Great Movie Classics To Remember


Hello peeps. After nearly two months, I’m back! I’m writing this in my bedroom while watching Sandpiper, on TCM or Turner Classic Movies. I’m catching up with one of the greatest love couples in movie making history, besides Hollywood legends, Ruby Dee & hubby Ozzie Davis, of course, comes Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Elizabeth had a ‘thang’ for Richard and he apparently had a ‘thang’ for her. It’s all evident in their on-screen chemistry. Not to mention all of those sparkling jewels Richard gave her over the years.

So, hope y’all had a great holiday break. I felt great, got a few things done, including putting the finishing touches to my motivational book for women. The book is currently at the publishers. If you want to some for ‘real’ tea about the g-mogul go here to pick up my e-story~ I also celebrated another ‘born’ day. I’m in good company with the winter birthdays. Hey Oprah, Martin and daddy! I spent in a little time with those pesky housewives, as well. NENE’s return to RHOA wasn’t anything to shout about, so I didn’t. And how many of you missed Claudia? Ok, then…

Those reality Kardashians aren’t going anywhere soon, apparently, since they are all about the Benjamins and the paparazzi and they know how to turn a story into about a billion dollar bucks. The sister’s Apps became moneymakers, their tweets, Instagram photos and drama switching love interests are all over. Khloe even moved estranged hubby Lamar Odom into her Calabasas neighborhood, wrote a book (ghostwriter perhaps?) and has her own show, ‘Kocktales With Khloe’ and spilled the tea that no one in the family drinks more than momager, Kris (yawn)

Aside: If I talked to my mama the way those daughters talk to Kris, LIKE, Honor thy father and thy mother…

Sad day about Natalie Cole and David Bowie passing~ truly classic!

Okay, back to Turner Movie Classics, y’all know, back when movies were golden and folks could appreciate for real acting from stars who loved their craft. I have to say, it’s taken me years to watch, but I have a recommendation for all y’all movie buffs. If you want to see some great acting, be sure to catch “A Woman Under The Influence”, starring Gena Rowlands and Peter Falk and written and directed by Rowlands husband, John Cassavetes. It’s about a mentally ill wife and mother of three small children, whose husband played by Falk, friends, parents and small children, views her illness in different ways. It was especially touching to see how protective of their mother, the little children were…

Reportedly,Cassavetes had such a limited budget in making the film, he cast Gena Rowland’s real mom to play her mother and cast his mom as Peter Falk’s meddling mother. I loved this film and the cast of suburb actors.

Other great classics:
The VIPS- Starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf? Taylor & Burton

The Sandpiper- Taylor & Burton

If you like classic movies, share in the comments your the tea on some of your favorites of all time:)




My Interview With Actor Lyriq Bent On His Leading Role in “The Book of Negroes”


Okay, now y’all, it took the g-mogul a minute to track down this handsome and busy actor of television and film, because according to his people, the man was busy “working and traveling.” But, finally, Lyriq Bent sat down to answer a few questions about his lead role, opposite actress Aunjanue Ellis ( of The Help, Ray and Sleepy Hollow fame) in the upcoming six part mini-series, “The Book of Negroes” that airs February 16th – 18th on BET.

And no, I didn’t ask about his marital status, people:) but, rather about his unique first name (pronounced Lyric-like in songwriting) This is how he explained what this g-maven thinks is uniquely odd. Just sayin.’

-There’s no story to my name that I know of. It’s just something my parents liked and ended up naming me

My name is pronounced like “lyrics” to a song.

The cast of The Book Of Negroes include stars like Cuba Gooding Jr. and Louis Gosset Jr. Some of you guys might recall that Louis Gossett Jr. won an Emmy for his portrayal of Fiddler in the 1977 miniseries, “Roots.’ With these great talents in mind, yours truly asked the actor if he was nervous about taking on the lead role.

The Book Of Negroes

I wasn’t exactly nervous, more thrilled and excited to play the part. Book of Negroes is such an incredible story and knowing that put a great responsibility on me. I was also surrounded by such incredible talent on both sides of the camera. Being around that made me want to be better.

-Chekura plays a big part in Aminata’s life and knowing that required that I depict the character as honestly and best as I could. I had many conversations with the author to try to understand the character through his eyes so I could understand how to capture that essence of what Lawrence had originally envisioned for that character.

I asked Lyriq what he wanted viewers to take away from The Book of Negroes.

I want people walk away with their own experience of what BoN has to offer. I’ve walked away with my own experience and I want people to find their own truth.

You guys need to mark your calendars for this historical miniseries airing Monday, February 16th-18th on BET. Check your local listings, people. And there’s more good news for my peeps! After you tune in to watch the miniseries, you can gear up to read more of my interview with Lyriq Bent at my new Celebrity Dish column appearing in the March issue of URBAN IMAGES MAGAZINE-shut the front door!

Alright, y’all can calm down:) In the meantime, I’m gonna leave y’all with a clip of The Book of Negroes.


Jennifer Lopez In The Wendy Williams “Hot Seat!”

Happy Wednesday, g-moguls! So, it was a toss-up with the teas today. I mean the g-mogul could rehash on President Obama’s State Of The Union Address from last night, but to regurgitate on the obvious disrespect from some members of the Republican Party, who clapped in enthusiasm when he stated that he had no more campaigns to run. Not to be belittled, President Barack retorted, “I know cause I won both of them” and people that line is now trending on Twitter! just sayin’.

Anyho, today’s post is one of informative fun 🙂

So,what can be more fun and entertaining than watching Jennifer Lopez in The Wendy Williams “Hot Seat” today? People, JLo was really enjoying herself as she spilled teas on everything from her exes, to her male co-stars best and worst kisser to the one guy she won’t comment about hooking up with again after their public breakup. Okay, don’t be speculating just watch the video.

Okay, now, share your thoughts on the blog by ans this burning question: Who apparently was JLo's love that got away?


Who Really Stole The Show At The Golden Globes?

thtina fey

Happy New Year, my peeps! I’m back with the first post of the new year 2015. We have a lot of ground to cover. I have so much to say, but today it’s all about the Golden Globes and why the g-mogul have to dish on what made an impression and why she thinks every news commentator and critic out there got it wrong with their predictions on just who dominated the 72nd Golden Globes.

First, a mogul’s brief recap: All eyes were on George Clooney, of course, and new bride, Amal Alamuddin. The hosts of the globes, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler even roasted the couple for several minutes in their monologue. Amal was named one of the best dressed in her black Dior.

They make a cool couple and perhaps the newlyweds to watch, but they definitely didn’t make my day,err night. just sayin’. Then there was Jennifer Lopez who stepped out in a dress that almost had its own Janet Jackson nipple malfunction reportedly the tape holding everything in place pulled a bit and exposed more skin, causing speculation from everyone, including the attention of her co presenter, the newly separated and allegedly headed for divorce, Jeremy Renner, who presented with Jennifer Lopez and referred to her cleavage when he quipped “you are holding the globes too.” Could you see the ‘sexual tension?” Not to worry, it takes a trained eye.


There were plenty of memorable moments like when Gina Rodriguez of Jane The Virgin won her award for best actress in a television series, comedy or series. She cried, while recalling something her mama’s advice. Hooray for the advice of mammas! Okay, moving along. Michael Keaton, my fav Batman ever, won for best actor in a motion picture or comedy and got teary-eyed talking about his best friend his son, Sean…Ahhhhh. Billy Bob Thornton opting not to speak in accepting his golden globe for Fargo was also a great moment that didn’t happen.

The greatest moment of the night, actually happened during the Golden Globes Arrival Show when Common and John Legend sang their award-winning song “Glory” for their musical collaboration on the movie “SELMA.” And the person who stole the Golden Globes you ask?

72nd Annual Golden Gl_Schu(157)

If you guessed the Purple Prince, then you are truly of the tea persuasion:) Prince appearance on the globes was one moment in time when time actually stood still, people. Even the stars were “star-struck.” Prince came to present the golden globe for best song to Common and John Legend. He was the star and he made the 72nd Golden Globes, Glow. I must say, Common’s speech was one memorable moment as well and his emotional attribution to Selma’s awakening his humanity was a Kodak moment for the history books.

It takes a lot for the g-mogul to watch an awards red carpet show. The glitz and glamor doesn’t impress this girl. But, for the sake of the teas, she sacrifice. And Prince just put it over the top and made it worth staying awake for. I mean, Wendy Williams said it best:


“When Prince is in the building everyone falls into a 5-year-old girl!”

Okay, so I’m a Prince fan and if y’all want me to be your fan, just hit me up with everything musical by Prince:)

Always treat yourself special…

Actress Vanessa Bell Calloway On: Fashion, Work, and Reality TV

As promised I'm sharing great highlights from my interview with the talented mega actress, producer, star of stage and screen, Ms.Vanessa Bell Calloway! And for the record, this g-mogul must care about her peeps and followers out there, because this post was at the top of my to-do list and one that took time to transcribe. Just sayin' and no shade to MS. Calloway for giving me what I asked for in her authentic responses that all y'all need to appreciate.

This is not the complete interview from the busy actress who is currently starring as Zora Neale Hurston in her one woman play,"Letters From Zora...In Her Own Words, at the Crossroads Theatre in New Brunswick, NJ. The show runs from October 9th (my sis birthday) to the 26th and reportedly to rave reviews. Ms. Calloway is also super busy with her popular web series "In The Company of Friends." Check out the clip above.


Here's some of our interview:

g-mogul- Ms. Calloway, as you know, fashion is all the rage these days, as depicted in magazines, on the red carpet and on the runways. What is Vanessa Bell Calloway's fashion style ( laugh here or snicker, hard to tell):)

response- I don't really know if I have a signature style, but, I do like clothes. I love accessories. I love purses and I love shoes. I just feel what looks good on me and what I like. I don't really care about the designer and I'll put an expensive piece with a piece that's on sale. You know I'm doing the best I can.

g-mogul- Would you ever consider doing Reality TV? This is a lengthy response in regards to reality television because we touched upon how she felt about "established" or "learned" actresses doing a reality TV series like, for instance "Hollywood Divas", the new show on TV One and starring Elise Neal, Countess Vaughn, Golden Brooks, Lisa Wu and Paula Parker Ari.

response- My daughter had a reality show on television called Baldwin Hills and it featured her and my family was featured for quite some time. The show was on for 3 seasons and she was on for 2 of those seasons, which started when she was a junior in high school. Then she was a senior and she graduated and went to SPELMAN. We sort of already did that.


When asked if she'd seen Hollywood Divas and her thoughts on established actresses doing a Reality Series:
Ms. Calloway responds... I don't watch a lot of those shows. I don't know what's it about. ( given a brief synopsis by yours truly) continues:
I think that people do what's best for them. I try not to judge other people motives. I think you do what's best for's not something I'd be interested in, but that's me. It doesn't mean it's not a good thing to do, it just means I won't do it and it's not something I'd be interested in watching cause I don't watch all of those Hollywood Wives and all that stuff.

I don't really like those shows, but that's me and they don't need me to watch. They have a large fan base and their shows are doing quite well...(pause) there's so much on TV these days. You pick what you want, watch what you want and you don't have to criticize it and if you don't want to watch? There's a lot of people who watch it'

Okay, here I had to concur because the g-maven watch all that stuff! What?!

The interview kept going after putting me on hold for a brief moment in time. When we continued Ms. Calloway answered questions in regards to her one woman play where she asked that people on the East coast go and see the play. She also talked about her popular web series ( sneak peek video above) her Radio Talk Show and things her fans might not know about her-


Y'all just might have to catch all of that and then some when my conversation ( more than an interview) with Ms. Vanessa Bell Calloway continues. In the meantime and between time, go catch the play, tune into the radio talk show and become a fly on the wall at Ms. Calloway's house where she invites you into her space as she entertains good friends such as Elise Neal, Loretta Devine and Vivica A. Fox ( just to name a few) in her web series "In The Company Of Friends."

That's a wrap people!

holla' and always, "treat yourself special."

Interview With Actress Vanessa Bell Calloway


Happy Monday, g-moguls! So, I just got off the phone with Ms. Vanessa Bell Calloway and let me tell y’all something; the woman speaks her truths! This celeb couldn’t have been more gracious. She put me on hold while she took a call from her husband, but apologized for the wait…

The interview went well. Ms.Calloway answered every question with class and clarity. You are going to read her take on Reality TV, info about her radio talk show and her popular web series, called, “In The Company Of Friends.”

Don’t despair people, the g maven will be breaking down the teas from the interview in a few days. Y’all know we keep it real here and Ms. Calloway is kept it real in response to questions asked. That’s all for now folks. Come holla’ at me in a couple of days. Sistah gurl have to transcribe some stuff:)


Everyone make sure to catch Vanessa Bell Calloway as Zora Neale Hurston in her one woman play, “Letters From Zora… In Her Own Words.” Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section and I’ll post them on the blog. Hope to see y’all back here for an awesome interview.

As always “treat yourself special.”

Gotham City: Dark, Bloody And Brooding


All Batman enthusiasts know the dark underbelly of Gotham City where two vigilant crime-fighters set out to save the world from the evilness taking hold of the city. Okay, my bad,that was the original television series with Adam West as the capped crusader, teaming up with Burt Ward, his sidekick, Robin, premiering on television in 1966. Hmm, I’m dated but y’all get that Gotham is all about the beginning for all of the Batman characters, but, that Robin will be missing right?

We get introduced to Gotham in all of its seediness, dark characters with a thirst for committing crime in dark alleys, slaughter houses and even at the fishing docks. This show is really gritty with a corrupted police force that aligns itself with the mob and sultry crime bosses who has a thing for those who she can manipulate into partnering with her in her dirty work and massaging her feet. Hold up though, Fish Mooney didn’t figure on the young detective vowing to clean up the streets of Gotham after a very young Bruce Wayne see his parents murdered. Not a lot of action in this first episode or taking down the bad guys, just an innocent man framed for the young Bruce Wayne’s parents murder and killed by police.


It was fun trying to put a name to the younger versions of Batman characters and I think the g-mogul enjoyed that better than the storyline. Catwoman is a young unknown , dressed in black who steals milk for her feline and silently watches from the rooftop all of Gotham’s goings on. Young Bruce , now in the protection of Albert, his parent’s butler, just wants justice for his parent’s murder. “Find dude with the shiny shoes.” Okay, I said that.

You know even before Jada Pinkett Smith makes an appearance, that nobody else could possibly have the name “Fish Mooney” but her. My age appropriate intuition tells me she came up with the character’s name ‘Fish’ too. What y’all think?
The villain in a young Gotham wasn’t so easy to pinpoint. I know the squiggly little mouthpiece was probably the Penguin, but who was the Riddler? The big dude ready to hang the police up for shearing or gutting? Do tell!:)
The premiere of Gotham wasn’t bad, but watching the return of Sleepy Hollow was even better! Anyhew, looks like FOX is getting back on track after a long boring summer of Monday night television.

BTW: Was taken aback to see one of my favorite singers,and actors, Randy Travis walking unsteady on a cane from paralysis after he suffered a stroke in 2013. The gentle voiced singer reportedly surgery for CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) and sustained the right-sided paralysis, appearing permanent. Randy’s wife tells news sites that Randy cannot speak or sing.

People do right by yourself and don’t take life for granted!