Trending Celeb Updates for October


Happy October G-moguls! Thank y’all for not bailing on the tea blog, now that I’m posting monthly. Did I forget to mention how Y’all Rock!  A big shout out to Celeb Dirty Laundry @celebdirtylaund for the recent Twitter follow! People I don’t be making this stuff up:)

Anyhew, here are your celeb teas for October that includes a brief run through of my opinionated thoughts about what’s really going on in the world of celebville.

A big ole “sorry” going out to Wendy Williams for criticizing the way she hocks her clothing line everyday on the show. It does get a bit old, boring and tired, but listen every show is advertising products, either to line their own pockets or line the pockets of the networks they work for, so the g mogul can’t be a hypocrite by hating on Wendy’s hustle.

I do have a bone that needs picking, though, Wendy. Why did you/r executives have Jason and another producer take the fall because you didn’t know your black people history? I mean, every person (black, white, brown, red) should know something about the NAACP! The firing wasn’t a good look , Wendy. Just sayin.’

I was a bit shook up to hear about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce. I cannot rejoice over the breakup of anybody’s marriage, especially when kids are involved. My thing is, why are people smacking their lips with glee over this? I’m not team Jennifer Aniston or any exes that came before. That’s somebody’s personal thang, happening between two people and the rest of the world needs to butt out.

It blew my mind to read that Kevin Hart was the highest ranking comedian to top Forbes Magazine’s list of rich celebrities. Seems Kevin drew in over $87 million dollars between June 2015 and June 2016, landing him sixth place on the Celebrity 100, FORBES’ annual list of richest celebs.The newly married Hart even beat out the top ranking comedian, Jerry Seinfeld and dude is still going strong. Now, a little birdie told me, actually Eddie Murphy said he was curiously considering returning to the standup stage. Well, Eddie does have like 9 or 10 kids and he is still funny as heck, so why not?

I was bummed to learn that Nicole Beharie wasn’t returning to Sleepy Hollow and that Tom Mison was getting a new female and possibly romantic lead. My next thought was what about Lyndie Greenwood aka Jenny Mills? We can say goodbye to Caitlyn Jenner’s I AM CAIT, which got low ratings. But, those darn Kardashians keep on trucking.

Where’s Tamar Braxton sans The Real? And how many of y’all rooting for Rob&Chyna? Keep it on the real, though! I wish success and happiness to everrrbody.Just sayin 🙂

I want y’all to mark your calendars for my new book, Unleash Your Pearls Empowering Women’s Voices due out soon. Traditional publishers take about a year to produce a product and I’m waiting for my book release- all entrepreneurs know, “if you don’t have a product you can’t make a profit”and I’m in need of my frigging product:)

Anyhew, y’all can hit up the book’s email address for more news and to claim your autographed copy  from the g-mogul @


Okay, see what I just did? I’m advertising my book’s distribution just like the celebs and talk show hosts and their guests making public appearances to sell their latest products. Capitalism feeds the world!






Real Housewives Of Atlanta Porsha Stewart Gets Twitter Love After Husband Divorce Announcement!

thfull porsha

Okay, so it’s Earth Day! and I don’t feel like talking at y’all, but, because I know you want to be all up in the grill of celebrities and what not, I’m bringing you peeps, the teas on this child, Porsha Stewart. You know people like a comeback story and folks want to see this young woman bounce back from all of the last season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta’s alumni women and “gone with the wind, fabulous” new cast-member Kenya, throwing shade toward Porsha.

Porsha seemed to be catching ‘ratchet’ behaviorism from Nene on down to Cynthia. The women were beasts, calling Porsha’s soon to be ex, Kordell Stewart, controlling and manipulative, okay, I said that:) and really, he was actually a low down dirty dog for treating his wife the way he did and for filing for divorce just 5 days after the RHOA reunion-part 3 was taped. just sayin’

Anyhew, according to Porsha’s summation on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, she didn’t know anything about Kordell’s plan to divorce her, until her sister called her while she was still in bed, to ask if she’d heard the news, whereupon, Porsha said she went on twitter to read it for herself and got out of bed to confront Kordell who was in an adjoining room! Dude was still in their house after announcing his divorce from his young wife- low down & dirty, people! So, apparently, he said, “yes” it’s true and they’re both living in the house, but, Porsha want to make sure her twitter fans do not get it twisted.

There’s no speaking, cooking of eggs and bacon or ham hocks “no mo!” Thanks for clearing that up, Porsha, gurl, you ain’t no fool. And so what if you don’t have a prenuptial agreement? You take Andy Cohen’s advice and stay in the house, gurl… or, you can file for alimony, and take Wendy Williams advice, get the Range Rover, don’t ask for the house- on account of it’s too big and electricity will cost you. Wendy thinks you should move into a 1 bedroom apartment with a doorman. Whatever you decide to do, young lady, know that your fans & twitter followers have got your back, cause you’re getting much Twitter love!


Sorry to hear how you were blindsided by kordell’s unmanly actions,Porsha. Uncanny how you said it all with a tweet before learning about the cowardly actions of the man you were willing to sacrifice your world for. You told Andy and Vivica A. Fox and viewers over on Watch What Happens Live, that youd woke up and tweeted,”It’s the first day of the rest of your life” before falling asleep again…Karma

Vivica A. Fox shut one viewer down with a smack-down when she was asked about (rapper) and former flame 50 Cents. She goes “Do we have to bring him up? That’s old news”!

Get it? “Old”


A Kardashian Halloween “Boo-Hoo”

Aren’t you just sick of it all? I mean, come on already! First the two of ’em get married after dating for only 5 months. Have cameras record their lavish nuptials for the world to see and get paid millions of dollars in the process. Now, Kim is filing for divorce on Halloween- can’t the kiddies have their candy day without getting upstaged by these Kardashians ?  just sayin’…

Even g-moguls get tired of the trending Kardashian saga. Too overexposed and yet, we still find ourselves giving in to the hype that created the hoopla surrounding this clan. Apparently, the media is speculating on clues leading up to Kim filing papers to end her marriage to Kris Humphries after only 2 months. If y’all didn’t get my memo as I sleuthed my own theory, well, it went something like this: Kim doesn’t like dogs sleeping in her bed and Kris does. He loves his dogs.

Also Kim made quite a ruckus about Kris living below her means, as in his home in Minnesota! Kim hated it, but, alas, Kris wanted her to move there and have his babies. He’s quoted as saying that no one will even know Kim when she have babies- can’t you see how that could have frightened the publicity seeking Kim? Let’s keep it real here y’all. Would you want to go back to selling clothes from a basement in New York and not making millions of endorsement deals?

The Kardashian brand is a billion dollar cash cow

Kris Humphries

Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

 and there’s no way Kim is going to give that up! And because they have signed a prenuptial ( sis Khole & mama bear Kris made sure of that) Kim probably won’t lose any money.  Kris Humphries doesn’t want to be controlled by Kim and her sisters and mom, Kris Jenner. The Kardashian women seemingly have their men under control & Kris Humphries is fighting to retain his manliness- Lamar tried to warn him to just go with the flow, but, naw, poor Kris couldn’t give up his manhood  for the love of money and fame that being tied to the media whores bring!

Now folks thinks it was all a big publicity stunt just to make money! As Kim heads off to Australia with sister Khloe to promote their line of handbags, Kris Humphries is shooting a magazine cover for his upcoming return to the game of basketball. After 72 days of wedded bliss, bull and bickering, it appears the 17 million dollar media circus is ending. Sadly, Kris Humphries learned Kim was  dumping him from TMZ and reportedly desperate to save his marriage.  How low can you go Kim Kardashian?

Anyhoo, moving on. Did y’all see Basketball Wives, LA? Is jackie trippin’ or what? And all the time the girls were hatin’ on Draya! What goes around comes around, Jackie…hmmm, Kim ya better take notes…


Another “SmackDown” On Basketball Wives!


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So Tami smacks Meeka on Basketball Wives and alludes to it being in self-defense, SAY WHAT!?! I mean, come on Tami can’t you be a bit more creative? The camera didn’t lie, Reality TV, or, no Reality TV. Fess up Tami, you were hell bent on hurting a sista-just sayin’. Anyhoo, g-moguls, the fights bewteen women on these shows are becoming more & more aggressive. First the smackdown between Drita & Karen on Mob Wives, Royce in a prior altercation with Evelyn and now this?

Can the women blame it on the alcohol or, is it what the producers are encouraging these shows to do to rake in more viewers? Just to be clear, I’m not totally against a friendly feud, but, when the weaves are flying and you start showing viewers what your mama gave ya? Too much. So, weigh in on this people and tell my readers how you really feel. Was Tami out of pocket tonight?

Last week, it was Evelyn telling her best friend Jennifer f$@k  you and so tonight Jennifer apologized profusely to the point of crying big crocodile (fake) tears in order to get back into Evelyn’s good graces. And where the heck is Royce? We know that Shaunie didn’t bother asking the gurl on this 2nd trip to Rome, but, quiet as kept? Royce makes the show flow with some common decency…

Can you guess the ex’s of these basketball women? Haven’t been paying attention? Don’t worry I got your back:) Here’s the lowdown of the ex basketballers in the women lives.

Jennifer- Eric Williams-in process of getting divorced

Shaunie- ex wife of Shaquille O’ Neal- Shaq, the big rack.

Tami- ex wife of Kenny Anderson

Evelyn, presently snags another basketball/ fiance & alleged “media whore” -Chad/Ochochinco.

Watching The Basketball Wives Encore presentation tonight was basically a buzz kill:( I mean if you’ve seen one knock down, drag out, well, you’ve basically seen them all:)

Now, Royce getting a handle on Evelyn? Priceless…


Weekend Gossip Roundup @ Clara54’s “T” Blog

Image cropped from original on Flickr. Origina...

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So I spent the earlier part of the week stalking the “T’ MOGULS, you know the hot spots for all of the hot topics! Anyhoo, wasn’t much fire over at the ladies of The View roundtable, but, here’s what I could skim off :

Bristol Palin wants her baby’s daddy, Levi, to give up all of his parental rights. If Levi act accordingly, he won’t have him pay child support.

Steve Harvey‘s 1st wife, Mary made a Youtube video, blasting her ex. She states he should be the last person to dish out relationship advice. It seems Steve as alleged by Mary, cheated on her with his current wife Marjorie. Tsk, Tsk, Steve…Mary’s new book, questioning why should women think like a man, will undoubtedly become a bestseller. Look’s like you got competition  Steve Harvey! 

Carrie Fisher has become the new face of Jenny Craig. Good deal that one. This stuff is tamed compared to what Wendy Williams was dishing up. Listen to this:

Michelle Bombshell Mcgee was Wendy’s hot topic. She spilled on Jesse James apparently cheating on his marriage with her, while his wife was away filming a movie. Michelle apologized to Sandra Bullock for adding to her pain. She then had this to say to Jesse’s new fiance: ” Kat, run for your life. He is a cheater.”

And just so you know how down I am for the “Ts”? I burned my grits trying to get the scope cause that’s how a southern girl roll!

A bit of Reality TV coming up…