Exploring Interracial Relationships In Televison


Okay, so I’m getting a little deep here cause I’ve noticed a pattern that’s really been going on for waay too long in the industry and networks and I’ve been around a long time; this needs to be addressed People! (actresses-actors) of color are not being utilized in the areas of mainstream television/ relationships the way they should and this doesn’t reflect real life situations. Here are a few shows that might have had staying power if the networks had utilized their actors, along with a couple that do have high rating, partly because of the interracial connections.

Viewers of FX’s ‘Justified’ was given the short end of the viewer cam stick. I’m talking about the steamy romance that should have gone on between the two co workers in the office and behind their fellow police officers back- the interracial romance, between Raylan and Rachel, as viewers were led to believe was going to materialize- didn’t and that’s why the show is being cancelled. just sayin’ People want romance and they ain’t looking for the usual and boring- variety is the key of life on these shows ( real life too) doncha know?! So, fare thee well, Justified and I hope those folks at FX can think beyond their outdated perceptions when penning great shows for future longevity.


Again, folks have lost interest in ‘Person of Interest’ because the show’s writers fear controversy when it comes to their romantic leads. CBS at channel 2 had a winner on its hands, but because of the good ole boy mentality about sex, romance and chocolate & vanilla couples getting together and bringing on the show’s fire and staying power- they fold. Taraj P. Henson’s leaving the show took the humph, the wow and the pow-wow power from the rest of the cast-members- although Reese, Finch and Fusco are great characterizations, there’s a void without Carter who has moved on to star with her other leading man and co-star from their Hustle & Flow days to bring the flow to a Tyler Perry masterpiece. Person of Interest’s Root and Shaw? Y’all good, but, you’re just not for John:) Reese, you still the dude, though. What?!


Katrina is a witch! Ichabod Crane needs himself an Abbey Miles and the flirtations needs to heat up between the two ghost, err, demon busters:) Anyhow, loved all of the characters in the show and if Fox keeps its head about them, the show could maintain it’s winner streak with viewers. Now, don’t go messing up the mystery, the temptation and the possibility of a connection between Crane and Abbey and for goodness sake, find a suitable in the flesh partner for her sister!

th jake 7 OLIVIA

Yes, I know like y’all know that Olivia be needing some ‘Scandal’ like Jake in her life! Leave Fritz alone for a long minute and bring in some fresh competition to heat things up:) The folks at ABC got the right idea when it comes to this love triangle- Olivia got to have her bundle of joy so viewers can see more than her chubby cheeks making deals. threats and hookup insinuations, though. Viewers hope Jake stays in the picture so that the ratings can stay on top, because Silas and his sappy husband and Olivia’s crew doing back deals and changing alliances and sleeping with the enemy is exhausting. spring is coming, Summer is on the horizon and folks want just want great entertainment when they do come inside from enjoying life in the real world.

What’s going on with shows who are afraid to create romances between the races? It’s 2014 people not 1880s or 1950s-60s-70s-80s-90s…



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