Oprah’s Favorite Things Amazon Gift Guide


Okay, so, I know a lot of y’all love Oprah. I thought I’d do something fun and different on this post for your holiday shopping pleasure by letting y’all know that the queen just released her 140 plus page favorite things Amazon gift guide! Yes, people, this is quite a list of some of Oprah’s favorite things. A word of caution, you won’t be finding any door-stopper or Black Friday deals here. Just saying.

So all of you who work hard for your money and need to feed and clothe your babies? Don’t go there! This is not the time to be trying to keep up with a billionaire:) Here’s the amazon link: https://www.bfads.net/adscan/featured-sale/Amazon-Oprahs-Favorite-Things

Okay, Oprah, now will you buy my book?

I voted early today. Make sure y’all vote November 8th!



Chicago News And Op-eds

Hey y’all! Some interesting news coming out of Chi-town includes:

thwillis color

Willis Tower, once known as the Sears Tower, is up for sale! Yep, Chicago’s once apparent tallest building is being sold reportedly for a whopping 1.5 billion dollars! There’s still no word on who the buyers with the big pockets are, but reports are circulating that the investors are from outside of Chicago.

And if that ain’t a blip, y’all, Oprah Winfrey is closing the doors to her beloved Harpo Studios and leaving more than 200 folks jobless. Since shutting down The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2011, Oprah had been using the building as a production studio. Well,that too has passed and Oprah is relocating to sunny California for all of her company’s production needs. See, people, you can’t trust employers of any caliber. Just sayin’


Anyhow, change is good, but being unemployed sucks!

Chicago Mayor and once bff to the President of the United States, Barack Obama, Rham Emanuel ran into a snag this time around for his re-election. There’s going to be a mayoral runoff against, Hispanic contemporary, Chuy Garcia. Still voters need to consider what Mr. Garcia will bring to the table for the good and too trusting people of such obvious politician rhetoric… if elected…

Enough of the Debbie Downer news, people. Y’all need to go here to listen a radio interview of my colleague and I talk about our latest collaboration on relationships, dating and mating from our new book Essence of Romance; A Relationship Guide for Singles and Couples:


Hate to leave ya, but such is life…


Jennifer Lopez In The Wendy Williams “Hot Seat!”

Happy Wednesday, g-moguls! So, it was a toss-up with the teas today. I mean the g-mogul could rehash on President Obama’s State Of The Union Address from last night, but to regurgitate on the obvious disrespect from some members of the Republican Party, who clapped in enthusiasm when he stated that he had no more campaigns to run. Not to be belittled, President Barack retorted, “I know cause I won both of them” and people that line is now trending on Twitter! just sayin’.

Anyho, today’s post is one of informative fun ūüôā

So,what can be more fun and entertaining than watching Jennifer Lopez in The Wendy Williams “Hot Seat” today? People, JLo was really enjoying herself as she spilled teas on everything from her exes, to her male co-stars best and worst kisser to the one guy she won’t comment about hooking up with again after their public breakup. Okay, don’t be speculating just watch the video.

Okay, now, share your thoughts on the blog by ans this burning question: Who apparently was JLo's love that got away?


Barbara Walters In Fox News Segment

Let me just tell y’all how I feel about the VOTE. Voting is not a priviledge- it’s a right of the people! Many folks died and shed their blood and tears , beaten to death for the right to vote and if anyone of you who doesn’t vote and is capable of voting out there- read my lips- that’s just a shame and a disgrace! I’m going to go all Lindsay Lohan on you people and just say OMG!

So, anyhoo, being the fair minded person that I am:) I¬†want to hear both sides of the story. So, don’t feed me lies and expect my¬†vote. Fox News have this mantra going saying how the main media is protecting Obama and¬†skewing reports about his stance, Libya and other stuff to the American people and then, they go on the attack- scratch that- Fox News is the attack. just sayin’

Last night On The Record with Greta Vansesteren, there was an all out attack against the President, saying he lied about¬†calling the attack in Libya,¬† a Terriorist act. That he lied about the Administration¬†time frame of knowing about these attacks. At one point, Sarah Palin was brought in to add her 1 cent…I mean, Sarah Palin could see Russia from her house¬†doncha know?

But,¬†even though, this was a malicious attck from the Right, it wasn’t the reports embellished and animated that shook¬†this g-mogul up… it was¬†hearing that the young lady who asked about equal pay¬†for women on the debates was now being attacked by Republicans- for asking an innocent question a voter has the right to know and how Fox News is¬†using a clip¬†of Barbara Walters from¬†The View¬†to aid in their strategy for Mitt Romney votes.

This is how it went down at The View roundtable on Tuesday. When talking Politics, everyone¬†goes full blast-especially Elizabeth Hasselbeck as she turns every positive into a negative about Barack Obama. The other¬†women try to remain objective, until Hasselbeck becomes downright “ugly” and so it happened again¬†on Tuesday. ¬†Ms. Hasselbeck was on a roll against the President when Barbara Walters, attempting to take control and calm everyone down, conceded that in the beginning¬†Romney came off as standoffish, misinformed and out of touch-word!

Now, Ms. Walters says the public sees him as, well,¬†“Presidential”. What Ms. Walters and the world knows is this: Romney had a good coach or coaches. He spins those tales like a good storyteller-not great, but, well enough to hoodwink¬†voters into believing there really is a Santa Claus_ okay, people, dang ūüôā Barbara Walters¬†has maintained she doesn’t¬†endorse any candidate¬†for public consumption. However, her apparent defense of Romney on The View looks like she’s endorsing Mitt Romeny and has become leverage for Fox News to use as favorable talking points for Mitt Romney! Talk is cheap…Fox News does a lot of talking with very little substance to back that talk up.

When the President of the United States is referred to as a “retard” by Ann Coulter and outright¬†lied on by the Governor of Virginia ( corrected by¬†Andersen Cooper) saying how the President owe the Navy an apology for the “Bayonets” comment when Obama’s statement was in direct support of the Navy’s Military. My conclusion from watching Fox News? Stay away…Stay very far¬†from Fox News! just sayin’


Scandalizing 2012 Debates!

There’s just so much stuff to talk about tonight with this post. For example, Honey Boo Boo goes to Hollywood.¬†Bristol Palin and partner Mark Ballas getting kicked off Dancing With The Stars…psst, after four weeks…doncha think it’s time? We could dish a bit about that nude¬†shower scene between Sandra Bullock and Chelsea Handler debuting on her new ‘E” show ( Sandra wore pasties & a thong) Chelsea presumed to be in the buff… anyho; we could also touch upon Jennifer Aniston (Handler’s BFF)¬†becoming somewhat teary eyed at FINALLY¬†getting a man to pop the question- just saying, people!

There’s the surfacing of a 6 year old sex tape of none other than Hulk Hogan, reportedly while still married to ex-wife, Linda Hogan, who states she watched the tape-hmmm.¬† We could talk¬†about Rosie O’Donnell¬†begging to become 7 year old Honey Boo Boo’s new best friend and that Honey Boo Boo endorses Barack Obama for President! Kate (Plus Eight) Gosselin getting fired from Coupon Cabin .com because she apparently¬†wasn’t believable when selling to customers… Maybe I should apply for the gig- just sayin’-seriously!

¬†We could dish¬†about¬† the latest reports¬†cicrulating about¬†Joe Giudice’s alleged affair with a younger woman¬†or that Joe Gorga was once a Chippendale dancer!¬†

Okay, y’all,¬†how about this? The 2nd Presidential Debate between¬†a very cool¬†and assertive¬†Barack Obama¬† & a very “sketchy” and aggressive Mitt Romney:) Okay, see what happens when we don’t play fair? We get upset and want to plummet somebody. The point is, this is also a site that explores all things political and so the debates on Tuesday night were a¬†highly charged political hot bed of “who said”…”who did”… and “what you talkin about Willis?”¬† Both candidates were acting all “manish” ūüôā

As a woman and voter and might I add, former nurse, I just don’t get why women think they’re in good hands with a¬†candidate¬†pretending to care when, obviously, you can’t fake¬†authenticity… It just¬†cannot be duplicated or copied… The numbers doesn’t add up! Many¬†babyboomers with pre-existing medical¬†conditions will not be getting the healthcare they need with a capped voucher payment system.¬†Even though this debate will go down as the most exciting and disrespectful¬†presidential debate in History-this g-mogul¬†wanna know one thing:

Joe Biden, where are you?

Now, where the heck am I in that binder of qualified women?


Rod Blagojevich: “One Man Train Wreck”

Harsh words¬†coming from¬†Illinois Comptroller, Judy Barr Topinka¬†in a series of news interviews after America learned the fate of former Governor of Illinois,¬†the¬†effervescent, Rod Blagojevich. Unfortunately, for Rod and his wife (girls, sic) the impeached and prosecuted governor won’t be shining his light for too much longer. It’s been three years since Rod’s impeachment from his office as Governor of Illinois under allegations of fraud for attempting to sell the senate seat left vacant by our¬†president, and former Chicagoin, Barack Obama.

There were trials, tapes, slanders, finger pointing, and grandstand speeches from political arenas all over Chicago these three years as¬†Blagojevich held steadfast to his innocence¬†and the Feds closed in on¬†uncovering the guilt of another political figure in Chicago Politics. Now that the world knows Rod Blagojevich sentencing of 14 years for corruption, Rod could only declare “We’re going to fight this adversity.”¬†¬†The present Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, who is not¬†without his own closet of secrets we can¬†presume, came out saying how the sentence was stiff, but, necessary. He goes on to¬† say when someone in public office commits a crime, a stiff sentence is deserving- hmmm, two Illinois Governors bites the dust so far… just saying’

Come on, don’t y’all be playing like you’re brand new. Chicago’s got a REP! Remember the gangster Al Capone? It’s all relative in Chicago Politics.¬†For the pot to call the kettle black in Chicago is really hilarious- a crooked line pretending to walk it straight?- hello!¬†Now, there’s utterings of making Government more transparent in Chicago via numerous measures. It’s a question of ethics people. Who is¬†on the real and who’s just talking the talk to keep the cash afloat?

Anyhoo, to get a clearer insight into Chicago Politics,¬†a review of¬†BACKSTABBERS, a recent book ¬†by¬†Senator Rickey Henden can be read¬†here http://clara54.wordpress.com under book reviews… Your g-mogul always on the real!¬†


Around-The Way Gossip & A President’s Birthday Bash!

Happy August 1st peeps! This is a bit of round-the way news today cause I’m getting it from all venues. Over at Lyndsey Parker’s Reality Rocks I read that our grul, Fantasia Berrino/former American Idol winner announced her pregnancy to folks in Florida who turned for a benefit show. Now, of course, people are wondering who the daddy is. The video proclaiming Antwaun as the father over at Binside TV was removed…no biggie, we’ll know soon enough.

Lady Gaga appeared on The View today wearing polka do dress, hat and sunglasses. She blasted the media for lack of respect Amy Winehouse received when she was alive. Gaga¬†doesn’t feel the late Winehouse had to learn any lessons, but the lesson for the world is to be kinder to the superstar…

Rosie O’ Donnell wants Russell Brand to be her guest on her new talk show in Chicago this fall on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) She doesn’t care to have Casey Anthony, stating she’s not into politics. Rosie promises her viewing audiences a mature, elevated, happier person.

Paul McCartney at Chicago’s Wrigley Field this week. Also,President Obama will be in Chicago on tuesday to celebrate his 50th birthday. Jennifer Hudson will be¬†among the performers. The president will also be attending a campaign fundraising.

Did You Know?

Ashton Krutcher is 33 and wife Demi Moore is 48 years old.

Katie Holmes turned down the role of Buffy The Vampire Slayer before the role went to Sarah Michele Geller.

Casey Anthony has been ordered to resurface in order to serve 1 year of supervised probation on a checkbook charge?

Jennifer Lopez talks about her marriage mistake in Vanity Fair Magazine.

And that’s news from around-the way people:)