Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy End Their Engagement

th M&N
Hello peeps and g-moguls!

Y’all don’t know how much I wanted to come back on a high note after a 2 month hiatus from spilling the teas:) I mean, this teas-expert nearly had an interview from Downtown Julie Brown in the bag okay? The veejay of the 80s didn’t even return my plea with a holla back, y’all. Gurl gotta get back in with the hook-up-just saying.

So, I’ve missed a lot, but woke up to the bummed out news of Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy ending their 5 year engagement. In their defense, at least they didn’t call it “irreconcilable differences’, or is that just for married folks? Another good thing for the couple is that no monies have to be divided by a prenup- hmm, now the wheels are spinning.

Some reports are saying Michael called off the engagement and others report it was Nichole who ended the relationship because of the distance they had to travel to keep the home fires burning. Nicole Murphy films her reality show Hollywood Exes in California, while Michael Strahan’s Live! With Kelly and Michael and GMA morning talk is in New York.

Is travel the culprit causing their split and not the alleged disagreement over a prenup signing? Only Nicole and Michael knows for sure. Psst, the g-maven wager that Nicole and Andrea are going to become best buds on the exes now. Wanna bet? 🙂

M& N

Look, this is not what I wanted to hit y’all up with on my return to the tea-table, cause these two made a good-looking couple, but hit me up next Saturday ( new posting schedule) to see what teas capture my attention and makes me want to share with my tea crew!

I’m off for a steaming cup of java. Care to join me? Downtown Julie Brown could still answer the call cause we just wanna know “Where is she now?!”

Hey did y’all catch Martin Lawrence on Jimmy Fallon last night? So glad he’s slimmed down and looking like “Martin!”



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