A Clip of Wendy Williams Celebrating Her 1000th Show!

Hello, my peeps! Yes, chile, Wendy Williams did this on Friday and whatcha wanna bet your g-mogul got the video? :) Wendy William came out to the warm reception from her audience, dressed in a black cat/ jumpsuit that was glittering in diamond and golden shimmer. After greeting her equally dapper audience of men and women who followed instruction from the show and who looked good in their dressed to impress beautiful gowns (women) and black tie (men).

The queen of talk, then sashayed on over to the stage, where she sat in one of those Egyptian throne/chairs (Queen Of The Nile) decked out in diamond and red. In a word, the talk show host was on fire!

Being ever humbled for her great fortune, Wendy Williams took time to thanks her audience and her staff for their support and for making the show such a success- ahhh :) The "Say it like you mean it" host's special guests were former American Idol alum, Randy Jackson ( loved the shoe cam, Randy!) and The Whispers, who sang two of their classics. You'll see it all on the video.

Technically, this was Wendy's 999th episode due to the big New York blizzard that didn't happen, but that's a small blip in the show's celebration. So, go and enjoy the show and like all g-moguls, "Say it like you mean it", but with class and truth. Just sayin'

Treat yourself special-


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