Flex And Shanice Premieres On The Own Network


Let’s just give it up first of all to the media mogul, Oprah Winfrey and the success of OWN Network. There was a bit of guidance and help by way of Tyler Perry that turned the network around during its initial run, where viewers were left scratching their heads; wondering if they should really follow Lady “O” after The Oprah Show ended its final taping on a high note.

Before Tyler Perry used his storytelling expertise and partnered with Oprah to bring us “The Haves And The Have Nots” and the comedy “For Better Or Worse” ( in my opinion, a near fail) “Welcome To Sweetie Pies, seemingly became the only hit maker for the network at the time.

The Own Network introduced its audience to two new Reality Shows on Saturday night, “Deoin’s Family Playbook” following former football player Deoin Sanders with his girlfriend “Extra” new host and ex wife of Babyface, Tracey Edmonds. Didn’t care for the show because it felt scripted, stiff and forced; you know celebrities think they have to be “on” at all times. Maybe I’ll be patient and watch it for a bit before writing it off completely:)

This show just seems to lack that “realness” factor. Time will tell, people. The g-mogul is just calling it like she feels it:)


Actor and comedian, Flex Alexander and his wife, singer Shanice Wilson are a hit together! I love the natural flow of the show where the couple share teas on once having it all, but found themselves 13 years ago, broke and losing their home, cars and having to file bankruptcy. If that wasn’t enough, the couple had to move in with their family. So, you have 7 people in one home, including two cousins (hilarious) an uncle whose trying to learn how to text and Flex & Shanice’s two kids…a smart mouth, but cute 10-year old son and a 13-year old daughter who thinks she “not” a child?! too funny.

The show is great and premieres Saturdays 10/9pm central time. Catch it. Y’all will love it and do me a huge favor?

Send me a comment and let me know who y’all think will become the breakout star on this show? I already got you covered:)

In response to the words of Shanice Wilson, “It’s hard being a broke celebrity.” Sistah Girl, I am nobody’s celebrity and it’s damn hard being a broke anybody in these uncertain times. Psst, I’ll be your manager. JUST SAYIN’

Treat yourself special…


Whoopi Goldberg’s Favorite Things For 2014


Now that the last two remaining women of The View have said their good-byes-that would be Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy, it’s just Whoopi Goldberg and some of her favorite things! Don’t be too sad for the Whoop though, because Rosie O’Donnell will be coming back to claim her seat on the view panel.The g-mogul is waiting like the rest of y’all to see how it all plays out. Whoopi will still be the moderator, but who knows how that’s gonna flow with her friend Rosie unfiltered speak. just sayin’

If you all didn’t catch Whoopi introducing some of her favorite things on the show Wednesday- this tea maven got ya covered (too much of the Wendy-isms,I know) but I can’t seem to reel it in:) Without farther ado, here are some of your gurl, Whoopi’s favorite things:

th grout

The Grout-Gator cleans floors, kitchen and bathroom tiles and can be found at http://www.groutgator.com. Price for the starter kit is $29.95 and $11.95 for additional 4-pack brushes.

Kit2_11_crop lint

Gleener is a lint remover or as Whoopi likes to call it, a remover of “sweater balls” The Gleener is made of merino wool and attached to a lint brush to get rid of fuzz on your clothes. The price is $19.99 and can be found at gleener.com


Parents must teach their children good oral hygiene from an early age! I’m so anal about this one. Anyho, these toothbrushes come from goodmouth.com and you can have them delivered routinely every 2 to 3 months and for every purchase y’all make goodmouth donates these brushes to dental care and good oral hygiene to someone in need awesome good deed goodmouth! The brushes cost $4.95

img-sachet deodorizer

Ever Bamboo. com rids your home of that dank, musty smells that a lot of homes have. Remember those Moth balls? Yea, those. Don’t knock em till you try em, anyhew, that was my childhood. But, I digress. The price at everbamboo.com for these deodorizers and dehumidifiers starts at $9.99. Hmm, wonder if they smell better than Fe breeze?


Bamboosa.com carries a line of baby clothes and adult clothing as well. Whoopi was focused on the line of baby clothing cause she is a new great grandma. These baby clothes are said to be UV protected, keeps babies temperature regulated, and are made from natural bamboo, without dyes or bleach. Check them all out at bamboosa.com. The baby clothes might start at $10.00, but some are more expensive.


Next up is BeantownBedding.com, disposable linens that makes it easy to use nad discard without the hassle of doing laundry. These free linens are, according to Whoopi “My absolute favorite. The best!” and there you have it people. If you love to travel, have children you’re sending off to collage or just lazy, these are yours for $11.99 and upwards of $34.99. These make great purchases by hospitals and assisted senior living or at home caregivers.


And last on the list of some of Whoopi’s favorite things? Vamplets. I don’t know what the world is coming to, people. These things take the cake! Whoopi is somewhere bordering on cray-cray cause there were like only two cute-ish ones in the bunch; the rest were ugly, menacing and damn scary. What! Would you give these to your kids?

Anyho, if you’re feelin’ these? go to vamplets.com and make your purchase for $18.95 to $24.95 and be prepared to creep out on vampire ghost doll and other toys and books. Thank you very much Whoop, but I’ll stick with horror movies, doncha know.

All the world’s a stage and I’m out. Until next time y’all can


Whoopi’s Tuesday “Shoe” Cam

Okay so I spent an hour searching for those dang shoes Whoopi wore today! Have no fear, found something better. One of the hot spots where Whoopi purchase her shoe cam shoes 🙂

IC Logo where to buy whop shoes

Hey y’all! Before we talk about the ‘shoes’, let’s just give a shout out to the shoe cam diva talk show host who coined the shoe cam phrase first? Ms. Wendy William of “How you Doin?” started the shoe cam thing on her daytime talk and now, Whoopi. Also, since we’re going there; Whoopi favorite things segment was a spin-off from The Oprah Show “some of my favorite things.” I know, people mere trivialities:) but I’ve been burned for my casual ‘phrases’ a few times in the past that snowballed into something huge and I wasn’t left feeling pretty:)

Y’all know how I roll here, so give credit where credit is due. Just sayin’

What y’all think about those shoes Whoopi wore today? Some of her co-hosts tried to be nice as they speculated about someone possibly tipping over in those clogs! Whoopi assures everyone (those of you at home as well) that the shoes are incredibly comfortable and yes they are built like a high heel and fancy-girl! Let’s take a trip down Whoopi “Shoe Lane” in case you missed out on viewing these babies:

images whoopi

imageswhoopi shoes tues

index boots

images moms

I feel ya moms! 🙂


Sherri Shepherd Finds Her ‘Voice’ After Backlash of Dismissive Tweets

th sherri s

I just have to give props to Sherri Shepherd who left Chicago to do better and land gigs that would just feed her son! And this was before her second marriage or before the world knew about Sherri Shepherd’s cheating first husband or the private pain of losing the second half to son Jeffery’s twin birth. Sherri Shepherd is a comedian. before there were the television sitcom shows and The View and Dancing With The Stars, Sherri was doing stand-up at nondescript venues.

Now that she is a regular co-host on The View, Sherri is getting the eye of scrutiny placed upon her by opinionated viewers who are well versed in the world of social media. When Sherri said that the world was flat, many people took to twitter in dismay, but, just as many supported her new venture in television talk and could understand her nervousness about the show and as Sherri later said in interviews, she was also experiencing personal troubles and don’t we all?

Recently, after Wendy Williams broke down on her own show while discussing her angst over her 13 year old son’s attitude toward her; preferring to hang out with his dad, refusing to pick up after himself, etc, Wendy Williams was invited on The View to talk and share the teas about her on set tear down. Wouldn’t you know, people took to twitter to praise Wendy for not taking crap from Barbara Walters and her seemingly insinuations that something was wrong in Wendy’s mother/son relationship.

If y’all missed it, just go to the clip of the day at The View featuring Wendy Williams.The blogs had a field day talking about Wendy putting it down on Barbara and that Whoopi & Sherri didn’t say much in the segment as speculating that Whoopi was either angry with Barbara for her behavior or with Wendy for talking too loud and too much. I say which one is it people? just sayin.’

Anyhew ,there were a lot of ‘ugly’ digs at 84 year old Walters, with the majority of folks calling for her to sit down at home or go on an extended vacay somewhere. I have mad respect for the long time Journalist and TV personality, and frankly she makes me tired just looking at her 🙂 What?! Y’all know Barbara need to enjoy the remainder of her life doing absolutely nothing but being Barbara in luxurious contentment. It’s totally nonsense to work your buns off until you’re past eighty, only to die tomorrow! Life is totally not promised, but to hasten it? Reality sucks, people. But, then there’s the other side ” a body at rest tends to stay at rest?” Naw, she needs to lie down.

Okay, back to Sherri Shepherd. The blogs tore into Sherri for not having a backbone and not standing up to Barbara. Folks are saying that whenever Sherri starts to talk or respond, she never gets her point across because Barbara holds up her hand to silence Sherri and Sherri obeys:) People need to quit, I tell ya.

Just today, Sherri did indeed hold her own. She sparred word for word with Ms. Walters in regards to Woody Allen’s alleged penchant for little girls and his adopted daughter accusing him of sexual abuse when she was only 7 years old. Barbara defended Woody Allen, calling him and wife, Soon Yi (his former stepdaughter) wonderful parents to their little girls-hmm

Sherri Shepherd fired back that Woody Allen had sex with and married his step daughter. She also said he dated 17 year old and liked young girls. Of course the heat was on and the show went to commercial. When the show returned, Barbara Walters had the last say on the subject, reminding folks that Woody Allen had been investigated when first accused back in the day and NO evidence was found that he was abusing his daughter.

And now you people on social media, the blogs etc can stop taking digs at Sherri Shepherd. She definitely found her voice and stepped up to the plate of speaking her truths. I wonder if it’s because Sherri Shepherd is her own force to be reckoned with these days? A visionary woman of books, talk shows, dating game shows, television and movies and even a wig line. Gotta own your voice when you’re running in the circle of the “big dogs” doncha know?


Memorable Moments of 2013 In Celebrity & World News

p9810481_b_v3_aa GOSSIP GAME

Happy Happy 2014! Okay, so I got a wee bit excited about the Holidays and a brand new New Year, but, now I’m back and thought what better way to start the New Year off right than by dishing on memorable teas of 2013? I know, original right?:) Oh well, here’s a look back at some of what made this g-mogul’s year in 2013. Feel free to add to your flavor to the g mix, I won’t be mad at ya:)

What the world most likely will be talking about going forward into 2014:

Of course we have to begin with celebs and what they were doing in 2013 that made the world go “what!?!”
Miley Cyrus, that once cute Hannah Montana kid, made everyone sit up and take notice by her wild ‘twerking’ performance at the AMAs with that other chart topping singer, Robin Thicke. Yes, both artists caught America’s attention and how, with their wild antics and racy song lyrics.
The number one celeb name searched on Yahoo in 2013 was Miley Cyrus and one of the top words people googled was Twerking.
Robin Thicke made headlines earlier on with his top song of 2013, whose lyrics and video sent him to the top of the charts. Add to that, Mr. Thicke’s appearances on shows like Howard Stern where he talked freely about his sexapades with actress-wife Paula Patton. He nearly brags about how his wife was once a good girl, turned bad by him, as referenced by lyrics to Blurred Lines.

There was also a hiccup for the singer in all of this glory, brought on by lawsuit by the family of the late great crooner, Marvin Gaye (let’s get it on!) who accused Robin Thicke and Pharell of stealing lyrics tone of their dad’s song. As of this posting, reportedly, the family refused cash settlement from Robin.
One music insider states blurred lines became the biggest summer song for Robing Thicke, along with producer Pharr ell and was a great Marvin Gaye rip off- remix for a modern day audience.

Miley Cyrus came in like a wrecking ball with her Bangers album and claimed the top billboard album. She according to music watchers manipulated the press, viewers, social media and the music industry with her nudity, tongue acts and dance routines with the cats-

Facebook’s most talked about stories of 2013 were:
The Government shutdown
The Boston Marathon Bombing
The Super bowl
My musical input:
I didn’t know Katy Perry and Rhianna were smokers. Lady Gaga should dress down more. She actually looks better when she’s not wearing feathers and meat.
My favorite singer of 2013 was Justin Timberlake because he’s smooth, sexy and sings great in a suit & tie. Note to self- pick up the album 20/20. The worst singer taking up space on my 2013 list was Kayne West who really took the cake when he compared Kim Kardashian to the first lady, Michelle Obama and himself to Jesus- there’s just no comparison on either side.
Too much fanfare about the Kardashians on instagram and “selfies” just sayin’ Grew tired of hearing about Lamar Odom’s alleged drugs and cheating; the divorce and Kris and being ‘that woman’ Kris Jenner- mommanager. I grew tired of Justin Beiber losing his cool and his pants and blaming it all on his being only 19.

I applaud Beyonce for dropping her album without publicity and not really caring how Amazon or Target refused to sell it and grew tired of the overexposure.
There were a lot of celebs babies born in 2013 and the most goggled girl names were:
Here’s to a great and fab New Year y’all!


A Roundup of 2013 Celebrity “Teas”


So y’all know we’re in the spirit for making joyful Holiday memories with loved ones and such, so the g-mogul won’t be dishing the teas after today’s post. See y’all in 2014!
Anyhew, a few interesting teas caused me to place fingers to the keyboard to feed your curiosity and make it do what it do. Okay, enough self promo 🙂

The matriarch of the Jacksons, Ms. Katherine Jackson, is appealing to MJs fans to fund a documentary she is producing in honor of her genius son and the King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson in a tribute of the 5th anniversary of his death.

Ms. Jackson at 80 something want the world to remember her son ( as if we’ll EVER forget) with a look back into his life via clips and interviews from his three children, called “Remembering Michael.” I think what this 80 something woman is doing in her son’s memory is honorable and so I give her efforts a thumbs up! Joe Jackson Sr, on the other hand, deserves a scathing thumbs down for wanting to exploit young Blanket as the next Michael:( Shame, Shame, Shame on you Joe Jackson! just sayin’

So Kristie Alley was really out there on a past appearance on Howard Stern show. When he asked her how she felt about Leah Remini bashing The Church of Scientology. Kristie basically called her once good friend, a liar and a repulsive ‘bigot’ and stated she’d deleted her twitter follow. Hmm, my thoughts and y’all know I got ’em:) If Leah is a ‘bigot’ for disagreeing with the policies of Scientology and Michael Richards is a ‘racist’ for inferring the “N’ word to black people in his standup and then becomes Kristie’s good friend and co-star in her new sitcom??? What pray tell does that make you by association, Ms. Alley? I mean really? This g-mogul smell a hypocritical rat.

Is President Obama a flirt? That seems to be the general consensus as he was snapped at the Memorial Services of the fallen South African Leader, Nelson Mandela, grinning and skinnin’ and taking ‘Selfies’ with a woman Prime Minister. There were also photos where Michelle wasn’t looking too pleased and finally the one where Mrs. Obama took initiative and sat between the flirts- way to go, Mrs. President! Anyho, the man, in my opinion, is a ‘flirt.’ Now, whether he’s a “Cheat” is a horse of a different color. I see nothing wrong with flirting, as long as ya don’t get caught, Mr. President. What!?!

Whoopi Goldberg finally brought the Moms Mabley story to HBO in November. She gave us insights into the life of the first African- American female comic with the unsavory dirty mouth- sometimes toothless mouth who turned the world upside down with her wit and demeanor. Whoopi talked about the project and other stuff with Wendy Williams. You can read more here: http://voices.yahoo.com/wendy-williams-guest-whoopi-goldberg-12426589.html Make sure to visit and nominate the article as content of the year! Yep, it’s time to pay the piper:) Hope y’all enjoy a grand Holiday, with loads of love & laughter, good cheer and goodwill toward men, women and children!


Roseanne Barr’s Twitter Rant Against Oprah Winfrey…


Okay, so here the g-mogul is just spending time working on her ‘stuff’ when all of a sudden she hears about this Roseanne Barr thang where the actress and comedian is blasting the billionaire mogul, Oprah Winfrey on twitter! Well, forget about it!

I had to get the teas for y’all- my ever curious reading audience.
One more thang, people, be careful this holiday season. I mean, have fun, drink and be merry; kiss the girls/guys and so forth, but please do whatever y’all do ‘safely.”

Okay, so apparently, Roseanne Barr took to Twitter recently with some sort of rant against Hollywood, saying she was never going to work in the land of celebrity, glitz, glamor and glam ever again! What prompted this outcry is still unclear, but reportedly, a beloved project was turned down by Hollywood studios. This slap in the face must have triggered some ‘ugly’ recall in her association with former bff- Oprah Winfrey. The two were good friends, ONCE… Roseanne even appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show for a total of 12 times!

thOprah & Rosanne

Whatever went down made the outrageously, oftentimes funny, sarcastic and controversial Roseanne, see red. Remember people, this isn’t the first time Rosanne went at Oprah. She bashed Oprah for supporting Barack Obama instead of Hillary Clinton during their presidential run. Roseanne apologized to Lady “O” on her show, and downplayed the drama, saying how she wasn’t really aware of the diss.

Anyhew, here’s what Roseanne Barr tweeted about Oprah before her tweets were taken down:

“She is NOT a good person to work for. Seriously absent. She hangs out with retards all day long who kiss her fat ass.”

So, I don’t know about y’all, but as a nurse who have worked with the mentally challenged- ‘retard’ is offensive. And, because I only associated Narcissist as being vain and fake, I was shocked to know my verbiage limitations:) Okay, so, this is the true definition of a narcissist-

Has antisocial features. A charlatan- is a fraudulent, exploitative, deceptive and unscrupulous individual. But, wait, there’s more!
Lacks empathy. Unable to relate, understand and rationalize the feelings of others ( but what about Super Soul Sunday? What!?!

Holds themselves to a grinding work schedule that gives them something like an addictive high– hmm.
Conceited, self-centered person, egocentric, egoist-informed swellhead. But, didn’t say, “Rich” or “Billionaire.”

Okay, so that’s how the dictionary defines a narcissist. So, what’s the verdict people? Is Oprah Winfrey a Narcissist? Should Roseanne Barr apologize to Oprah? Should Oprah respond? AND the most burning question of all:

Should Roseanne began anger management or start making geriatric (elderly) porn? Anyhew-