K-Michelle’s “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?”

Hello my peeps! Well, I woke up this morning singing “There’s an army ris-ing up. There’s an army ris-ing up. Break every chain..break every chain.” Okay, so y’all know there’s a power in the name of Jesus and that’s all I’m just sayin.’:)

I know it’s strange that I sang this song, considering I’m about to diss the ‘teas’ on former Love & Hip Hop reality star turned songstress to the people, K-Michelle! I know right? Just goes to show we are multidimensional spiritual being, people!

Anyho, so, K-Michelle hit Wendy Williams couch not so long ago to talk about her new album, the men and her life, including the on who got away and took to the Wendy stage to sang the song in dude’s honor. Now Ibris Alba why you wanna go and mess with K- Michelle like that? Just sayin. “Love oh love, why you wanna go away and leave her here to cry or sing about your butt”:)

Okay, it's dope, right? k-Michelle spills the teas leading up to Maybe I should callon her new album, 'Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart' and why she had to move on after 8 months with the handsome actor. Seems Ibris was a new daddy; like brand new.

Allegedly and according to K Michelle, she knew about the pregnancy of said other woman and dated him anyway because 'the sparks just flew' between them when they met at the Soul Train Music Awards.

Well, apparently it wasn't all gravy because K. Michelle tells Wendy that she's nobody side chick. Breakups are painful, but the talented diva is riding high with her own reality TV show called what else but, K-Michelle? and with a great album out and a beautiful couple of songs on there (what I've heard so far) and she's still got game.

One word fellas. Be your best true self dating K-Michelle, because you might see yourself on blast in lyrics of a song take from real life. Y'all know K- Michelle's album is based upon real life experiences, sort of like how Tyler Swift gets her revenge.


And Happy Holidays to each and every one of y'all. The g-mogul is on a holiday break until January 2015!
"Always treat yourself special."


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