Wendy Williams Gets ‘Butt Enhancement’ Tips From Doctor Oz


Viewers of the Wendy Williams Show knows there’s definitely no shame in her game when it comes to getting the teas. Disregard Oprah in the video. This is not about Lady “O.” On today’s show, the gossip maven had as one of her guest, Dr. Oz, who spoke on the Ebola Virus and butt implants. Yep, Wendy Williams, no stranger to plastic surgery, like liposuction and breast implants, asked the good doctor which would he recommend using for butt enhancements, Silicone or Fat Injections?


Dr. Mamet Oz recommended good old butt squats to get a natural rounded butt, but, y’all know Wendy wasn’t having that! According to Dr. Oz, then, silicone can burst and send that stuff spreading throughout your blood stream. If women wanted to look bootylicious, with the help of butt implants, say like a Khloe Kardashian and Iggy Azalea? Dr. Oz would recommend fat injection because it’s your own fat taken from a fatty area of your body and injected into the buttocks. I don’t know bout y’all but I accept me as I am and don’t have body image problems and I’m not a celebrity,so do you. Just sayin’

Dr. Oz also cleared up a bit about the Ebola Virus. Well, the patient from Liberia, who was in critical condition from the disease, has recently passed away. Dr. Oz calls the virus a stupid disease. I call it a killer that’s taken the lives of many. Hopefully containment and cure is in the works. Wash y’all hands and stay vigilant to help prevent the spread of this virus.

Here’s the cover of Dr. Oz new magazine, The Good Life.


Okay, holla’ and remember to “treat yourself special.”


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