When A Caged Bird Sings-Remembering Maya Angelou

On Sunday, Oprah Winfrey will pay tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou, through sessions and talks she has had with her friend and mentor on Oprah’s OWN Networks, Super Soul Sunday Series. How befitting an honor for such a distinguished firestorm that was Dr. Maya Angelou.

Like many of you whose lives were touched in some way by this phenomenal woman, author, actress, activist, poet and honored dignitary, I was deeply affected by her passing and, yet, comforted by the life lessons she left behind.

Unlike Oprah, presidents, celebs , famous authors,foreign dignitaries, and others of her close-knit families and friends, who would know Ms. Maya Angelou, I only got to rub elbows with her through her books. My obsession with Maya Angelou began when I first picked up a copy of “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” in the mid 70s. From that day until now, I reference Maya Angelou as my personal life mentor; in my head. I was secretly waiting for the day when I’d actually get to meet her. Okay, y’all so that meeting didn’t happen, but know what?

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I began to know her through the boob tube, yes, but more importantly, through her works. I started collecting Maya Angelou’s books back when I was a young woman, eager to find my place. Reading Maya’s words through her books and poems always lifted me and made me want to do better. I am such a fan.

I got to “know” Marguerite Johnson through her writings, from the time she wrote about being 7 years old and fearing to speak because she felt she’d caused the death of the man who had sexually abused her, to the way she looked up to her brother Bailey and how she doted on her son Guy. Yes, I got to know Maya Angelou. She was the real deal and she wrote from the reality of real life.
As years passed, many of her original works got facelifts.Some of mine are tattered along the edges. These are some of Maya’s original books with brand new attitudes:





Dr. Maya Angelou/Marguerite Johnson the world remembers.

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