Will There Be Fallout From (RHOA) Porsha Williams Arrest?


I think Porsha Williams should remain on the reality show, although the folks over at TMZ are questioning whether Andy Cohen and his peeps at Bravo might not consider repercussions from what transpired between the two women at the taping of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion in March.

I can’t wait to tune in to see the stuff the producers allow for public viewing when the reunion show airs this Sunday. The other housewives are reportedly blaming Kenya Moore for the melee, citing how she provoked Porsha to the point of the younger woman getting up from her seat to attack Ms. Moore, pulling at her hair in the process of an intended beat down.

Apparently, the whole thing was a blur and was immediately stopped from escalating by Andy Cohen and other staff members and then, Kenya Moore goes and swears our a warrant for Porsha’s arrest. Okay, we know the deal, people, these reality shows are geared toward bringing the drama to keep us watching and reporting the teas:) but there’s a limit to how grown women behave when there are certain to be young women and girls with impressionable minds watching! just sayin’

Anyhew, the reports are that Porsha turned herself in on Thursday and was released after posting bail. TMZ is reporting that the young Porsha Williams is also planning on profiting from those glamor mug shots taken of her arrest, by incorporating them into her wig line. Really!? Is that genius or what?

And it appears Porsha Williams will have her revenge allegedly she is going to file felony charges against Kenya Moore for aggravated assault.

I don’t know which is worse, these two or the ratchet Mimi Faust of Love & Hip Hop hanging from the ceiling of her bathtub, holding onto the shower rod in her just released sex tape aka porn,and not getting paid for the shower rod’s popularity ( which by the way have gotten more publicity than the two idiots engaging in the act) doncha know.

It’s clear to the g-mogul what motivates these women of reality TV is obviously money, fame and notoriety. It’s their brand of crack cocaine and that’s on the real.

In the words of Wendy Williams, “We like dirty laundry, but even we have our limits.” Okay, so she was talking about Tori Spelling and husband Dean’s new reality show “True Tori” but it’s all relative.

Speaking of dirty, who’s going to purchase a copy of Wendy Williams’s new book, “Hold Me In Contempt”?
Not this g-mogul. I saw the skit she rehearsed on The Wendy Show with Taraji P. Hensen and as an honest book reviewer and from what I heard? Terry McMillan got no worries.
Hey Wendy, want me to ghostwrite your sequel? Anyhew, my peeps, send your sound-offs to the g-mogul. Y’all know how we do it. just sayin’



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