Trending Celeb Updates for October


Happy October G-moguls! Thank y’all for not bailing on the tea blog, now that I’m posting monthly. Did I forget to mention how Y’all Rock!  A big shout out to Celeb Dirty Laundry @celebdirtylaund for the recent Twitter follow! People I don’t be making this stuff up:)

Anyhew, here are your celeb teas for October that includes a brief run through of my opinionated thoughts about what’s really going on in the world of celebville.

A big ole “sorry” going out to Wendy Williams for criticizing the way she hocks her clothing line everyday on the show. It does get a bit old, boring and tired, but listen every show is advertising products, either to line their own pockets or line the pockets of the networks they work for, so the g mogul can’t be a hypocrite by hating on Wendy’s hustle.

I do have a bone that needs picking, though, Wendy. Why did you/r executives have Jason and another producer take the fall because you didn’t know your black people history? I mean, every person (black, white, brown, red) should know something about the NAACP! The firing wasn’t a good look , Wendy. Just sayin.’

I was a bit shook up to hear about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce. I cannot rejoice over the breakup of anybody’s marriage, especially when kids are involved. My thing is, why are people smacking their lips with glee over this? I’m not team Jennifer Aniston or any exes that came before. That’s somebody’s personal thang, happening between two people and the rest of the world needs to butt out.

It blew my mind to read that Kevin Hart was the highest ranking comedian to top Forbes Magazine’s list of rich celebrities. Seems Kevin drew in over $87 million dollars between June 2015 and June 2016, landing him sixth place on the Celebrity 100, FORBES’ annual list of richest celebs.The newly married Hart even beat out the top ranking comedian, Jerry Seinfeld and dude is still going strong. Now, a little birdie told me, actually Eddie Murphy said he was curiously considering returning to the standup stage. Well, Eddie does have like 9 or 10 kids and he is still funny as heck, so why not?

I was bummed to learn that Nicole Beharie wasn’t returning to Sleepy Hollow and that Tom Mison was getting a new female and possibly romantic lead. My next thought was what about Lyndie Greenwood aka Jenny Mills? We can say goodbye to Caitlyn Jenner’s I AM CAIT, which got low ratings. But, those darn Kardashians keep on trucking.

Where’s Tamar Braxton sans The Real? And how many of y’all rooting for Rob&Chyna? Keep it on the real, though! I wish success and happiness to everrrbody.Just sayin 🙂

I want y’all to mark your calendars for my new book, Unleash Your Pearls Empowering Women’s Voices due out soon. Traditional publishers take about a year to produce a product and I’m waiting for my book release- all entrepreneurs know, “if you don’t have a product you can’t make a profit”and I’m in need of my frigging product:)

Anyhew, y’all can hit up the book’s email address for more news and to claim your autographed copy  from the g-mogul @


Okay, see what I just did? I’m advertising my book’s distribution just like the celebs and talk show hosts and their guests making public appearances to sell their latest products. Capitalism feeds the world!






Entertainment Weekly’s Summer Movie Roundup

th new movies

Yes, it’s summer come June and with summer also comes vacations in the sun, family time fun and blockbuster movie diversions.I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve lined up a few of the go-to movies that I’m hoping to see this summer or at least on a family night with a DVD near me:)

Here’s the Movie scoop from Entertainment Weekly I sort of borrowed for y’all to get a jump on. I didn’t see Godzilla on the list, but I included it for the fear factor effect:


Some folk are calling X-Men Days Of Future Past, “THE” blockbuster movie of the summer.Halle Berry will be returning to the movie and we get to see her after giving birth to her second child.The movie opens May 23rd.


Angelina Jolie is an evil witch from the Sleeping Beauty fables in “Maleficent.” Her young daughter, Vivian makes a cameo appearance. Catch the opening May 30th. Something to scare the lil kiddies, yea baby! What?!

th tearjerk

‘The Fault In Our Stars” is tagged to be the tear-jerker of the summer where two teens with cancer become soul mates after finding each other and falling in love I’m a sucker for a heart wrenching love story. “Bring me the tissues got dang it”! The movie opens June 6th

th senior prom

After a tear-jerker, there’s got to be a comedy to help get us over the heartbreak. Anyhew, these men aren’t in high school anymore, they’re headed to college and are nowhere near a young Johnny Depp or Holly Robinson Pete in the original 21 Jumpstreet. 22 Jumpstreet is the sequel to the original and stars Channing Tatum, Ice Cube and Jonah Hill.
A bit of trivia? Did you know Holly Robinson Pete who was 22 at the time and a very 17-year-old Jason Priestly of 90210 fame dated after he guest starred on 21 Jumpstreet? Jason is telling all in his new memoir, “Jason Priestly_A Memoir.” Now y’all curious right?! 🙂 22 Jumpstreet opens June 13th

160846 think like a man 2

Yes, for all y’all die-hard fans, Wendy Williams does come back as Kevin Hart’s wife. And it’s opening in theaters June 20th. They’re taking it all the way live to Vegas to celebrate an upcoming wedding, baby!

The movie I know I’m going to watch?

Say good-bye Godzilla.



Top Fashion Guns Blast Golden Globes

Sarah Michelle Gellar at San Diego Comic-Con 2...

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Morning Friday! It seems every year celebrities try to out do each other when it comes to what they’re wearing at Award Shows. This year’s Golden Globes weren’t any different, doncha know? There were the dazzling jewels, famed designers and sweeps of the best of ” hair”  to wear on the Red Carpet, it was a glitz & glamour Hollywood royalty crapshoot. To help wade through the colorful dresses paraded on the Red Carpet, Wendy Williams and The View invited these fellas to give their fashion hit & miss:

Wendy Williams asked fashion mogul, Marc Bouwar the :

Best Dress- A no- brainer according to Marc, was The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo- Rooney Mara

Best Hair- Nicole Ritchie

Best Makeup-Angelina Jolie- red lips

Worst pick on the Red Carpet per Marc Bauwar? Sarah Michelle Gellar’s dress picked by her 2 year old daughter (nough said)

The View invited Tim Gunn’s expert fashion analysis:

Liked the look by Reese Witherspoon in a red dress. Thought the girl with the dragoon tattoo, Rooney Mara, was “very severe “.

Clarified his favorite dress of the night by stating it was actually the person in the dress; Helen Merrian because he loved women with experience & having been around the world. Gunn abhord clothes that doesn’t fit and advises women to look for these 3 important factors when buying clothes:

1. Silhouette


3. Fit…


Emerald City Fashionistas Dominated The Golden Globes

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library in San ...

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Angelina Jolie sparkled at the 68TH Annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night, but, so did  Catherine Zeta Jones and a few other celebrities adorned in emeralds-dresses that is!

The fashions far outshined the great shoes and hairdo’s of Hollywood’s glamor and glitz last night. Only one “swan do” stood out and that belonged to pixie styled Jennifer Love Hewitt. She wore her hair in the swan persona quite well. Natalie Portman, the Black Swan best actress winner, seemed more intent upon exposing her true love to the Hollywood elite moreso than to her big win-pregnant women get all mushy when nearing their due date. But, that’s just me.

Anyhoo, the glamour of the Red Carpet wasn’t all it was cracked up to be once insider viewers got a taste of the show’s host, telling those ill fated  star humor jokes that sorta fell flat. The british accent scored big, so I guess a second stint hosting the Globes wasn’t so bad for Ricky Gervais the comedian, turned actor, turned a lot of stars off, after all:)

Robert Downey Jr. gets my man vote of the year at the Globes. He delivered his speech to the women up for best supporting actress in a comedy just perfecto…His sexy monologue had all of the contenders blushing & perhaps a few of their male c0-stars… Come back Robert next year, won’t ya ole boy?

Two oldsters, but goodfellas back in the days of the mob families era in movie & television trilogy, Robert De Niro & Al Pacino graced the stage with their presence. Okay audience & viewers at home, were you thinking what I was thinking? Sylvester Stallone is still Rocky, though!

But, those green and gorgeous dresses! ” Nothing compares, nothing compares to you.” Keep it here for the “Ts” like you’ve never read em before!!

Question? Did Ryan Seaquest become so annoying, probing into Michael Douglas’s personal cancer battle?

“Hate cannot drive out hate,only love can do that.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.