Wendy Williams Is Back And Eating Crow!


Watching Wendy Williams have to eat her words in ‘Crow’ on her return from vacation on Monday was hilarious. Yes, the queen bee of daytime talk shows was back from vacation ,telling her viewers that the number one question on folks minds was, “Are you going to eat the crow?” and her answer was yes, she was a woman of her word and will eat the crow.

So remaining true to her word and her viewers, the queen of daytime talk ate crow, only, this g-mogul had to take issue with one little fact. This crow was prepared by celebrity chef, Kevin Burrows, who cooked the bird in the form of a spicy gumbo stew. So, technically AND TO keep it real; even though you ate crow Wendy, you didn’t really eat the crow in its natural state, without all of the fixings. just saying.

Before Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got married, Wendy was talking stuff. Remember? She said she didn’t believe Kanye would marry his then baby mama, Kim Kardashian. Then, when they got engaged, my gurl was still doubtful about a wedding ever happening. But, when Kim and Kanye actually tied the knot amid a massive media blitz of opulence and wasteful spending habits and heightened sense of entitlement tomfoolery, Wendy made the crow bet that the marriage wouldn’t last longer than 72 days (the length of Kim’s marriage with basketball player, Chris Humphres)

Wendy came back to her show on Monday,which was the 73rd day of the married couple’s wedding and being that she is a woman of her word; ate gourmet style crow stew, with a crow bib around her neck and without her usual slathering on of hot sauce. Wendy ate crow, while viewers and her audience, her co-hosts got a lesson on the art of having to eat crow after putting your foot in your mouth:

Crows are wild animals and have to be hunted and shot down
Crow meat is tough and slides around
Crows have to be cooked a long time-like 4 hours And
Crows still harbor the taste of gunshot in the meat even after cooking? Wendy said she could take the residue from the bullets.
People in Utah love to eat crow
Crow is said to increase potency.

After eating crow, Wendy Williams still maintained that “just cause they are married (kim & Kanye) doesn’t mean they’re happy- we’ll be watching!”

Awww shucks, Wendy, just eat your crow!



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