Gotham City: Dark, Bloody And Brooding


All Batman enthusiasts know the dark underbelly of Gotham City where two vigilant crime-fighters set out to save the world from the evilness taking hold of the city. Okay, my bad,that was the original television series with Adam West as the capped crusader, teaming up with Burt Ward, his sidekick, Robin, premiering on television in 1966. Hmm, I’m dated but y’all get that Gotham is all about the beginning for all of the Batman characters, but, that Robin will be missing right?

We get introduced to Gotham in all of its seediness, dark characters with a thirst for committing crime in dark alleys, slaughter houses and even at the fishing docks. This show is really gritty with a corrupted police force that aligns itself with the mob and sultry crime bosses who has a thing for those who she can manipulate into partnering with her in her dirty work and massaging her feet. Hold up though, Fish Mooney didn’t figure on the young detective vowing to clean up the streets of Gotham after a very young Bruce Wayne see his parents murdered. Not a lot of action in this first episode or taking down the bad guys, just an innocent man framed for the young Bruce Wayne’s parents murder and killed by police.


It was fun trying to put a name to the younger versions of Batman characters and I think the g-mogul enjoyed that better than the storyline. Catwoman is a young unknown , dressed in black who steals milk for her feline and silently watches from the rooftop all of Gotham’s goings on. Young Bruce , now in the protection of Albert, his parent’s butler, just wants justice for his parent’s murder. “Find dude with the shiny shoes.” Okay, I said that.

You know even before Jada Pinkett Smith makes an appearance, that nobody else could possibly have the name “Fish Mooney” but her. My age appropriate intuition tells me she came up with the character’s name ‘Fish’ too. What y’all think?
The villain in a young Gotham wasn’t so easy to pinpoint. I know the squiggly little mouthpiece was probably the Penguin, but who was the Riddler? The big dude ready to hang the police up for shearing or gutting? Do tell!:)
The premiere of Gotham wasn’t bad, but watching the return of Sleepy Hollow was even better! Anyhew, looks like FOX is getting back on track after a long boring summer of Monday night television.

BTW: Was taken aback to see one of my favorite singers,and actors, Randy Travis walking unsteady on a cane from paralysis after he suffered a stroke in 2013. The gentle voiced singer reportedly surgery for CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) and sustained the right-sided paralysis, appearing permanent. Randy’s wife tells news sites that Randy cannot speak or sing.

People do right by yourself and don’t take life for granted!



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