My Interview With Actor Lyriq Bent On His Leading Role in “The Book of Negroes”


Okay, now y’all, it took the g-mogul a minute to track down this handsome and busy actor of television and film, because according to his people, the man was busy “working and traveling.” But, finally, Lyriq Bent sat down to answer a few questions about his lead role, opposite actress Aunjanue Ellis ( of The Help, Ray and Sleepy Hollow fame) in the upcoming six part mini-series, “The Book of Negroes” that airs February 16th – 18th on BET.

And no, I didn’t ask about his marital status, people:) but, rather about his unique first name (pronounced Lyric-like in songwriting) This is how he explained what this g-maven thinks is uniquely odd. Just sayin.’

-There’s no story to my name that I know of. It’s just something my parents liked and ended up naming me

My name is pronounced like “lyrics” to a song.

The cast of The Book Of Negroes include stars like Cuba Gooding Jr. and Louis Gosset Jr. Some of you guys might recall that Louis Gossett Jr. won an Emmy for his portrayal of Fiddler in the 1977 miniseries, “Roots.’ With these great talents in mind, yours truly asked the actor if he was nervous about taking on the lead role.

The Book Of Negroes

I wasn’t exactly nervous, more thrilled and excited to play the part. Book of Negroes is such an incredible story and knowing that put a great responsibility on me. I was also surrounded by such incredible talent on both sides of the camera. Being around that made me want to be better.

-Chekura plays a big part in Aminata’s life and knowing that required that I depict the character as honestly and best as I could. I had many conversations with the author to try to understand the character through his eyes so I could understand how to capture that essence of what Lawrence had originally envisioned for that character.

I asked Lyriq what he wanted viewers to take away from The Book of Negroes.

I want people walk away with their own experience of what BoN has to offer. I’ve walked away with my own experience and I want people to find their own truth.

You guys need to mark your calendars for this historical miniseries airing Monday, February 16th-18th on BET. Check your local listings, people. And there’s more good news for my peeps! After you tune in to watch the miniseries, you can gear up to read more of my interview with Lyriq Bent at my new Celebrity Dish column appearing in the March issue of URBAN IMAGES MAGAZINE-shut the front door!

Alright, y’all can calm down:) In the meantime, I’m gonna leave y’all with a clip of The Book of Negroes.



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