The Expendables 3: A Nostalgic Movie Review

th expendables 3

And so what if Sly Stallone’s 3rd screenplay didn’t wow y’all younger folks over the weekend this time around!? I mean, in my opinion, this third installment of The Expendables was the cat’s meow as in raining all those pecs! I don’t know about any of the other women out there, but the testosterone alone in this movie should have sealed the deal at the box off for them, along with enough action for the men, and who cares that Arnold and Sly had work done ( did y’all see Extra too?) that we know about for this movie or that Wesley Snipes joking about his tax evasion didn’t come off as funny as it was maybe intended in the script. That bit of reality didn’t necessarily have to be a part of Wesley’s comeback to the big screen or into acting, period. It was good seeing Blade, though. 🙂

And excuse me, but Mel Gibson playing the role of the fallen comrade turned vicious arms dealer seemed believable. More so than Terry Crews whose performance was overshadowed by those enormous arms! What? Y’all know those Popeye biceps were either painted on or blown up with fillers. It wasn’t too hard to figure whose were bigger either, his or Stallone’s; just sayin’


The Expendables 3 was a bit off at the box office over the weekend, reportedly bringing in something just over $16 million. Uh, excuse me, but I could use a mere penance of those coins, doncha know. Anyhew, this g-mogul enjoyed seeing all of the old timers bust a move and let me say for the record; the star power in this film was off the chain! I mean everyone was on set in this bad boy movie, except maybe for Bruce Willis whose appearance would have added to the movie great action scenes.I got a bit nostalgia watching this movie as it reminded me of the good ole days of Hollywood movies, heroines and heroes.(sigh)


I mean studios just don’t make movies like they used to and the action heroes just aren’t cut from the same cloth (no offense) like say, a Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis (missed ya) Lundgren, Banderas, Lee ( too small a roll here),Chan ( smaller role), Snipes, Ford and Statham. The others are not my idea of action heroes when it comes to these type movies, but they did okay in their respective roles: Terry Crews, Mel Gibson, Kelsey Grammer and Randy Couture. Enjoyed you all and I want everyone who is reading this to go see The Expendables 3 and don’t buy some blurred copy, people!

This was not a paid advertisement, doncha know. It sure reads like one, but what can I say? This movie was pure Sly Stallone gathering of old/er men who still brought out the big guns in entertainment.



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