Trending Celeb Updates for October


Happy October G-moguls! Thank y’all for not bailing on the tea blog, now that I’m posting monthly. Did I forget to mention how Y’all Rock!  A big shout out to Celeb Dirty Laundry @celebdirtylaund for the recent Twitter follow! People I don’t be making this stuff up:)

Anyhew, here are your celeb teas for October that includes a brief run through of my opinionated thoughts about what’s really going on in the world of celebville.

A big ole “sorry” going out to Wendy Williams for criticizing the way she hocks her clothing line everyday on the show. It does get a bit old, boring and tired, but listen every show is advertising products, either to line their own pockets or line the pockets of the networks they work for, so the g mogul can’t be a hypocrite by hating on Wendy’s hustle.

I do have a bone that needs picking, though, Wendy. Why did you/r executives have Jason and another producer take the fall because you didn’t know your black people history? I mean, every person (black, white, brown, red) should know something about the NAACP! The firing wasn’t a good look , Wendy. Just sayin.’

I was a bit shook up to hear about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce. I cannot rejoice over the breakup of anybody’s marriage, especially when kids are involved. My thing is, why are people smacking their lips with glee over this? I’m not team Jennifer Aniston or any exes that came before. That’s somebody’s personal thang, happening between two people and the rest of the world needs to butt out.

It blew my mind to read that Kevin Hart was the highest ranking comedian to top Forbes Magazine’s list of rich celebrities. Seems Kevin drew in over $87 million dollars between June 2015 and June 2016, landing him sixth place on the Celebrity 100, FORBES’ annual list of richest celebs.The newly married Hart even beat out the top ranking comedian, Jerry Seinfeld and dude is still going strong. Now, a little birdie told me, actually Eddie Murphy said he was curiously considering returning to the standup stage. Well, Eddie does have like 9 or 10 kids and he is still funny as heck, so why not?

I was bummed to learn that Nicole Beharie wasn’t returning to Sleepy Hollow and that Tom Mison was getting a new female and possibly romantic lead. My next thought was what about Lyndie Greenwood aka Jenny Mills? We can say goodbye to Caitlyn Jenner’s I AM CAIT, which got low ratings. But, those darn Kardashians keep on trucking.

Where’s Tamar Braxton sans The Real? And how many of y’all rooting for Rob&Chyna? Keep it on the real, though! I wish success and happiness to everrrbody.Just sayin 🙂

I want y’all to mark your calendars for my new book, Unleash Your Pearls Empowering Women’s Voices due out soon. Traditional publishers take about a year to produce a product and I’m waiting for my book release- all entrepreneurs know, “if you don’t have a product you can’t make a profit”and I’m in need of my frigging product:)

Anyhew, y’all can hit up the book’s email address for more news and to claim your autographed copy  from the g-mogul @


Okay, see what I just did? I’m advertising my book’s distribution just like the celebs and talk show hosts and their guests making public appearances to sell their latest products. Capitalism feeds the world!






‘Supernatural’ Sneak Peek Plus Teas From The Fan Files

Alrighty then! So what was I doing October 7th at 8pm that I miss the return of those Winchester boys? I know exactly what I was doing…watching Big Ang tear down her hubby for being jobless on Celebrity Rehab:) Imagine the g-mogul’s disappointment when she forgot the premiere of Supernatural where Sam and Dean find themselves Out of the Darkness and Into The Fire. CRAP! just sayin’
Anyhew, not to be bested by missing out on a fav show that’s still in the running after 10 years,I managed to view the full episode online. This clip is a sneak peek for y’all.

Y’all Millennials already know about APPS you can download to your Iphone or PC, but, for baby-boomers like myself, I searched until I found their website of SUPERNATURAL Full episodes and sat through boring commercials until anotherepisode played.

Speaking of favorite shows, I know I was not going to miss Sleepy Hollow’s Crane and Ms Mills or “lieutenant” Mills, although Abbie is now ‘Agent’ Mills; a FBI agent whose new boss turns out to be Lance Gross, the’House of Payne’ actor who dated and broke up with former ‘America’s Next Top Model’ winner Eva Marcille in 2010. Now the actor is married and have a baby. Although the show is pushing Gross character as a romantic interest for Abbie, the g-mogul didn’t feel that much-needed chemistry. It has to be Abbie and Crane at some point, otherwise, what’s the use? Although it looks like lil sis Jenny might be getting mesmerized by the son of the late Sheriff Corbin.

My burning questions:

Where is the Captain hiding ‘undercover’? And what happened to GRIMM? (sic) It’s all a mystery I tell you!

– Which brings me back to Dean and the woman in the darkness that Sam never saw. seems the she-devil only had dark eyes for Dean and she saved him for a reason? Remains to be seen I fear. So, I won’t be watching Scandal cause she and fitts is boring as hell is hot. Now that Jake make things interesting.

Flash has another ‘Flash’ to deal with and Arrow is confusing me to no end. Vampire Diaries Stefan and Caroline should just suck blood; Damon and Bonnie would make a hot couple and constantly sharing dear diary news with a dead Elena gives me a headache. The Originals are still cool…long as Klaus stays bad-ass. Can y’all tell the g-maven is partial to scary?! Yep, luv to see how evil get kicked in the gut-ter:)

Y’all hear about the latest bout the new first family, though? Seems the Kardashians have taken that prestigious title from The President of the United States, yo! But, let’s not get it twisted like Cosmopolitan Magazine, folks…The Kardashians might be the first family of Reality TV and I wish I had their coins, but they are hardly President Barack and Michelle Obama!


Wendy Williams Gets ‘Butt Enhancement’ Tips From Doctor Oz


Viewers of the Wendy Williams Show knows there’s definitely no shame in her game when it comes to getting the teas. Disregard Oprah in the video. This is not about Lady “O.” On today’s show, the gossip maven had as one of her guest, Dr. Oz, who spoke on the Ebola Virus and butt implants. Yep, Wendy Williams, no stranger to plastic surgery, like liposuction and breast implants, asked the good doctor which would he recommend using for butt enhancements, Silicone or Fat Injections?


Dr. Mamet Oz recommended good old butt squats to get a natural rounded butt, but, y’all know Wendy wasn’t having that! According to Dr. Oz, then, silicone can burst and send that stuff spreading throughout your blood stream. If women wanted to look bootylicious, with the help of butt implants, say like a Khloe Kardashian and Iggy Azalea? Dr. Oz would recommend fat injection because it’s your own fat taken from a fatty area of your body and injected into the buttocks. I don’t know bout y’all but I accept me as I am and don’t have body image problems and I’m not a celebrity,so do you. Just sayin’

Dr. Oz also cleared up a bit about the Ebola Virus. Well, the patient from Liberia, who was in critical condition from the disease, has recently passed away. Dr. Oz calls the virus a stupid disease. I call it a killer that’s taken the lives of many. Hopefully containment and cure is in the works. Wash y’all hands and stay vigilant to help prevent the spread of this virus.

Here’s the cover of Dr. Oz new magazine, The Good Life.


Okay, holla’ and remember to “treat yourself special.”