More Fallout From Love & Hip Hop Reunion Part 3


These two men have been friends, reportedly for over 2 decades, but when they became separated by the drama that are the women in their lives, seemingly, all Hip Hop hell broke loose! According to Stevie J on Monday night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Reunion, Part 3, “This was by far the best show in the history of Love and Hip Hop, ever.”

And, although it seemed to take a minute to articulate some clarity in his wordsssss; What? y’all saw that. We do get your drift, Stevie. Stevie J and Joseline, along with Benzino and Althea, were the ones viewers tuned in to see after that fight went down in part 2 of last week’s reunion. And the producers know when they got a runaway train wreck for success from airing their Reality TV’s Celeb Dirty Laundry.


It’s apparent to this g mogul that Stevie J, Joseline and Benzino (Althea not so much) are not going anywhere soon, no matter what the other cast-mates might like to see happen to Stevie J and Joseline. Could it be that all of that ‘backstabbing’ derailed their purpose by pushing the couple higher in the ratings? Hmmm, it appears that all of the haters and back biting backfired And there it is!

Who cares about Nikko and Mimi’s sex tape at this point? I mean, everybody knows it was a mutually agreed upon performance and that Nikko leaked the tape to the right people. Seemingly, Mimi didn’t know a thing about it (yawn)but this old girl been around the block and can “read” a ball faced falsehood a mile away. But, that’s their business and like Mimi says, even knowing that this jerk err man is married, she can’t help it if she, “likes his sex.”

Moving right along, I’m going to let y’all in on a little trivia and then leave the “TEA” gates open for your comments.

Reportedly (yours truly heard it through the blogs) so take it with a grain of salt- just sayin 🙂 Stevie J and Whoopie Goldberg got something in common. Stevie J is the father of Whoopi’s daughter Alex’s first-born! I know, right?! This is one of those “Shut the back door”sort of what’s in the dark comes to light. Okay, give me a moment.



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