Zion Harvey: How A Real Celebrity Looks


Don’t get it twisted people, it’s not always about celebs and their quirky lives or even about their extravagances. I mean, even Nicole Bitchie finally answered to her calling:) On the real, though and y’all might not know this about me, but the g-mogul love children and just want to protect them in all of their innocence!

So,parents, keep your children safe. Stop the dumb sh*t like leaving them in locked cars where they die from heat exhaustion and dehydration. Women with young children, stop putting your new man relationships before the protection of your children! Grow the hell up and stop the insanity.

Just know when y’all go to jail for neglect, I ain’t gonna cry for ya. On the contrary, I’ll be applauding. Just sayin’ Okay, now that I’ve gotten that off my rave & rant list…

Today, I jut want to give a shout to my new found celebrity kid by the name of Zion Harvey. Zion lost his legs and arms to infection, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying being a kid:)

8 year old Zion is the first child in the world to get a double hand transplant when he recently underwent a big surgery to attach his new hands. Zion was captured on camera getting love from his mom and telling her that if his new hands didn’t work, he didn’t care because he had his family…now, there’s a real celebrity:) There are so many little Zions in the world, people and it’s time we started paying attention!

Gotta say condolences to the Brown and Houston families for their loss of twenty-two year old Bobbi Kritina. The late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s only daughter’s funeral takes place on Saturday in Atlanta.
Condolences also go out to the Brand family for the suspicious death of their daughter Sandra Brand, in a Texas jail cell. Can you say ‘coverup’?

The g-mogul also Just learned about the passing of one of my favorite country singer’s Lynn Andersen, at the age of 67. I beg your pardon I never promised you a rose garden-

Valerie Harper, diagnosed with brain ca a few year ago, is doing well after collapsing on stage at her performance in Portland, Maine. The gaunt actress admitted to having a tough time remembering her lines in a prior interview, but denied it had anything to do with her cancer.


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