Recap Of Fun Summer Fashion From The Wendy Williams Show

Hello everyone! Today is June 1st, which means I forgot to send the usual monthly post for y’all. Well, people, it’s because the g-maven penciled time off dates from her two other blogs (subtle plug) and She forgot to post at the tea blog. This clearly means she’s off her game, but have no fear, she got ya!

Instead of the usual brand of teas today, however, we’re gonna talk about fashion. Yep, fashion is always fun and because the g-maven is “resting”, we’re just going to talk summer fun fashion and what’s trending for everybody. So, are we good?! Y’all know celebs like Kate Hudson and Beyonce’ have come out with their brand of athletic wear, and there’s the Jenner girls for the younger generation. But, did y’all know that some real housewives brought their line of clothing to HSN and made money hand over fists? Lisa Rinna even quipped how she makes more money in a few hour on HSN than she does doing an episode of the reality show (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)

NeNe Leakes would know a thing or two about that conversation, considering she sold out her whole line of clothing at a HSN appearance, also. These celebs know how to get their coins. Speaking of which, Wendy Williams is a walking billboard, advertising her clothing line on the show. I mean, she literally wore pieces from her line everyday and had the animated Suzanne ( the one who gets Wendy’s audience riled up and clapping) to wear them too. I suppose that’s a great way to push your product, but, the opinion of this g-maven? It came off as Wendy being thirty and tacky:) Just saying. Y’all know Wendy is my gurl, but Jeez.

Here’s Video of Some Fun Summer Fashions obtained from an episode of The Wendy Williams Show.

I’m going for the off the shoulder tops, two piece or dress trend that can be athletic inspired. White and floral pieces are always a good summer choice. Body conscious pieces are not on my preferred fashion to-do list, but they’re striking pieces as well. Remember, white out fashion is the summer fun stand out.

Thank you ladies & gents, for the support of your follow! I hope to see y’all in July with brand new teas that will be well worth your wait. ūüôā




George Clooney Set To Testify At Berlusconi Trial?

Silvio Berlusconi in a meeting

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Dang ya’ll, seems like everybody wants a piece of him! Who else? George Clooney,of course:) I mean, George is likely to be called as a defense witness for that Italian Prime Minister dude, Silvio Berlusconi¬†about his actions during those “bunga bunga” parties at his villa authorities¬†are calling a¬†prositution lair where guests are served friendly orgies for dessert…

Anyhow, the young woman at the head of the sex scandal was reported to be only 17 when she had sex with the prime minister of Italy at his mansion, where she denies any wrongdoing, citing George Clooney and his gal pal among some of the noted guests at these shindigs.

Of course, George is reported to be stumped by his involvement. He’s reportedly called the idea of his being a witness in the April 6th trial as “odd” since he only met the italian head of state once for fundraising efforts to aid his Darfur mission.

Well, this will be interesting fodder for us “t” moguls in the weeks to come, eh? Now let’s talk Star Wars!

Star Jones was on Access Hollywood Live today letting the claws come out about the stuff happening between her ahd 3 women of The Celebrity Apprentice. First off, Star said it was business with Lisa Rinna and only after Lisa was fired and started talking crap about her on Twitter did Star retaliate.

Star calls Latoya a manipulative little girl and says” poor thing” about NeNe in response to Nene Leakes calling Star Jones bossy, selfish, conniving and manipulative. Lisa Rinna is still talking mucho¬†smack. Saying about Star’s book, Satan Sisters;”Perfect title!”.

Well, Star isn’t mincing words either.Telling¬†the women to “Put on your big gal pumps, step up or step off.” Star says she is tired of these little girls whining LOL…

Question: Donald Trump for my president? Hellllll No! 


Aretha Franklin Did Not Have Gastric Bypass Surgery!

Lisa Rinna at the 81st Academy Awards

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Although the Queen of Soul is not really telling folks just what she did have- Aretha insists she would never have that particular surgery. Losing close to 80lbs and down to a size 18, Ms. Franklin was recently on¬†Access Hollywood talking about her new album and how she’s not in love!! Although the Queen divulged that her last beau and she had different ideas and he was younger than she- said the dude thought Aretha was 20 years younger than what she really was, wow! You go gurl!

Charlie Sheen is a one man wonder in Chicago, selling out his April show in a mere 18 minutes. The proceeds from Charlie’s, My Violent Torpedo of Truth,¬†will go toward the earthquake victims in Japan. Detroit is the next city on Charlie’s “Winning” agenda. No word yet if those tickets sold out as well.

Lisa Rinna was the 2nd celebrity to get the boot from Donald Trump‘s Celebrity Apprentice. Apparently Lisa couldn’t hold her own against two diehard, dogmatic and cruelly competitive, Star Jones and Dionne Warwick, who just hampered Lisa- just a shame..¬†

People who watch Chelsea After Dark have to have a thick skin. Listening to the subtle hints of racial satire¬†and sarcasm isn’t for everyone…Hmmm, wonder if 50 cent catch¬†any of Chelsea Lately‘s whacked humor?

Okay, so Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour was in Chicago on Monday night for a speech which some say signals his intent to run for president of the united states of america. I say hold up! I’m from the racist, Dixielands of Mississippi and I say, Hell No! Mississippi is overgrown with trees, tumbleweeds, with one streetlight, abandoned & rotted out¬†homes, a single¬†twiggly-wiggley¬†and¬†one service gas pump!

Anybody, anywhere, entertaining the thought that this Mississippi governer will help America as president, need to haul tail down to the southern side of life and then, tell me why this individual would consider running for president!!! Okay, I’m cool now, breathing again… Be forwarned Governor, you can take your ideas out of Mississippi, but, your¬†footprints remains behind, rooted in stains of¬†leadership.

More “ts” coming at ya, suddenly feeling nauseated!


From The Sidelines:Hot Topics “T” Blog

Halle Berry on the red carpetRobots movie

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Elizabeth Hasselbeck broke the news on The View today that Sherri Sheperd asked her to be¬†a bridesmaid at Sherri’s upcoming wedding nuptials. Feigning hurt feeling, Barbara Walters admitted to the viewers¬†that she is giving Sherri a Bachelorette party, so why isn’t she the bridesmaid?

Seemingly, this wasn’t a serious question from Ms. Walters, just a bit of ribbing at the expense of the engaged Sherri. The conversation quickly turned to other matters as the morning hot topics are prone to do. Meanwhile over at Wendy Williams

Wendy,¬† all ya’ll know from reading my “t” blog, is my gossip guru/mongul/go-to-diva when it comes to” all about the t’s”. Anyhoo, Wendy admittedly gets a lot of her juice for the show from US Magazine, Radar Online and oh, yea, The National Inquirer. I remember reading The Inquirer back in the day and I never actually believed the stuff I was reading, but, Wendy “How you Doin?!”¬†does… so, reportedly Charlie Sheen has gone & hired another hooker for his entertainment (not that the other one defined herself as such)

The interesting tidbit from Wendy’s camp wasn’t about Charlie, the good time guy/celebrity so much. It wasn’t even about Christina’s behaviour at a party she supposedly crashed with her 22 year old flavor of the month/year, maybe. No, the juicy-juice that I found a bitter pill to swallow? Halle Berry allegedly fighting with her ex, Gabrielle Aubry¬†over custody of their beautiful daughter… then, this:

The catfights on The Celebrity Apprentice between Star Jones & Lisa Rinna and Star Jones & Ne/Ne of The Housewives of Atlanta-shock-ing! or, should that be socking, as reportedly was the case with the latter?

Wendy put forth this question? In a knock down, drag out fight, Who do you think would win NeNe or Star?

holla back’