Tamar And Vince On The Wendy Williams Show

Hello my peeps! I know today is Tuesday and not Monday, my monthly posting day and I’m not trying to be shady, people, but this springing back and forth thing has rattled my patience and upset my daily routine a bit! I have been so busy trying to avoid the busyness, that I’m falling behind on my obligations. You dig? Anyho, it’s hard to keep a  good woman down when she’s got game, kinda like Tamar Braxton who was fired from The Real a year ago, had life threatening medical issues and rumored to have had an affair on Vincent, who in turn, was alleged to have a ‘love child’ on her… Tamar, who is turning 40 years old this week, seems to have come into owning her ish.

Bravo to you Tamar! I’m going to check out your rumored new talk show, although there hasn’t been much talk about it from the Steve Harvey camp or from Tamar.  But, Braxton Family Values is entering its 6th season and from recent clips, the premiere looks to be very juicy stuff.

I didn’t post Monday because I wanted to wait for Tamar & Vince’s guest appearance on Wendy Williams in hopes of  a cup of flavored tea to indulge your taste buds with today. The interview wasn’t overly revealing, but Vince disclosed he’d lost 90 plus pounds and that he didn’t know he was so big… now, really Vince? I found that kind of hard to believe, but we own what we want to own about ourselves, people.

I had to go and get new spectacles ( that would be eyeglasses to the Millennia) and I can see better now and I see Reality TV becoming more crass, invasive and over dramatized and frankly I’m becoming bored with it all. Maybe I’ll concentrate on penning a celeb book on the glitz and glamor and the lack of nonrecognition for actors and actresses of color that was old Hollywood. You know something substantial and accurate:)

Here’s a clip of Tamar & Vince on Wendy Williams:


Big Name Celebrities Gearing Up To Bid For The NBA Clippers

Celebrity Power moguls move fast in this world people and we can all take a lesson from how they do it in a realm where billionaires and opportunity meet. Just one day after NBA Clippers owner, 80-year-old Donald Sterling was banned for life from ever having anything to do with NBA games-EVER in any capacity, including sitting at court-side of any game or interacting with any players of the game, because of his racist tirade against blacks.

Donald Sterling’s Clippers are Black players and for him to deny any blacks folks in his circle, his girlfriend from associating with any blacks or bringing them to his games, is his racist truth rearing up to bite him in the a$$! The bottom line is the old man won’t miss much about the stiff penalty brought against him by NBA Commissioner,Adam Silver, although it is a swift and just punishment; the man is a billionaire and will only cough at the 2.5 million dollar fine.

As for being forced to sell the Clippers team he bought for 12 million dollars in 1981 and now, according to reports is worth well over a billion dollars? No loss there.The thing that’s going to bother this old turd is not the sale of his team, it’s going to be his being banned for life from the game of Basketball!

Now, who is going to purchase the Clippers from the fallen owner? Here are some of the celebrity big wigs who are considering throwing their hats into the ring.Keep in mind, this is only the first day. We are only just starting to hear of the mighty Celebrity buying prowess:

th oprah

According to an ESPN report, Lady “O” is already considering joining forces with two power players to buy the Clipper Donald Geffen and Larry Ellison.


Whoopi stated on The View today that she’d like to see a woman purchase the team and she is game for hooking up with a gazillionaire to do just that. Maybe Whoopi will be talking to Oprah.


Floyd Mayweather is talking. The talk is, the boxing champ is very interested in purchasing The Clippers!

th de hoya

And Oscar De La Hoya- if only to make his people proud; You go brother Oscar!
Y’all know we haven’t heard the last of the celebs who are probably right now talking to their people: their accountants to their money-makers, financial advisers and such to make this happen!

Donald Trump, Will Smith and Mark Cuban can’t be far behind. just sayin’

holla your picks for the celebrity big timer y’all think might buy the Clippers.

Celebrities Who Got “The Big Head”

image Big Head

Regular folks are not the only ones who when they get a little successful or gain a little bit of notoriety start acting some sort of way, like they’re God’s gift to M.C.Hammer’s “can’t touch this” mode of insanity.And I know a few folks who be thinking’ like that, but, no worries this post is not about YOU 🙂 It’s about celebrities who have gone and gotten the “big head” and have almost lost something of value in the process-their friggin minds. Okay, I meant to say they’ve lost their humility-just sayin’

So, when do celebrities come down to earth and realize that they’re just very blessed folks who have been given the opportunity to share their gifts with the world at large and get filthy rich doing it? When will these flesh and blood folks realize that without their fame, fortune and assets, they’ll be regular folks calling themselves human beings? anyhow, enough of the spiritual meanderings on this g-mogul’s blog where the teas are the thing and the post is about celebrities getting the “Big Head.” Y’all like the caricature? It’s a free image and it’s representing’

So, the big head thang came about from a former post I had written on one of my other blogs (yes, I got several) where I’m telling regular folks to “Don’t go getting the big head” cause y’all still just people and so here are the celebs who might need that same wake up call from the g-mogul blog just keep putting it down and keeping it all the way real-for real!

th justin bieber

Justin Bieber, you were a kid who got discovered on YouTube. Now, you think you’re all of that with your teeny-weeny little self, walking around with your home boys, drinking and drugging and having unprotected sex (allegedly) 🙂 anyho, you’ve been pulling wild pranks and fighting and getting into plenty of trouble while your friends get busted and sent to jail for some of these escapades, you, Justin take to twitter and call yourself ‘ just a “kid.” Hmm, Justin, methinks you are acting like a privileged little white boy and that you are spoiled and think you’re above the law-because you feel entitled. What?! Calling it like I see it, people.

You want to call yourself an adult when it suits you and a kid when you get in trouble? Grow up and take responsibility and stop acting like you don’t know right from wrong because you do.


NeNe Leakes you should hide your head in the sand for the outrageous and embarrassing way you been acting since you got invited to Hollywood to make your fame and fortunes awe, but, NeNe you starting to find out that celebrity is fleeting and that your fifteen minutes of fame where Donald Trump made you a “very rich b*tch” isn’t really flying since losing your short-lived sitcom, staring on Glee and purchasing that big ole mansion in the California Hillside. Now, you’re making sure your time on The Real Housewives of Atlanta isn’t cut short because that’s become your basic bread & butter that will keep you/r people shopping for bigger and better, you got to go and act ugly on the show, dress inappropriately at your pillow party and show your true colors as an instigator-your ‘show you the money’ attitude stinks and you’re getting the “big head’ but, you need to get right with God and stop playing the money, do and say anything fool.

th robin thicke

So, Robin Thicke, you’ve always been rich coming from your daddy’s Alan Thicke and his sitcom bankroll. You always been privileged so that’s nothing new, but, your work as a singer has never been so recognized as when you got the ‘Blurred Lines” thing going with your musical collaborator, and then the talk radio shows where you let all of your private business hang out about your wife and your sex-a-spades and then you go on stage and do that awful Twerking routine with a youngster, Miley Cyrus, where you were being viewed as some sort of pervert with those tight stripe pants, sexual lyrics and if that’s not enough, you get caught in the reflection of a mirrored photo with your hands up some young girls skirt and you really embarrassed your fans and humiliated your wife who is well-known in her own right as a celebrity-actress and you are now singing the blues because it’s reported that you and your wife have separated after being together since your teens. Man, those blurred lines can cause the best of them to get the ‘big head’ and lose their most precious possession in the aftermath.

th kenya gone with wind

Kenya Moore, why you’re even on this list, I have no idea. You’re a former Miss USA who will always remain a former somebody who got the “big head” for no reason that this g-mogul can see and hopefully, you’re find that your talent-less self-will pick yourself up and find a real and meaningful career that will have you giving back to a great cause or something, because, clearly, you haven’t found your calling and being “Gone With The Wind Fabulous sure ain’t it:)

Okay, these are a few celebs whose big headed ways have gotten the best of them and there are plenty more on this g-mogul’s list. Maybe we’ll call these Wednesday posts “Celebs Gettin The Big Head Wednesdays”…


The big heads of the Kardashians, The Braxtons and The Basketball Wives franchise I’m coming for ya!

A Roundup of 2013 Celebrity “Teas”


So y’all know we’re in the spirit for making joyful Holiday memories with loved ones and such, so the g-mogul won’t be dishing the teas after today’s post. See y’all in 2014!
Anyhew, a few interesting teas caused me to place fingers to the keyboard to feed your curiosity and make it do what it do. Okay, enough self promo 🙂

The matriarch of the Jacksons, Ms. Katherine Jackson, is appealing to MJs fans to fund a documentary she is producing in honor of her genius son and the King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson in a tribute of the 5th anniversary of his death.

Ms. Jackson at 80 something want the world to remember her son ( as if we’ll EVER forget) with a look back into his life via clips and interviews from his three children, called “Remembering Michael.” I think what this 80 something woman is doing in her son’s memory is honorable and so I give her efforts a thumbs up! Joe Jackson Sr, on the other hand, deserves a scathing thumbs down for wanting to exploit young Blanket as the next Michael:( Shame, Shame, Shame on you Joe Jackson! just sayin’

So Kristie Alley was really out there on a past appearance on Howard Stern show. When he asked her how she felt about Leah Remini bashing The Church of Scientology. Kristie basically called her once good friend, a liar and a repulsive ‘bigot’ and stated she’d deleted her twitter follow. Hmm, my thoughts and y’all know I got ’em:) If Leah is a ‘bigot’ for disagreeing with the policies of Scientology and Michael Richards is a ‘racist’ for inferring the “N’ word to black people in his standup and then becomes Kristie’s good friend and co-star in her new sitcom??? What pray tell does that make you by association, Ms. Alley? I mean really? This g-mogul smell a hypocritical rat.

Is President Obama a flirt? That seems to be the general consensus as he was snapped at the Memorial Services of the fallen South African Leader, Nelson Mandela, grinning and skinnin’ and taking ‘Selfies’ with a woman Prime Minister. There were also photos where Michelle wasn’t looking too pleased and finally the one where Mrs. Obama took initiative and sat between the flirts- way to go, Mrs. President! Anyho, the man, in my opinion, is a ‘flirt.’ Now, whether he’s a “Cheat” is a horse of a different color. I see nothing wrong with flirting, as long as ya don’t get caught, Mr. President. What!?!

Whoopi Goldberg finally brought the Moms Mabley story to HBO in November. She gave us insights into the life of the first African- American female comic with the unsavory dirty mouth- sometimes toothless mouth who turned the world upside down with her wit and demeanor. Whoopi talked about the project and other stuff with Wendy Williams. You can read more here: http://voices.yahoo.com/wendy-williams-guest-whoopi-goldberg-12426589.html Make sure to visit and nominate the article as content of the year! Yep, it’s time to pay the piper:) Hope y’all enjoy a grand Holiday, with loads of love & laughter, good cheer and goodwill toward men, women and children!


Lamar Odom: “He Wasn’t There To Raise Me”

lamar & dad

Even though Social Media is the best thing since hostess Twinkies and I know like me, most of you truly love those little cakes making a comeback in our lives! But, sometimes what we truly love so much can come back to bite us in the butt. Think about how many people have turned to social media to show the world their ‘raunchy’ side, invade another person’s privacy or rant about something or someone whose words caught them at a particular painful and troublesome time in their lives. It’s when we’re most vulnerable that we spill truths that should best be left under cover.
Everyone knows about Lamar Odom’s alleged drug addiction. G-moguls from every corner of the globe have penned their latest salacious bite on the goings on over at the Kardashian’s household where we’re made privy- in part because of the camera hogs these women are- let’s keep it real, people.

On Tuesday, Lamar Odom took to his twitter page to debunke Joe’s obvious concern for his son’s present state (cocaine & crack addictions) in an interview Joe Odom gave to RadarOnline.com. In the interview Joe blames the Kardashian’s for his son’s drug abuse. He accuses Kris Jenner of being a ” cruel” and “evil b*tch” who only cares about the Kardashian brand and image. He thinks that Lamar marrying Khloe was the worst thing his son had ever done and that all of the women are controlling and put up an act for the cameras.

We don’t know why Lamar’s dad would give an interview of this magnitude. It could have been when he reportedly heard Kim Kardashian say they don’t have crackheads in their family ( Joe is a recurring heroin addict) Mr. Odom should not have given this interview as it truly have caused even more distance with his son:


Lamar Odom tweets to EVERYONE! (condensed)
“How can a man who has not once called to check on my wellbeing have the nerve to talk so recklessly about his son.” “He was absent ALL of my life due to his own demons. My mother and grandmother raised me. Queens raised me.”

Lamar Odom’s mom died when he was just 12 years old. The NBA player ( free agent now) went on to defend his relationship with the Kardashians, stressing their love for him. He referenced the ‘troubled’ time he’s going through and blames his father. As Lamar seems to support his wife and her family. The question remains, in light of Khole Kardashian latest move- changed her instagram on Tuesday from “Khole Kardashian Odom” to “Khloe.”

Lamar Odom who got you; truly?


Mayte Garcia of Hollywood Exes

thmayte g

Happy Monday, peeps! Wanna know what the beauty of being a woman is? We get to change our minds, just because:) Anyhew, I left off the last post telling y’all I wanted to concentrate the tea on one celeb at a time, well, scratch that. The reason for this short lived change of heart? Today’s focus, Mayte Garcia, ex wife of the artist, formerly known as PRINCE and one of the reality stars of Hollywood Exes.

In a word, the woman is getting on my bad g-mogul side and she’s boring and irritating in her new-found confidence of superiority that’s exhibited on the show. Mayte seems to be feeling her oats, by trying to throw her weight around, thinking she can force the other women to follow her demands and not wear or purchase fur in her presence.

Yep, the fur thing. How dare you Mayte? And who are you, really? Of course, the viewers were rooting for you when you got to bring the precious little one home. We were there for you when you finally packed away the purple ones’ plates. Okay, so it’s not like he was ever coming back! Just sayin.

The second season is showing a different side of the former dancer or maybe she’s always been a little sh*t. Word to the wise, Ms. Garcia- this is a country built on democracy- freedoms of speech and the right to choose.  Don’t get it twisted and think you way is the only way.

For the record, I’ve never cotton to wearing fur, even if I could afford to:) fur is just not my thing. If you’re loving on your fur. More power to you. I’ll talk about your furry a$$s later.


P.S. Andrea, you change alliances like a chameleon changes color. What’s up with that!?!

P.P.S. Shamicka, was Martin Lawrence scared of you?!

Celebs On Radar- Lamar Odum


Since coming back from hiatus, the focus on one celebrity at a time seems to work in keeping the clutter of Hollywood teas to a minimum. So much is happening in their world and for many of us giving the teas- it becomes dang tiring! From now on, unless an earthquake upsets George Clooney’s world (my celeb crush) What?!- this g-mogul is going to focus on just celeb with a bit of real talk on the side…

So, Lamar Odom is a free agent in that he hasn’t been signed to any NBA team and perhaps won’t be playing the game anytime soon if we’re to believe the reports coming out of LA. Lamar is battling a force of a different kind- drugs and alcohol, people. RadarOnline.com is reporting that Lamar Odom wan’t picked up by his Lakers team for another season and that he’s reportedly seeking treatment by checking into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

But, if those reports are true, how come the lanky basketball-er was seen just the other night coming out of his hotel room and headed to local shops for eats. He was photographed, leaving a store with a partially peeled banana in his hands. Then, it’s also alleged that Lamar was given an intervention by his wife Khloe (Kardashian) and friends after his DUI arrest and subsequent release on last Friday.

Khloe allegedly banned her husband from their home until he seeks treatment for his drug use- which has apparently been going on since 2001. Then, g-moguls hear teas of a different sort; that a defiant Lamar Odom threatens to be let back in to the couple’s home or else- divorce Lamar? For a while, Lamar was seen at the couple’s residence- a very hot second.doncha know. If a divorce occurs, Khloe Kardashian is worth around 28 million opposed to Lamar Odom’s 50+ million. Knowing mama Kris Jenner, you can bet, Lamar will be sharing some of those millions:)

Now that Kris Jenner’s new talk show KRIS has won’t be picked up due to low viewer interest, perhaps she can use all of that extra engery to help her daughter get through a difficult time in her life and offer support to a son-in-law who has been and reportedly, continues to be going down a very slippery slope- one that some people never recover.


I would wish this couple well and advise them to get the professional help they need and for Khloe to stay out of the glare of Reality TV (a stretch ) and get back on track. just sayin’


Next post? Mayte Garcia