Love & Hip Hop Atlanta – An Opinion Piece


Hello, my audience of g-moguls! Yep, I’m back to kick off my monthly posting at the “Tea” blog. I’m so happy y’all still my folks, holding it down for the g-maven.I have to tell ya, that feels good:) Y’all know I been at this tea thang for a very long time, since I wrote my first gossip column back when I was a senior in H.S.(duh) So, the celebs of today (she writes with a yawn) are really quite boring. There’s just so much Kim Kardashian and Keeping up with the kardashians, a g-mogul can take.

Even Bruce Jenner coming out as transgender was old news…literally…What?! Y’all know Bruce has an agenda in there somewhere.
Anyhow, this post is about sharing some interesting celeb teas, but, considering that they all suck right about now, I thought I’d share a bit about Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

th l&h2

So, over the Memorial Day weekend, after the barbecue and a few glasses of Pinot, I watched the reality show marathon. Dang, it was depressing to watch this show. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do watch ratchet to bring the teas, but Love & Hip Hop Atlanta left me asking myself this question:


This rapper world is cray-cray. The men (rappers) are seemingly about the music, the money and spreading their seed from one woman to the next. I mean it’s like they hope to stay young and stoned forever! Okay, no shade, just fact.The rappers have either been busted for alleged drug possession or sent to jail for failing to pay taxes or child support.

Fame Whores like the Kardashians. You think?

The women all appear educated and greedy at the same time. If it’s not for love from their wayward men, it’s for the parties, clothes, sex tapes, money, and man sharing. Okay, hold up, this post is a rant for real-sorry, y’all, but I think I had to go there…No judgement, remember? Whatever works for the men and women of Love & Hip Hop. IF they’re about that life…Hey, do you.

Just one more thought: These folks make gorgeous children together, so something good can come from something so ratchet.

Until next month.


Some earlier stuff. If you’re brave enough:)


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