Why Bern Nadette Stanis AKA Thelma Should Be On DWTS


Okay, just tell me if I’m wrong here, but I bet all of y’all men out there and some of you fluid women as well, just sayin, would love to get a front row seat to see Bern Nadette Stanis aka Thelma Evans of television’s hilarious sitcom Good TIMES become the next celebrity to strut her stuff on Dancing With The Stars (DWTS). I mean if y’all were willing to entertain the 2 left feet likes of a Wendy Williams, ( that’s my gurl doncha know?) and the g maven is not tryin’ to throw shade. This comes from a southern girl who can’t dance either! But, we speak the truth here, people. Remember Billy Dee Williams? enuff said:)

Another reason the celebrated actress, author and Julliard alumni should be on the show? Because maybe the g-mogul might have heard it in from a little birdie ( her manager) that he wants what Bern Nadette wants and reportedly, Thelma wants to dance with the stars! Listen up, let’s take this thing to the masses and advocate for Thelma/Bern Nadette to not only be the next dance contestant on DWTS, but that she also bring her wit, wisdom and black woman hosting power to Saturday Night Live! Okay, now, Wendy, you put it out there for Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms to be a judge the show, why not use your voice that carries weight for Bern Nadette to be among the next roundup of celebrities to dance on show?

thall good

I’m a fan of Good Times and JJ was my guy. Little Micheal’s intellect about “the man” sort of scared me some and Thelma brought out the “black girl reach” called ‘possibilit’ when the show premiered in the 70s. I was wearing an Angela Davis fro and thinking I was the “sh*t” girl because of how Florida and James raised their children: poor, broke, black, proud and ghetto fabulous 🙂

th thelma

Y’all know I’m a sentimental fool, so let’s get back to the most important news of today’s post: Bern Nadette Stanis just might be mulling over penning a personal letter here in the very near future (fingers crossed) where she will bring everyone up to speed on what she’s been doing since Good Times ended in 1979 and who knows, just maybe she’ll let y’all in why she’s ready for Dancing With The Stars and Saturday Night Live.


And always “Treat yourself special”