Wendy Williams …”I’ve Evolved!”

Hello my peeps! It’s been a while but I’m back in April, just like the g-mogul promised. I have an announcement to make at the end of the post, so stay tuned.:) Now, listen up, I wanted to bring you a clip from Friday’s Wendy Williams show, because she told her viewers and audience of co-hosts something that bears repeating. You won’t see it on the after show clip, so I’m going to say it here.

Wendy Williams is fresh off spring hiatus, people and she said these words on Friday, “I have evolved!” Now, y’all know when Wendy Williams tells us something like that, there’s gotta be a reason. The 50-year-old talk show diva was referring to her position on Reality TV watching and how she doesn’t care any longer about the ratchet-ness of Reality TV that involves cast members pulling hair (she said weaves) calling each other b*tches and jumping over conference tables. She went on to name some shows she did like, such as Botched, The Millionaire Matchmaker and Million Dollar Listings.

I agree with the Queen of talk on the state of ratchet reality televisions, but I have to say, I do get my Real Housewives of Atlanta and The Housewives of Beverly Hills on. Just sayin.:)

Now, the Love & Hip Hop franchise, Housewives of Melbourne ( this one reportedly getting the ax) Housewives of New York, The Manzoes, Housewives of New Jersey and Keeping Up With The Kardashians (by the way a spin-off with the Black twins in the lead overseeing the Dash girls are in the works) are all becoming a bore.

Anyhew, it seems most celeb teas these days are cause for the g-mogul yawn. When there’s nothing new and exciting to report to y’all about the lives of the rich, famous and overexposed, I won’t post,period. Any any ole celeb crap just won’t do. And that’s why I’m only going to post once a month at the blog!

Yep, after decades of penning tales, sharing my op-eds and following up on what outrageous thing a celeb did or said, to stay relevant , this g-maven find it all quite uninteresting. I will continue to post monthly celebrity news that I feel is “news” worthy in the future and I hope y’all continue to role with my brand of unique celeb reporting, cause there’s no me without you guys & gals!

Keep it real, my peeps…holla’


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