thing going with your musical collaborator, and then the talk radio shows where you let all of your private business hang out about your wife and your sex-a-spades and then you go on stage and do that awful Twerking routine with a youngster, Miley Cyrus, where you were being viewed as some sort of pervert with those tight stripe pants, sexual lyrics and if that’s not enough, you get caught in the reflection of a mirrored photo with your hands up some young girls skirt and you really embarrassed your fans and humiliated your wife who is well-known in her own right as a celebrity-actress and you are now singing the blues because it’s reported that you and your wife have separated after being together since your teens. Man, those blurred lines can cause the best of them to get the ‘big head’ and lose their most precious possession in the aftermath.

th kenya gone with wind

Kenya Moore, why you’re even on this list, I have no idea. You’re a former Miss USA who will always remain a former somebody who got the “big head” for no reason that this g-mogul can see and hopefully, you’re find that your talent-less self-will pick yourself up and find a real and meaningful career that will have you giving back to a great cause or something, because, clearly, you haven’t found your calling and being “Gone With The Wind Fabulous sure ain’t it:)

Okay, these are a few celebs whose big headed ways have gotten the best of them and there are plenty more on this g-mogul’s list. Maybe we’ll call these Wednesday posts “Celebs Gettin The Big Head Wednesdays”…


The big heads of the Kardashians, The Braxtons and The Basketball Wives franchise I’m coming for ya!


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