The Ladies Of Chicago Girlfriends~Chicago’s First Reality Television Show

c5743b14-d61f-11e3-a6e5-12313d239d6c-largeHello, g-mavens, g- moguls and all the curious minded folks out there wanting the real tea in the evergreen world of celebrity and entertainment news! I just got word from a reliable source at Sapphire Entertainment Studios @ that Chicago’s first reality television show is causing quite a stir in Chicago-land and surrounding areas. Apparently, Sapphire Entertainment Studios, that produces shows out of New York , Atlanta and California, might just have hit the jackpot of all jackpots with these savvy and saucy ladies of Chicago Girlfriends I’ve been given the green-light to chat about. The show started filming on April 23rd and will be hosting their launch party on the 29th! Yep, Reality Television in chi-town is about to be off the chain! Just sayin’:)

I’ll be sharing more details once the show begin airing in the fall. I know my peeps and I know y’all come on a ‘need to know’ basis. Don’t front, y’all want to know who the ladies of Chicago Girlfriends are and since it’s my job to know these things, I’m bringing y’all the 411 on the castmates. First up is Ms Alice Boswell.


Alice Boswell is CEO of Just Me Magazine, Inc. She is also the creator of Chicago Girlfriends. A graduate of City College Olive Harvey in Chicago, Alice is CEO/Editor/Host/Producer/Director of her magazine and TV & Radio Talk Show Host of the same brand as the reality show she created.


Erika Jackson is an On Air Personality for “JazzE’z Muzic Room” on Urban Broadcast Media/ Host of Chicago Girlfriends on Intellectual Radio; a part of iHeart Radio/Staff Writer for FoxTail Magazine/Blogger for The Consortium/Manager to Artist Ferro’ Haze/Model/Actress . Erika’s feeling about music is simple and creatively put~
“Music Is What Feelings Sound Like” Erika knew music was her calling.After her one and only Son became grown a friend encouraged Erika go back to school and use that captivating voice to broadcast. A year and diploma later from the Illinois Center for Broadcasting and guidance from radio greats Troi Tyler, Bionce Foxx, Davante Stone and Trey Da Choklit Joc to sample different desserts of media, she was hooked.

On Air Personality for her own brokered show, Writer and currently managing an Artist, Erika says this is just the beginning. “If I Can Do It, You Can Too; and I’m still doing it.


Dequaria Tolliver is a model and business executive. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dequaria was one of 5 children. Her mom, Betty Hughes raised her children to be independent and accountable individuals with a strong work ethic.
Dequaria began her modeling career at the age of 13 after she was selected to be a member of the Walnut Hills High School Modeling Club. She enjoyed learning about the industry and continue modeling to this day.
She relocated to the suburbs of Chicago in 1993 for more opportunities in the Industry and auditioned to become a model with the traveling group for Fashion Fair Cosmetics. Dequaria continued perusing a career in modeling working with some of the Top Agencies in the Market. She has a natural gift for writing poetry and expressing herself through Spoken Word.
In 2007, her life forever changed with the diagnosis of Multiple sclerosis. Dequaria plan to use her influence and resources in the community to raise funds and awareness for research and providing services for the less fortunate stricken with this disease.
She has 3 children, Auvriel 28 (currently in MBA program), Jordan 17 (High School senior) and Jaylen (sophomore in High School).

Side note: I want to thank Dequaria for answering the questions put to the ladies by yours truly. I get that time management for you ladies is cray-cray right about now and hardly wish to infringe. So, how about a rain check?!:) Okay, back to the teas:


Stephanie McNair, Songstress/Recording Artist, states, “I create lyrics, vocal arrangements, I song both lead and background parts. Majority of my life I have been heavily vested in my music craft. I aspire to be a major successful performing artist. My specialty genres are: Soul, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Inspirational, Trance, House, Hip Hop and World.”
Stephanie StephStaa McNair is a multi-genre female talent and a very dynamic stage performer! She displayed God-Given music interests before she could walk! Her beautiful musical spirit embodies those certain qualities that grabs the attention of many!
This songstress is no stranger to all that comes with a successful music career, she is familiar with the stage, studio, radio, tours, video shoots, photo shoots and magazine interviews(online & print). She has shared the stage with: KRS1, MC Lyte, Yolanda Adams, Regina Bell, Jennifer Hudson, Syleena Johnson, Dead Prez, Lisa Raye, to name a few.
She has four projects under her belt (solo and collaboration). Her vocals have been featured on fellow Hip Hop and Jazz artist(s) on the verge from home base. She is also a cover song lead vocalist for hire, currently she works with 2-3 cover bands. She hosts/engineers a radio talk & tunes show E! Event Social that broadcasts on a weekly basis on & 1680AM!
StephStaa also appears as a narrator in Will Adams indie film “Sex Ain’t Love.”
This up and coming renaissance starlet has a diverse support base. Her musical gift is what she plans the impact the world with, during her rise to success she wants to inspire and have her own school of arts, to provide more musical opportunities to like-minded individuals. She endured struggles during her upbringing, she’s a hard worker and determined. She’s been walking on a long road seeking musical success. No question, she’s Grammy ready and worthy!

afde7898e757ab73df0d3e4fe3946c66Okay, that’s a glimpse into the lives of the new reality Chicago Girlfriends cast members. Those who got dressed up in their finest duds in support of Chicago Girlfriends, my g-mogul intuition says y’all had a great time. The launch for the Red Carpet press event moved to the W Chicago Lakeshore, 644 N. Lakeshore Drive, to accommodate the response of registered attendees.

Red carpet VIP tickets made available at

Check out the event’s fb page here:

Tomorrow’s not promised, so go out there and just do the darn thing!


May 13th Update: Chicago Girlfriends is now Chicago Ladies.  More Casting calls going out now!


How Celebs Are Staying Relevant In Hollywood~

"It's getting hot out there and I ain't talking about celebs getting divorced or posing in the nude.That's old news people! The thirst is real as the hunger for relevancy becomes the new black out there in the world of Hollywood gone Hollyweird."

Good Morning my fellow g-moguls! You guys are making me sit down to write something cause y'all are blowing up my site and I sort of feel bad that I've been ignoring your patronage:( Anyhew, forgive my lack of 'tea' transgressions and I'm going to do better. Y'all know the teas are monthly now, but I'm going to try to post earlier. It seems celebrities out there in Hollyweird have reached an all time low with their tea spilling antics toward each other. I mean look how Cynthia dissed her cheating (allegedly)husband Peter on RHOA when her sister, Mallory asked if she was still attracted to ole boy, " even with his clothes off."

Now, I don't know about y'all, but if I was in front of the cameras and asked that question, even if I thought my man's body was something 'ug'ly, I would have saved face (mine & his) put on a big ole smile and answered, "Are you kidding me right now, gurl?! "Of course, I love me some Peter. Right down to his sagging belly button!". Just saying:)
Instead Cynthia response was a resounding , "No."

Now, y'all got to be savvy g-mogul when it comes to counting the ways these celebrities are striving for relevancy. Cynthia and Peter's story-line comes into play when I hear her diss him on national television. But, then a woman scorned and all of that. And Cynthia was filmed celebrating her birthday on board that 'below deck' cruise line with just her daughter and Claudia in attendance. So, where there's shade, there's bound to be repercussions.. And speaking of shade?

Ms. Vivica A Fox! Gurl, like gurl, what were you thinking?! Chile did Andy Cohen of (Watch What's Happening Live) put a little too much vodka in yours?

Didn't you learn a long time back that you don't go throwing shade and spilling sexual secrets that could stump a man's ego?!or expose his fetishes?! :) And didn't you know he would clap back?! The brother is from the streets where he knows how to play the game a darn sight uglier that an actress some hint at is trying a bit too hard to stay relevant. The story goes that Vivica was showing support to her new gig over at Fox's "Empire" for supposedly 50 cent support of an article indicating that the show was losing viewers because of too much "gay stuff" characterizations. And it seems 50 is till feeling some sort of way. Saying in a recent interview he thought his ex (Vivica) was desperate. Anyhew, reportedly, the rapper deleted his support of the piece denouncing gay characters.

Streets Of Blood 2008


It's all one big mess of celebrity hating on celebrity mess, if you ask me. Now Caitlyn Jenner got somewhat of a cool down reception from transgender protesters when she appeared in the Windy City to speak at a LGBT charity luncheon. Jenner attempt to speak to the protesters didn't fare so well, calling the former Olympian a disgrace to the trans people and felt like they had been violated because of her advocacy that didn't include the rich and famous demographic.

There's just too much going on in Hollyweird and it just keeps getting weirder. I mean when Whoopi Goldberg's daughter gets a reality show, y'all know the thirst is real! What?! Y'all know for yourself that some folks are just famous for being in the company of fame. Just sayin'

Chicago News And Op-eds

Hey y’all! Some interesting news coming out of Chi-town includes:

thwillis color

Willis Tower, once known as the Sears Tower, is up for sale! Yep, Chicago’s once apparent tallest building is being sold reportedly for a whopping 1.5 billion dollars! There’s still no word on who the buyers with the big pockets are, but reports are circulating that the investors are from outside of Chicago.

And if that ain’t a blip, y’all, Oprah Winfrey is closing the doors to her beloved Harpo Studios and leaving more than 200 folks jobless. Since shutting down The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2011, Oprah had been using the building as a production studio. Well,that too has passed and Oprah is relocating to sunny California for all of her company’s production needs. See, people, you can’t trust employers of any caliber. Just sayin’


Anyhow, change is good, but being unemployed sucks!

Chicago Mayor and once bff to the President of the United States, Barack Obama, Rham Emanuel ran into a snag this time around for his re-election. There’s going to be a mayoral runoff against, Hispanic contemporary, Chuy Garcia. Still voters need to consider what Mr. Garcia will bring to the table for the good and too trusting people of such obvious politician rhetoric… if elected…

Enough of the Debbie Downer news, people. Y’all need to go here to listen a radio interview of my colleague and I talk about our latest collaboration on relationships, dating and mating from our new book Essence of Romance; A Relationship Guide for Singles and Couples:

Hate to leave ya, but such is life…


Trendy At Wendy’s Fashion

th wendy trends

We all know about Oprah’s favorite things and Whoopie’s favorite things, now get ready for “Trendy @ Wendy” Yes, peeps, Wendy Williams shared a few of her favorite things in a Tuesday segment, aptly titled “Trendy @ Wendy”, and that I’ve kindly re-posted for y’all on Clara’s Celebrity Blog here in Chicago. Y’all can thank me with the holiday spirit of gift giving! What?!:)

Anyhew, these make for A great little holiday stocking stuffer, as well as some “just because” gifts to consider for family and besties.


The Sheer Addiction Jewelry retails at $72 but with 60% off , you can get it now for $29. These are elegant earrings with Swarouski elements.

4906pink1chic buds

Chic Buds- Clutchette charger, Earphones and Bluetooth speaker bundles retail for $115 and with sells for $44 with 62% off.

389907076 makeup

Vincent Longo Cosmetics comes in wet/dry eyeshadow quads and retails at $59. Available now for $22.


MYbodhi Cashmere Travel Sets retail at $498, but with a 74% discount, that price is like $129 at today’s posting.


Hipsy Headbands comes in 6pk bundles and they are gorgeous and sells for $20 right now, a whopping 60% off the retail price of $50! A gurl could certainly go from a fashion “don’t” to a fashion “do” wearing one of these! Just sayin’

For more of what’s trending @ Wendy’s, just go to Wendy.Com and tell em’ the g-mogul sent ya:)

Remember to always “Treat Yourself Special.”


Love & Hip Hop Reunion 2- A Hot Mess

th j & s

It’s apparent that the majority of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion 2 cast members show no love to their fellow cast members, Joseline and Stevie J tonight. Some of the cast basically put their business in the streets by letting the viewers in on what might have been speculation. Now that the alleged reports of drug abuse have surfaced, there are already talks of lawsuits between the Benzino/Althea and Stevie J/Joseline parties. A hot mess is what it is doncha know? I mean where in the world do Reality TV draw the line?

An older/newer member on the cast suggested drug tests, all around. Well, not too many on the reunion couch seconded that notion. I mean, let’s be real people if all of them took a pee-pee, rest assured that nobody would come back with just all clear urine specimen.just sayin’

Love & Hip Hop Reunion 2 was on fire tonight, but what’s so appalling for the g-mogul was not so much the fighting, but how everyone took to backstabbing the other and well, I’ve never seen such a reality reunion spectacle like tonight.

And if drugs are a problem for Stevie J and Joseline, as reported by some of the remaining cast on the show tonight, then, the producers have to make it right and offer their reality stars drug rehabilitation services.

Here’s the link to TMZ video of the fight:

Chime in y’all. Whatcha think about Love & Hip Hop Reunion?


Oprah Winfrey Sells Harpo Studios In Chicago

th harpo

Chicago and the rest of the world woke up to the news that Harpo Studios is now officially “Sold.” ABC news, here in Chicago, reported today’s breaking news in its early Sunday morning newscasts. Oprah Winfrey sold the building for an ‘undisclosed’ amount to the Sterling Bay Investment Firm, which is a Real Estate firm in Chicago. It’s the end of an era that was the beginning of the Oprah empire, as Chicago has come to know her.

Ms. Winfrey apparently purchased the West-side building for her Oprah Show back in 1988. She has since used it for the production of her OWN Network- y’all remember how Rosie O’ Donnell moved her family to The Windy City under Oprah’s Own umbrella and into the Harpo Studios?

Well, we all know how that turned out. Not only that, Lady “O” reportedly lost a lot of money on a couple of her property sales, including that store located right across from the Harpo Studios. Don’t remember the store? Here’s a picture: Okay, a sign leading to the store:)

th oprah store

Well, the store sold Oprah souvenirs/memorabilia and clothes, but apparently it didn’t fare very well because Oprah sold it. She also sold her Chicago condo that she purchased back in 2006 and never even stayed in it! Allegedly 🙂 Oprah lost a lot of money from both sales. That’s not all, people, the tea is that she is thinking of selling her house and moving into something less grand!

I think what we’re missing in all of these Oprah sightings and the question we should be asking ourselves, is this- Is Oprah trying to distance herself from Chicago? I mean, she’s living the life out there in California and all over the world and such- Does she intend to leave just her Oprah legacy for us Chicago-ans? hmm.

Even though Oprah sold Harpo (Oprah spelled backwards) she reportedly has license to use it for the next 2 years for her production work- I suppose that means her Own Network productions. Y’all know since Oprah teamed with Tyler Perry and he helped turn her Own Network into Net-worth, she listens to his financial money matters, mainly how to get more, more, more. just sayin’

Oprah is probably taking Tyler Perry advice to sale and relocate- remember the law of the land when it comes to owning property in Real Estate- “location-location-location.” Now, I don’t know about you people, but if Warren Buffet or Tyler Perry spoke to me- I’d listen:)


B.T.W. Oprah Winfrey ain’t got nothin’ on these 15 Most Powerful Chicago women, except maybe cash, fame, notoriety and the farm in Indiana that I always wanted to put down an IOU ( did she sell that too?) including yours truly. We have been written about in “Shorty Your Chicago South Side Resource” just one of Chicago’s mainstays that serves the South Side of Chicago and spearheaded by Ms. Marcie Hill, an award-winning blogger, author and journalist.

Read the breaking news here:

Wanda Sykes Debuts “Herlarious” From Harpo Studios


Oprah’s Own Network debuted Wanda Sykes, ‘Herlarious’ on Saturday night to Chicago audience and home viewers. Who hasn’t heard of Wanda Sykes? She’s a comedic actress,sometimes “dung” starter, a friend to Ellen DeGeneres and a lesbian who recently married. She’s not exactly a MOMS MABLEY of female comedians, but, let’s face it, they don’t make em like MoMs anymore. Wanda Sykes does possess a dry sort of wit that when combined with her arsenal of facial distortions; manages to keep an audience engaged throughout her routines.

The audience laughed when she talked about Iyanla Vanzant atttemptng to fix DMX’s life and when she told how folks asked why she was doing a show with all female comics. The punch line was “cause Oprah asked me to!”… and everybody know when Oprah asks you to do something… Anyho, there were two segments of three women comics coming to the stage to make or break the audience with their brand of humor.


Let me just be 100 with y’all. This first show did well, overall (my opinion) however, there were only about three of these women who actually made a ‘laughing’ impression on yours truly and I like to laugh. Humor is so important, people and let’s applaud the women who step up to do a tough job that I certainly can’t do. I don’t know who were responsible for the skits, but, they stank to holy hell! just sayin’

Brooke Shields talking about her pedigree (degree & Ivy League status) starts off fine, but, fell flat by the end where she is turning down stage lights on Wanda Sykes and giving her directions from the sound booth. Then, there’s Wanda dressing like Ms. Sophia and Kim Whitley following her lead- Kim Whitley actually told some raunchy/ ratchet jokes that were sort of funny and sort of not. What?! I mean, sexapades with young boys preferably over old men whose balls roll on the floor? Okay, Kim. Liked that outfit though, gurl:)

Carmen Lynch, Tracey Ashley ( loved her imitating scene from The Help) and Andi Smith will bring much better next time (read) Missed out on Gloria Bigalow. The winners on Wanda Sykes “Herlarious”? Marinia Franklin and the Maintain skit by Wanda Sykes and Kim Whitley. Feel free to weigh in on what y’all thought of the show. I’ll be checking in periodically people for the next few weeks. Not posting. I’m off the radar for vacay.


Psst. While I’m away, watch out for Ryan Seacrest tryin’ to rob Selena Gomez’s cradle. Did y’all catch the vibes he was shooting at the newly 21 year old on his E interview?