Big Name Celebrities Gearing Up To Bid For The NBA Clippers

Celebrity Power moguls move fast in this world people and we can all take a lesson from how they do it in a realm where billionaires and opportunity meet. Just one day after NBA Clippers owner, 80-year-old Donald Sterling was banned for life from ever having anything to do with NBA games-EVER in any capacity, including sitting at court-side of any game or interacting with any players of the game, because of his racist tirade against blacks.

Donald Sterling’s Clippers are Black players and for him to deny any blacks folks in his circle, his girlfriend from associating with any blacks or bringing them to his games, is his racist truth rearing up to bite him in the a$$! The bottom line is the old man won’t miss much about the stiff penalty brought against him by NBA Commissioner,Adam Silver, although it is a swift and just punishment; the man is a billionaire and will only cough at the 2.5 million dollar fine.

As for being forced to sell the Clippers team he bought for 12 million dollars in 1981 and now, according to reports is worth well over a billion dollars? No loss there.The thing that’s going to bother this old turd is not the sale of his team, it’s going to be his being banned for life from the game of Basketball!

Now, who is going to purchase the Clippers from the fallen owner? Here are some of the celebrity big wigs who are considering throwing their hats into the ring.Keep in mind, this is only the first day. We are only just starting to hear of the mighty Celebrity buying prowess:

th oprah

According to an ESPN report, Lady “O” is already considering joining forces with two power players to buy the Clipper Donald Geffen and Larry Ellison.


Whoopi stated on The View today that she’d like to see a woman purchase the team and she is game for hooking up with a gazillionaire to do just that. Maybe Whoopi will be talking to Oprah.


Floyd Mayweather is talking. The talk is, the boxing champ is very interested in purchasing The Clippers!

th de hoya

And Oscar De La Hoya- if only to make his people proud; You go brother Oscar!
Y’all know we haven’t heard the last of the celebs who are probably right now talking to their people: their accountants to their money-makers, financial advisers and such to make this happen!

Donald Trump, Will Smith and Mark Cuban can’t be far behind. just sayin’

holla your picks for the celebrity big timer y’all think might buy the Clippers.


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