Great Movie Classics To Remember


Hello peeps. After nearly two months, I’m back! I’m writing this in my bedroom while watching Sandpiper, on TCM or Turner Classic Movies. I’m catching up with one of the greatest love couples in movie making history, besides Hollywood legends, Ruby Dee & hubby Ozzie Davis, of course, comes Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Elizabeth had a ‘thang’ for Richard and he apparently had a ‘thang’ for her. It’s all evident in their on-screen chemistry. Not to mention all of those sparkling jewels Richard gave her over the years.

So, hope y’all had a great holiday break. I felt great, got a few things done, including putting the finishing touches to my motivational book for women. The book is currently at the publishers. If you want to some for ‘real’ tea about the g-mogul go here to pick up my e-story~ I also celebrated another ‘born’ day. I’m in good company with the winter birthdays. Hey Oprah, Martin and daddy! I spent in a little time with those pesky housewives, as well. NENE’s return to RHOA wasn’t anything to shout about, so I didn’t. And how many of you missed Claudia? Ok, then…

Those reality Kardashians aren’t going anywhere soon, apparently, since they are all about the Benjamins and the paparazzi and they know how to turn a story into about a billion dollar bucks. The sister’s Apps became moneymakers, their tweets, Instagram photos and drama switching love interests are all over. Khloe even moved estranged hubby Lamar Odom into her Calabasas neighborhood, wrote a book (ghostwriter perhaps?) and has her own show, ‘Kocktales With Khloe’ and spilled the tea that no one in the family drinks more than momager, Kris (yawn)

Aside: If I talked to my mama the way those daughters talk to Kris, LIKE, Honor thy father and thy mother…

Sad day about Natalie Cole and David Bowie passing~ truly classic!

Okay, back to Turner Movie Classics, y’all know, back when movies were golden and folks could appreciate for real acting from stars who loved their craft. I have to say, it’s taken me years to watch, but I have a recommendation for all y’all movie buffs. If you want to see some great acting, be sure to catch “A Woman Under The Influence”, starring Gena Rowlands and Peter Falk and written and directed by Rowlands husband, John Cassavetes. It’s about a mentally ill wife and mother of three small children, whose husband played by Falk, friends, parents and small children, views her illness in different ways. It was especially touching to see how protective of their mother, the little children were…

Reportedly,Cassavetes had such a limited budget in making the film, he cast Gena Rowland’s real mom to play her mother and cast his mom as Peter Falk’s meddling mother. I loved this film and the cast of suburb actors.

Other great classics:
The VIPS- Starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf? Taylor & Burton

The Sandpiper- Taylor & Burton

If you like classic movies, share in the comments your the tea on some of your favorites of all time:)




New Listening Music For Your Holidays

What’s up December? Just chilling y’all:) No teas today, people. She’s got something much better and quite appropriate for the holidays. I wanted to introduce y’all to some beautiful music sent to my Twitter by Alexander Ernest, who by the way has his own music channel.

Y’all have a listen and give the young man a shout-out. Better yet, somebody sign him to your label. Just sayin’

See all you g-moguls and trend followers in January, 2016!

Have a blasting good “HO~ HO~ HO~ Merry Christmas!”

Wendy Williams …”I’ve Evolved!”

Hello my peeps! It’s been a while but I’m back in April, just like the g-mogul promised. I have an announcement to make at the end of the post, so stay tuned.:) Now, listen up, I wanted to bring you a clip from Friday’s Wendy Williams show, because she told her viewers and audience of co-hosts something that bears repeating. You won’t see it on the after show clip, so I’m going to say it here.

Wendy Williams is fresh off spring hiatus, people and she said these words on Friday, “I have evolved!” Now, y’all know when Wendy Williams tells us something like that, there’s gotta be a reason. The 50-year-old talk show diva was referring to her position on Reality TV watching and how she doesn’t care any longer about the ratchet-ness of Reality TV that involves cast members pulling hair (she said weaves) calling each other b*tches and jumping over conference tables. She went on to name some shows she did like, such as Botched, The Millionaire Matchmaker and Million Dollar Listings.

I agree with the Queen of talk on the state of ratchet reality televisions, but I have to say, I do get my Real Housewives of Atlanta and The Housewives of Beverly Hills on. Just sayin.:)

Now, the Love & Hip Hop franchise, Housewives of Melbourne ( this one reportedly getting the ax) Housewives of New York, The Manzoes, Housewives of New Jersey and Keeping Up With The Kardashians (by the way a spin-off with the Black twins in the lead overseeing the Dash girls are in the works) are all becoming a bore.

Anyhew, it seems most celeb teas these days are cause for the g-mogul yawn. When there’s nothing new and exciting to report to y’all about the lives of the rich, famous and overexposed, I won’t post,period. Any any ole celeb crap just won’t do. And that’s why I’m only going to post once a month at the blog!

Yep, after decades of penning tales, sharing my op-eds and following up on what outrageous thing a celeb did or said, to stay relevant , this g-maven find it all quite uninteresting. I will continue to post monthly celebrity news that I feel is “news” worthy in the future and I hope y’all continue to role with my brand of unique celeb reporting, cause there’s no me without you guys & gals!

Keep it real, my peeps…holla’

Did Kim Kardashian Steal Another Woman’s Style?


Happy Spring! Okay, my peeps, this one is so ridiculous to the g-mogul, but since the blogs and daytime talk are talkng, I decided to get in on what’s trending for y’all. Yep, Wendy, gurl, I caught that. “How You Doin.?” The first photo is one of a blonde, Serbian Singer by the name of Jelena Karleusa. The blonde one below is our gurl, Kim Kardashian. The Instagram beef? Jelena is accusing Kim K of going to her instagram page and copying her style; right down to the woman’s blonde locks!

kim b

Well, y’all know this is not the first time Kim’s been the accused when it comes to fashion. Remember how she reportedly stole Gwyneth Paltrow’s style and even her own sister, Kylie’s style? Well, what’s so surprising here, considering that style stealing is a fad in the Jenner-Kardashian household… momager Kris can attest to having stolen a few styles of her own, doncha know!

Here’s how it went down on Instagram:

Jelena posts photos of herself and Kim K wearing identical outfits on her instagram page. She captions the photos as such: “Will the real sun shady please stand up?” and “Let’s Play a game-FIND ME!”

Needless to say, the Serbian singer caught a lot of flack from Kim fans, which led to her having to defend herself. (SMH) too much! Here are some of the instagram photos making the rounds on social media. The two women do look like clones:


Now, y’all know the g-mogul always have an opinion and here it is: Fashion, like the English language, is universal. You see someone wearing something you like, by all means get it for yourself. But, wear it the way only you can. Chile, make that thing work for you. It’s not so much about copying somebody else’s style, as it is about how you own it. Either you got flair or you don’t… The entertainment industry make Celebs fickle. Everyone is trying to one up everyone else…so taxing to write this post, my peeps and oh, sooo boring:)

Y’all are welcome to share your op-eds with the g-mogul about this nonsense. Do you think Kim intentionally stole Jelena’s style or did she like what she saw and became inspired to do her? I’ll address them when I return from some much-needed R&R. See y’all in April!


Jennifer Lopez In The Wendy Williams “Hot Seat!”

Happy Wednesday, g-moguls! So, it was a toss-up with the teas today. I mean the g-mogul could rehash on President Obama’s State Of The Union Address from last night, but to regurgitate on the obvious disrespect from some members of the Republican Party, who clapped in enthusiasm when he stated that he had no more campaigns to run. Not to be belittled, President Barack retorted, “I know cause I won both of them” and people that line is now trending on Twitter! just sayin’.

Anyho, today’s post is one of informative fun 🙂

So,what can be more fun and entertaining than watching Jennifer Lopez in The Wendy Williams “Hot Seat” today? People, JLo was really enjoying herself as she spilled teas on everything from her exes, to her male co-stars best and worst kisser to the one guy she won’t comment about hooking up with again after their public breakup. Okay, don’t be speculating just watch the video.

Okay, now, share your thoughts on the blog by ans this burning question: Who apparently was JLo's love that got away?


Who Really Stole The Show At The Golden Globes?

thtina fey

Happy New Year, my peeps! I’m back with the first post of the new year 2015. We have a lot of ground to cover. I have so much to say, but today it’s all about the Golden Globes and why the g-mogul have to dish on what made an impression and why she thinks every news commentator and critic out there got it wrong with their predictions on just who dominated the 72nd Golden Globes.

First, a mogul’s brief recap: All eyes were on George Clooney, of course, and new bride, Amal Alamuddin. The hosts of the globes, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler even roasted the couple for several minutes in their monologue. Amal was named one of the best dressed in her black Dior.

They make a cool couple and perhaps the newlyweds to watch, but they definitely didn’t make my day,err night. just sayin’. Then there was Jennifer Lopez who stepped out in a dress that almost had its own Janet Jackson nipple malfunction reportedly the tape holding everything in place pulled a bit and exposed more skin, causing speculation from everyone, including the attention of her co presenter, the newly separated and allegedly headed for divorce, Jeremy Renner, who presented with Jennifer Lopez and referred to her cleavage when he quipped “you are holding the globes too.” Could you see the ‘sexual tension?” Not to worry, it takes a trained eye.


There were plenty of memorable moments like when Gina Rodriguez of Jane The Virgin won her award for best actress in a television series, comedy or series. She cried, while recalling something her mama’s advice. Hooray for the advice of mammas! Okay, moving along. Michael Keaton, my fav Batman ever, won for best actor in a motion picture or comedy and got teary-eyed talking about his best friend his son, Sean…Ahhhhh. Billy Bob Thornton opting not to speak in accepting his golden globe for Fargo was also a great moment that didn’t happen.

The greatest moment of the night, actually happened during the Golden Globes Arrival Show when Common and John Legend sang their award-winning song “Glory” for their musical collaboration on the movie “SELMA.” And the person who stole the Golden Globes you ask?

72nd Annual Golden Gl_Schu(157)

If you guessed the Purple Prince, then you are truly of the tea persuasion:) Prince appearance on the globes was one moment in time when time actually stood still, people. Even the stars were “star-struck.” Prince came to present the golden globe for best song to Common and John Legend. He was the star and he made the 72nd Golden Globes, Glow. I must say, Common’s speech was one memorable moment as well and his emotional attribution to Selma’s awakening his humanity was a Kodak moment for the history books.

It takes a lot for the g-mogul to watch an awards red carpet show. The glitz and glamor doesn’t impress this girl. But, for the sake of the teas, she sacrifice. And Prince just put it over the top and made it worth staying awake for. I mean, Wendy Williams said it best:


“When Prince is in the building everyone falls into a 5-year-old girl!”

Okay, so I’m a Prince fan and if y’all want me to be your fan, just hit me up with everything musical by Prince:)

Always treat yourself special…

K-Michelle’s “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?”

Hello my peeps! Well, I woke up this morning singing “There’s an army ris-ing up. There’s an army ris-ing up. Break every chain..break every chain.” Okay, so y’all know there’s a power in the name of Jesus and that’s all I’m just sayin.’:)

I know it’s strange that I sang this song, considering I’m about to diss the ‘teas’ on former Love & Hip Hop reality star turned songstress to the people, K-Michelle! I know right? Just goes to show we are multidimensional spiritual being, people!

Anyho, so, K-Michelle hit Wendy Williams couch not so long ago to talk about her new album, the men and her life, including the on who got away and took to the Wendy stage to sang the song in dude’s honor. Now Ibris Alba why you wanna go and mess with K- Michelle like that? Just sayin. “Love oh love, why you wanna go away and leave her here to cry or sing about your butt”:)

Okay, it's dope, right? k-Michelle spills the teas leading up to Maybe I should callon her new album, 'Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart' and why she had to move on after 8 months with the handsome actor. Seems Ibris was a new daddy; like brand new.

Allegedly and according to K Michelle, she knew about the pregnancy of said other woman and dated him anyway because 'the sparks just flew' between them when they met at the Soul Train Music Awards.

Well, apparently it wasn't all gravy because K. Michelle tells Wendy that she's nobody side chick. Breakups are painful, but the talented diva is riding high with her own reality TV show called what else but, K-Michelle? and with a great album out and a beautiful couple of songs on there (what I've heard so far) and she's still got game.

One word fellas. Be your best true self dating K-Michelle, because you might see yourself on blast in lyrics of a song take from real life. Y'all know K- Michelle's album is based upon real life experiences, sort of like how Tyler Swift gets her revenge.


And Happy Holidays to each and every one of y'all. The g-mogul is on a holiday break until January 2015!
"Always treat yourself special."