Girlfriend Intervention On Lifetime Television

Okay, so this is the big reveal yours truly had to keep a lid on as an Essence insider! Yep, got to view the trailer of the first episode in the comfort of my own home, back in June and take it from the g mogul, you won't want to miss this one:) Here's the premise: 4 African-American makeover divas will be going into the homes of "clueless" women out there who need a wake-up call in the form of fashion, self-esteem, home decorating and just an all out overall u-haul in their personal lives. And get this, the experts includes a former Bad Girl's Club alumni Tanisha Thomas, who serves as the show's 'Soul' expert. I know right?! Okay, y'all, girls do grow up to become responsible women (wink-wink)

Anyhew, I think it's hilarious, a bit over the top and just slightly unbelievable as you will see from the clip. I mean these black women are about to ambush this unsuspecting white woman in her home and go through her closets without her consent?- this is a reality show right? Don't go giving us Real Housewives on a style/makeover show! just sayin'

The other three women are Tracy Balan, Nikki Chu and Tiffiny Dixon and they are experts in Style, Design, and Beauty. Their motto going in, is that the sisterhood gets it and they are 4 sisters who are going to bring color back into the lives of America's drab women. I have to tell you, I love the voice of the male host who remains unseen in the steps the hosts are taking to create something fabulous in Girlfriend Intervention.

Lifetime is bring the color with two more African-American reality shows in production. I hope we, the viewers and critics are getting quality shoes and not more of the same Drama in Reality TV is becoming overrated. just sayin.

Girl Intervention airs this Wednesday, August 27th on Lifetime at 10pm/ET/PT. Take a look at the clip and hit me up with your holla' back.



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