Love & Hip Hop Reunion 2- A Hot Mess

th j & s

It’s apparent that the majority of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion 2 cast members show no love to their fellow cast members, Joseline and Stevie J tonight. Some of the cast basically put their business in the streets by letting the viewers in on what might have been speculation. Now that the alleged reports of drug abuse have surfaced, there are already talks of lawsuits between the Benzino/Althea and Stevie J/Joseline parties. A hot mess is what it is doncha know? I mean where in the world do Reality TV draw the line?

An older/newer member on the cast suggested drug tests, all around. Well, not too many on the reunion couch seconded that notion. I mean, let’s be real people if all of them took a pee-pee, rest assured that nobody would come back with just all clear urine specimen.just sayin’

Love & Hip Hop Reunion 2 was on fire tonight, but what’s so appalling for the g-mogul was not so much the fighting, but how everyone took to backstabbing the other and well, I’ve never seen such a reality reunion spectacle like tonight.

And if drugs are a problem for Stevie J and Joseline, as reported by some of the remaining cast on the show tonight, then, the producers have to make it right and offer their reality stars drug rehabilitation services.

Here’s the link to TMZ video of the fight:

Chime in y’all. Whatcha think about Love & Hip Hop Reunion?



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