Did Kim Kardashian Steal Another Woman’s Style?


Happy Spring! Okay, my peeps, this one is so ridiculous to the g-mogul, but since the blogs and daytime talk are talkng, I decided to get in on what’s trending for y’all. Yep, Wendy, gurl, I caught that. “How You Doin.?” The first photo is one of a blonde, Serbian Singer by the name of Jelena Karleusa. The blonde one below is our gurl, Kim Kardashian. The Instagram beef? Jelena is accusing Kim K of going to her instagram page and copying her style; right down to the woman’s blonde locks!

kim b

Well, y’all know this is not the first time Kim’s been the accused when it comes to fashion. Remember how she reportedly stole Gwyneth Paltrow’s style and even her own sister, Kylie’s style? Well, what’s so surprising here, considering that style stealing is a fad in the Jenner-Kardashian household… momager Kris can attest to having stolen a few styles of her own, doncha know!

Here’s how it went down on Instagram:

Jelena posts photos of herself and Kim K wearing identical outfits on her instagram page. She captions the photos as such: “Will the real sun shady please stand up?” and “Let’s Play a game-FIND ME!”

Needless to say, the Serbian singer caught a lot of flack from Kim fans, which led to her having to defend herself. (SMH) too much! Here are some of the instagram photos making the rounds on social media. The two women do look like clones:


Now, y’all know the g-mogul always have an opinion and here it is: Fashion, like the English language, is universal. You see someone wearing something you like, by all means get it for yourself. But, wear it the way only you can. Chile, make that thing work for you. It’s not so much about copying somebody else’s style, as it is about how you own it. Either you got flair or you don’t… The entertainment industry make Celebs fickle. Everyone is trying to one up everyone else…so taxing to write this post, my peeps and oh, sooo boring:)

Y’all are welcome to share your op-eds with the g-mogul about this nonsense. Do you think Kim intentionally stole Jelena’s style or did she like what she saw and became inspired to do her? I’ll address them when I return from some much-needed R&R. See y’all in April!



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