Trending Celeb Updates for October


Happy October G-moguls! Thank y’all for not bailing on the tea blog, now that I’m posting monthly. Did I forget to mention how Y’all Rock!  A big shout out to Celeb Dirty Laundry @celebdirtylaund for the recent Twitter follow! People I don’t be making this stuff up:)

Anyhew, here are your celeb teas for October that includes a brief run through of my opinionated thoughts about what’s really going on in the world of celebville.

A big ole “sorry” going out to Wendy Williams for criticizing the way she hocks her clothing line everyday on the show. It does get a bit old, boring and tired, but listen every show is advertising products, either to line their own pockets or line the pockets of the networks they work for, so the g mogul can’t be a hypocrite by hating on Wendy’s hustle.

I do have a bone that needs picking, though, Wendy. Why did you/r executives have Jason and another producer take the fall because you didn’t know your black people history? I mean, every person (black, white, brown, red) should know something about the NAACP! The firing wasn’t a good look , Wendy. Just sayin.’

I was a bit shook up to hear about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce. I cannot rejoice over the breakup of anybody’s marriage, especially when kids are involved. My thing is, why are people smacking their lips with glee over this? I’m not team Jennifer Aniston or any exes that came before. That’s somebody’s personal thang, happening between two people and the rest of the world needs to butt out.

It blew my mind to read that Kevin Hart was the highest ranking comedian to top Forbes Magazine’s list of rich celebrities. Seems Kevin drew in over $87 million dollars between June 2015 and June 2016, landing him sixth place on the Celebrity 100, FORBES’ annual list of richest celebs.The newly married Hart even beat out the top ranking comedian, Jerry Seinfeld and dude is still going strong. Now, a little birdie told me, actually Eddie Murphy said he was curiously considering returning to the standup stage. Well, Eddie does have like 9 or 10 kids and he is still funny as heck, so why not?

I was bummed to learn that Nicole Beharie wasn’t returning to Sleepy Hollow and that Tom Mison was getting a new female and possibly romantic lead. My next thought was what about Lyndie Greenwood aka Jenny Mills? We can say goodbye to Caitlyn Jenner’s I AM CAIT, which got low ratings. But, those darn Kardashians keep on trucking.

Where’s Tamar Braxton sans The Real? And how many of y’all rooting for Rob&Chyna? Keep it on the real, though! I wish success and happiness to everrrbody.Just sayin 🙂

I want y’all to mark your calendars for my new book, Unleash Your Pearls Empowering Women’s Voices due out soon. Traditional publishers take about a year to produce a product and I’m waiting for my book release- all entrepreneurs know, “if you don’t have a product you can’t make a profit”and I’m in need of my frigging product:)

Anyhew, y’all can hit up the book’s email address for more news and to claim your autographed copy  from the g-mogul @


Okay, see what I just did? I’m advertising my book’s distribution just like the celebs and talk show hosts and their guests making public appearances to sell their latest products. Capitalism feeds the world!






Impromptu Wendy Williams Update

th wendy fire

What is it with you guys and Wendy Williams?! This is the first and possibly THE only time I’m going to come out from my wonderful hiatus to give you a resounding “Yes!” to over 100 of you visiting my blog today and up to 50-90 of your visits from the last few days hitting up old news about Wendy Williams making a return appearance on Think Like A Man Too, as Kevin Hart’s wife!

(okay so I’m lovin’ the attention, doncha know?) but, I’m on vacay:)

Okay, there you have it my faithful readers, Wendy Williams star is definitely rising as evidenced by her recent New York Times bestselling romance novel ( say what?!) now, Wendy’s got to thinking that she can also be a comedian:) for real, y’all Wendy will be trying her hand as a comic with an onstage monologue lasting for well over 70 minutes.

Wendy Williams reveals that she will be turning 50 on July 18th and this is on her bucket list. The g-mogul wish you plenty of finger snapping’ gurl! Now, I’m retreating back to my nest in the world of hibernation, people, so if you want updates on where and when Wendy Williams will be performing her standup? Just watch the show or TiVo it or whatever, cause all y’all know Wendy is always talkin.’


‘Think Like A Man Too’ hits theaters on Friday, June 20th and although Wendy apparently was only in Las Vegas for a hot couple of hours to film her part as Kevin Hart’s wife, the trailer with the other women, including La La Anthony, Regina Hall,Taraji P. Henson, and Gabrielle Union, looks interestingly entertaining.

Now I’m gonna have to take an extra week in July. Just sayin’ 🙂


The Comedic Fireworks Of Kevin Hart

th soul kevin

Fourth of July was awesome as people in these United States of America, got to celebrate independence day and the brave folks, living and dead who make it happen! There were plenty of fireworks around my neck of the woods and then some.People went fireworks & BBQ cray-cray! Anyhew, my hopes are that everyone put safety first-( also remember my petitioning parents to avoid leaving kids in the car this summer)

This post is about another “Fireworks” and that happens to be the comedian and flavor of the season, Kevin Hart. Kevin is burning up the world with his hilarious take on life as he lives and breathes it. He’s a hit on Think Like A Man too, just coming off a successful “Let Me Explain”‘ comedy tour of 10 countries grossing over $32 million and sold out tickets at Madison Square, not once, but, twice. The man is on fire!

So, Wendy Williams was called back to play Kevin’s wife in Think Like A Man Too. On Wednesday, she invited the comedian back to the Wendy couch to talk about his successES and to put him in the Wendy hot seat. For those of you who don’t know about the “Hot Seat”, it’s where Wendy places a guest in a chair to answer four truth questions that progress from mild to moderate to smoking hot. The guests, for the most part have played along and been forthcoming with their answers…except for maybe, Halle Berry. She didn’t give definitive answers. No fun. Just sayin’


Kevin Hart in Wendy Williams Hot Seat:

1. Besides yourself who are the funniest comedians out there?

That’s an unfair question because there are so many. I’ll go real fast- Chris Rock. Dave Chapelle. Jerry Seinfeld. Eddie Murphy.

2. What’s the worst thing you had to do before hitting it big?

This is a 2-parter. Sold a bunch of my personal CD’s at a pawn shop, but, I needed more. Thought about stripping for a day, but, a friend told me about the costumes. I decided I was not going to do it.

3.Most awkward celebrity encounter.

“David Hasselhoff.” I was a fan of Knight Rider as a kid (saw the actor) said, “hey man, I’m a big fan… like that song” started to imitate the lyrics to Knight Rider theme song- Hasselhoff just walked off.

4. Have you ever been snubbed by a celebrity at any point in your career?

This is kind of embarrassing. I met Janet Jackson. This was when she was with Jermaine Dupri. I was nervous & sweating. I go up to her and say;”Hey Janet, I’m a big fan. You must like little guys.” She goes “UGH!”

Kevin Hart promises even more foolishness on the 2nd season of Real Husbands of Hollywood as Chris Rock joins the cast.

Make sure to check out Wanda Sykes “Herlarious” comedy show, featuring the women of standup-airing on OWN.


Was Wendy Williams Appearance On Ellen DeGeneres Show “Awkward”?


Okay, so , I wasn’t going to ‘talk’ on this one, but since folks are out here blogging and speculating on it, I felt as a long time g-mogul, I had little choice but to spread some light on the subject (s) as only this g-mogul can do. Now, y’all know how Wendy is my gurl and all. I’m tickled pink that she’s gotten so many accolades from her peoples-views/op-ed in the industry since landing her talk/gossip/in your face/The Wendy Williams Show. A brief recap:

Guest starring roles on movies and television shows. Yes, Wendy will be reprising her role as Kevin Hart’s wife Gail on Think Like A Man 2

Posed nude for PETA
Appearing on Broadway
QVC Deal
Book Deal- Ask Wendy
And guest appearances on other famous talk shows…

On Monday, Wendy’s appearance on Ellen aired.Wendy was hosting her show and telling folks to make sure they catch her on Ellen. Alright, so far, so good. Curious, I sort of checked out Ellen ( hardly ever do) just not a fan. Anyhew, this g-moguls’ antenna of intuitive interest shot up when a bit of ‘stink’ seemed to hover in the air on the Ellen set. Even the audience showed tepidly accommodating to Wendy. Just sayin.

I decided to let it ride. Hey, it could have been my imagination (hardly). Now though, the blogs are on fire! I was like, “Who knew?”… seems a lot of viewers noticed the cool attitude coming from Ellen toward Wendy. Let the game of speculation began:

Ellen always does this underhanded thing with guests she doesn’t care for and you have to watch for it. Ellen isn’t as nice as she seems. Many people just watch Ellen because she gives away stuff to folks in need… and on and on. As a g-mogul from way back, doncha know? I won’t speculate on those comments out there.

I will tell y’all what I know in regards to why Ellen might have been cool toward my gurl. I watch Wendy and Wendy has admitted to Ellen that she talks “TM-TF-TL” which translates into, “too much, too fast, and too loud.”

It’s obvious to me that the situation with Ellen DeGeneres was indeed “Awkward.” Ellen asked piercingly pointed and straight-forward questions, without breaking a smile or sweat. It’s also apparent also to me that Wendy was flustered and nervous and feeling smaller than she wanted to feel. Not good Wendy! You deserve to be where you are. Don’t go feeling small in the presence of anyone ( still you do gab a bit much) 🙂 Okay, so, here’s the g-mogul’s speculation on why Ellen DeGeneres was a bit perturbed with Wendy William; take it or believe!

th e &p together

Back when Wendy Williams was in radio and was offered a test pilot for her own show, she and camera crew, naturally took the show to the people. One of those venues was some red carpet (celebrity) deal where Wendy grabbed any celebrity willing to chat with her on the Red Carpet.
Y’all can get the specifics by doing a bit of research but, this g-mogul have total recall:)

Anyhew, one of those “celebs” who came up to talk was Portia De Rossi ( Nooo Portia & Ellen were not reportedly a couple at the time)

Wendy held the mike up to Portia and asked her to comment on Portia’s apparently seen splashing about with a woman in the jacuzzi. Okay, at that time, reportedly, Portia De Rossi had not come out as a lesbian. Now, people, even though, Portia walked away from Wendy Williams blast out without comment, surely, that’s a situation no one would ever forget- just sayin.

And surely, now that Portia and Ellen are a married couple…well y’all are gifted with the power of intellect. Go figure. This speculation is not proven, it’s just another thought to ponder in regards to the Ellen and Wendy awkwardness. Remember, Ellen asked Wendy on the show, “Do you get in trouble when you say bad things?”

Geez, I deserve a g-mogul award for this one 🙂


Will Wendy Williams Be Reprising Her Role In Think Like A Man Sequel?

thlike a man group

You guys have a good time this weekend ( safety first) because tomorrow is Friday and I’m not going to holla back until next week! Anyhoo, something came up that had to be talked about with y’all, today! Remember when Kevin Hart came to the Wendy Williams couch to talk about his rise to fame and fortune from doing the movie “Think Like a Man” based on Steve Harvey’s bestselling book, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man”and getting his new show, Real Husbands of Hollywood? Y’all remember what Wendy Williams asked him? I know, that’s why I’m the g-mogul. just sayin’

Well, Wendy Williams played Kevin Hart’s overbearing wife in the movie and folks liked her, according to Kevin Hart-a lot! Wendy no doubt got a taste for the ‘acting’ bug and wants to do more movie roles not allegedly, but,a fact. She asks Kevin, so, P.S-“Are they making a sequel? When Kevin answers in the affirmative, Wendy then asks “Are you still married to me in the movie?” Again, Kevin Hart responds and I quote “You’re going to be my wife, so don’t get busy.”

Fast forward to Thursday’s Wendy William Show with guest, Taraji P. Henson, well-known for her starring roles in Benjamin Buttons, Hustle & Flow and Tyler Perry sagas. Currently, the actress has a leading role in the hit television drama Person of Interest. Okay, enough background, cause if y’all still don’t know Taraji P. Henson something’s wrong. The thing/point is, Taraji is also one of the original actresses in the Think Like A Man movie. Now Wendy, ever the sly gurl 🙂 gets to ask Taraji the burning, “need to know” question.

Wendy “Is there going to be a sequel to Think Like a Man and are they filming now, cause I hadn’t heard anything”
Taraji P. Henson- “Yes, we’re filming the sequel May 13th in Vegas.”


Okay, so Wendy as of this posting, we know you haven’t been called back to reprise your role as Kevin Hart’s wife in the sequel, tentatively called “Think Harder Like a Man” or “Think Like a Man Too” but don’t fret, there’s still a few weeks left for you to get that call! Anyhew, you’re going to be singing and dancing in the Broadway Musical, Chicago, for 7 weeks in June-congratulations and remember to think & move like you really can dance, gurl ( DWTS) memory moment,people…oh, shesh!

Kevin Hart, if you’re reading this. You’d better get on the horn for Wendy Williams. You promised her she’d be your wife in the upcoming sequel to Think Like A Man. Wendy always got your back, Kevin. Remember how she gave you props in the sex appeal department? “You become sexier as you become more successful.” Say what!?


Why Robin Thicke Quit Real Husbands Of Hollywood


Okay, so we haven’t actually heard words coming from the mouth of the sexy R&B crooner,on why he actually quit the outrageously, funny,at times ” No he didn’t!” Real Husbands Of Hollywood, with comedian Kevin Hart in the lead role. It’s surprising to many (like yours truly) why Robin Thicke would leave the show when it’s being picked up for a second season. Hmm. (as wheels turn)

The tweeter verse is trending and on fire with all of the possibilities, innuendos and testimonials on reasons the only white cast member left BET’s mega- money-maker show. Some bloggers allege that Robin didn’t like the way his character was headed on the show and when his attempts to have producers change parts of the script and they refused? He left without giving any indication to other cast members. He simply failed to show up for the next taping? I for one, thought that scene in the panic room was the stupidest thing and let’s not forget the one where the twin sisters had Kevin sprawled out on the table- hated it! just sayin.’

Still, there’s the teas claiming Robin was concerned his followers are leaving him, because they didn’t watch BET (mainstream America) and also that he and Kevin Hart didn’t really gel-Kevin’s taunts wasn’t appreciated. Kevin Hart, made a video addressing the rumors the two were fighting, by saying there was no truth to the stories out there, the two were on speaking terms and that dude wanted to concentrate more on his music and touring schedule.

22400robin  and paula

Duane Martin likened the husband of actress Paula Patton, as just another “Bobby Brown” stating, “He’ll probably quit the group for a week. He’ll be back.” Maybe it’s a good thing, Robin Thicke left the show we’ll get to hear more of that sexy music he’s known for. What?! Age ain’t nothin but a number ba-by:) Now, it’s reported Chris Rock will be joining the cast for their second season. Although Kevin Hart is appearing to be graciously welcoming to the veteran funny man, only time will tell how a celebrity-hog really feels.

Will y’all continue to watch Real Husbands of Hollywood and do you think the rich white guy was a bit hasty? Hey, how about this? What if producers have a reality show in store for Robin and wife Paula in something like…”And Baby Makes Three”


Kevin Hart & Real Husbands Of Hollywood…


There’s been so much hype over the last months about this new “eye candy” show that I wanted to see what all of the media hoopla was about and let me just say for the record; Real Husbands Of Hollywood got this g-mogul’s vote! It is fun, a hoot and easy on the eyes ladies, for all y’all women needing to take a break from reality and feast upon the likes of Boris Kudjoe, Duane Martin, Nick Cannon, J.B. Smoove, Robin Thicke and Kevin Hart 🙂

Believe it or not, Kevin Hart brings his own unique brand of sexy to this comedic and spot on spoof on reality television. The man is hilarious all by himself and adding the other men to the mix equals sheer genius. I wasn’t expecting to laugh at Nick Cannon dropping hamburger from the grill on the floor and adding it back for human consumption or for Duane Martin’s break-away clothing line spearheaded by retired and elderly unpaid factory workers. I was snickering when Boris Kodjoe pretended shock at such an arrangement, agreed to join, only to punch Duane at the very thought of not paying the elderly workers for their laborious work. A hoot!

Kevin’s character hates that Robin Thicke is an “A-list” artist who knows and hobnobs with all of the stars, married to Paula Patton and that this white dude is friends with all of his black friends! J. B. Smoove plays a hater sidekick of Kevin’s, who accuses him of stealing his comedy material. It all gels into a fun show. The men often reference their famous wives..all of whom Kevin wants to hit on.

Real Husbands Of Hollywood have something for every viewer. The celebrity briefs include appearances by Keri Hilson, Common, Ed O’ Neill, Russell Simmons and Nelly. Nelly joins the guys in several scenes, so he’s maybe a regular. I loved the show, except for the few nagging brainisms ( is that a word?) Anyhoo, the slightest reference to the “N” word gets under my skin and the 11y/0 kid beating up on a grown man? Funny, yea, but… Those 2 things triggered a…just sayin’.

Overall, the verdict for Real Husbands of Hollywood is a thumbs up and I would agree with many of you it is a winner and everything your heart desires come Tuesday nights on BET!

Side Note:  Second Generations Wayans? 0k….verdict is still out on this one, as I wait to view more episodes. A Gabourey Sidibe sighting failed to settle a tinge of disappointment in hopes the show do better. Maybe writers can start by reminding young Damien that imitation is a form of flattery, but he’s not his uncles…