Former “Fresh Prince” Alumni Blasts RHOA Kenya Moore

Happy Chinese New Year, y’all. Hey now! It seems to be going down between the original Aunt Viv from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Janet Hubert and Miss Kenya (RHOA) Moore. Y’all know how the former Aunt Viv alumni seems to rear up like the Sphinx every now and again to either, correct something said about her or to throw shade on someone who has directed shade in her direction. Remember how she wrote an open letter to Wendy Williams, after the talk diva talked smack about her a while back?


Well, people, Aunt Viv has risen again 🙂 this time to put Kenya Moore on blast! It seems Kenya Moore hired Ms. Hubert to work on her sitcom, aptly titled ” Life Twirls On” (y’all see episodes on Real Housewives where Kenya is casting for the sitcom a Kenya Moore production. The casting includes Kenya Moore’s cast-mate, former model, Cynthia Bailey.

The tea from the lips of Janet Hubert is that she didn’t get paid, allegedly because the actress refused to sign on the dotted line that enlists her to come on to the Real Housewives of Atlanta to help promote Kenya’s sitcom. In the words of Cuba Gooding Jr, “Show me the money” apparently wasn’t happening after the fact from Kenya to Janet, which set the actress off. The actress rant against Kenya Moore, RHOA and basically black reality shows is trending all over social media; soon, Wendy Williams team will get the scoop, fact check and discuss it in hot topics on her show. Just sayin’

Anyhew, allegedly, the actress, formerly known as “Aunt Viv” is warning all actors against taking (scam) roles on reality television. She is quoted as saying “Last time she worked with someone this evil (Kenya Moore) was on Fresh Prince. No more black shows for me.” Ouch, Aunt Viv, that hurt! Oh, just watch:)


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