Tamar And Vince On The Wendy Williams Show

Hello my peeps! I know today is Tuesday and not Monday, my monthly posting day and I’m not trying to be shady, people, but this springing back and forth thing has rattled my patience and upset my daily routine a bit! I have been so busy trying to avoid the busyness, that I’m falling behind on my obligations. You dig? Anyho, it’s hard to keep a  good woman down when she’s got game, kinda like Tamar Braxton who was fired from The Real a year ago, had life threatening medical issues and rumored to have had an affair on Vincent, who in turn, was alleged to have a ‘love child’ on her… Tamar, who is turning 40 years old this week, seems to have come into owning her ish.

Bravo to you Tamar! I’m going to check out your rumored new talk show, although there hasn’t been much talk about it from the Steve Harvey camp or from Tamar.  But, Braxton Family Values is entering its 6th season and from recent clips, the premiere looks to be very juicy stuff.

I didn’t post Monday because I wanted to wait for Tamar & Vince’s guest appearance on Wendy Williams in hopes of  a cup of flavored tea to indulge your taste buds with today. The interview wasn’t overly revealing, but Vince disclosed he’d lost 90 plus pounds and that he didn’t know he was so big… now, really Vince? I found that kind of hard to believe, but we own what we want to own about ourselves, people.

I had to go and get new spectacles ( that would be eyeglasses to the Millennia) and I can see better now and I see Reality TV becoming more crass, invasive and over dramatized and frankly I’m becoming bored with it all. Maybe I’ll concentrate on penning a celeb book on the glitz and glamor and the lack of nonrecognition for actors and actresses of color that was old Hollywood. You know something substantial and accurate:)

Here’s a clip of Tamar & Vince on Wendy Williams:


NeNe Leakes Quits: Reality Housewives Shake Down!


So, NeNe Leakes bids the housewives of Atlanta adieu! Anyhow, happy Tuesday, my tea co-horts. This is the end of June and sadly for some of you drama loving tea moguls, so is the news that NeNe Leakes is leaving the Reality conglomeration that made her a rising celebrity. Ms. Leakes was the last original housewife remaining, having been with the show for 8 years. Y’all know I have a theory:) Just maybe, none of the other wives, except maybe Phaedrea were thrilled to film with the rich “b*tch”, so just maybe she felt pressured to leave the show. And y’all know she was wrong for talking down to the well established therapist, Dr. Jeff. I’m just sayin’


Anyhew, NeNe haven’t left the Bravo family entirely. Remember she and former reality person, Kim Zolciak have that road trip in the works. Reportedly, the newest housewife, Claudia Jordan won’t be back on the show either. We need to give that girl props though, cause she does get around. Apparently a staple on Rickey Smiley Morning Show in Atlanta, Claudia was also on Tiny’s late night show, along with Tamar Braxton where there were whispers about the pair not clicking. Tiny’s late night girl fest, fizzled out rather quickly.Could it be because we the viewers couldn’t understand a thing coming outta their mouths?!

Y’all know by now, doncha, that Brandi Glanville got the boot from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Yep, the mouth got the boot, right alongside her new best buddy, the tortured soul and sister of Kyle Richard, Kim Richards. Did you see that Dr. Phil debacle? Sad, very sad. Now here’s my theory on why Brandi got the boot. When she drank, the truth came out. Not only did she spill the beans about Kyle’s fancy for inhaling weed, she also showed much disrespect to Andy Cohen on the last reunion show.

And now for the main course:) Donald Trump was axed from Celebrity Apprentice because of his apparent racist remarks about Mexicans! NBC will be searching for the next honcho to reside over The Celebrity Apprentice. Wendy Williams cast the net for Howard Stern and Sean Diddy Combs. Who y’all want to see as the next host?
How bout this? Can y’all see Donald Trump as your next president? I’d say, another Lyndon B. Johnson we don’t need. What?! Don’t act like y’all brand new now, hear?

Evelyn Lozada, formerly of Basketball Wives, gets her own reailty show on Oprah’s OWN network, called “Livin Lozado.” Hmmm, maybe Iyanla Vanzant did help her get her life.


Another Basketball alumni, 45 year old Tami Romin is reported to be pregnant. Babies are always a blessing in my neck of the woods, so congratulations to her.

Hey y’all wasn’t Janet Jackson & Smokey Robinson the coooolest at the BET Awards?! Got my vote. (thumbs up)


Flex And Shanice Premieres On The Own Network


Let’s just give it up first of all to the media mogul, Oprah Winfrey and the success of OWN Network. There was a bit of guidance and help by way of Tyler Perry that turned the network around during its initial run, where viewers were left scratching their heads; wondering if they should really follow Lady “O” after The Oprah Show ended its final taping on a high note.

Before Tyler Perry used his storytelling expertise and partnered with Oprah to bring us “The Haves And The Have Nots” and the comedy “For Better Or Worse” ( in my opinion, a near fail) “Welcome To Sweetie Pies, seemingly became the only hit maker for the network at the time.

The Own Network introduced its audience to two new Reality Shows on Saturday night, “Deoin’s Family Playbook” following former football player Deoin Sanders with his girlfriend “Extra” new host and ex wife of Babyface, Tracey Edmonds. Didn’t care for the show because it felt scripted, stiff and forced; you know celebrities think they have to be “on” at all times. Maybe I’ll be patient and watch it for a bit before writing it off completely:)

This show just seems to lack that “realness” factor. Time will tell, people. The g-mogul is just calling it like she feels it:)


Actor and comedian, Flex Alexander and his wife, singer Shanice Wilson are a hit together! I love the natural flow of the show where the couple share teas on once having it all, but found themselves 13 years ago, broke and losing their home, cars and having to file bankruptcy. If that wasn’t enough, the couple had to move in with their family. So, you have 7 people in one home, including two cousins (hilarious) an uncle whose trying to learn how to text and Flex & Shanice’s two kids…a smart mouth, but cute 10-year old son and a 13-year old daughter who thinks she “not” a child?! too funny.

The show is great and premieres Saturdays 10/9pm central time. Catch it. Y’all will love it and do me a huge favor?

Send me a comment and let me know who y’all think will become the breakout star on this show? I already got you covered:)

In response to the words of Shanice Wilson, “It’s hard being a broke celebrity.” Sistah Girl, I am nobody’s celebrity and it’s damn hard being a broke anybody in these uncertain times. Psst, I’ll be your manager. JUST SAYIN’

Treat yourself special…

NeNe Leakes: “I’m Such A Prude!”

thENEOkay, just to put everything into perspective, we know reality shows are filmed nearly a year before we, the viewers/voyeurs get to see the action. On Sunday night, The Housewives Of Atlanta showed Cynthia giving NeNe Leakes and former hubby/present fiance, a send off to LA where she would settle into her celebrity digs and enjoy her props as one of the “it” gurls of Hollywood. Yes. NeNe Leakes is very, very, rich and now she’s becomming very, very, famous_ everything she’s worked for.

Monday was a blast in the return of all of the fav old shows, intro of great new shows and return of daytime talk show hosts 2013…over on The View couch, Jessica Lange charmed the women with her star power presence. I will never forget how she tamed ole King Kong back in the day:) anyhoo, it was good daytime talk, but, Wendy Williams made my g-mogul day when she rehashed stuff we’d already heard, but, couldn’t wait to see how she put her spin on it! Of course, Wendy had to tell how ‘she’ spent her holiday time (yawn) before the good stuff and people, the good stuff for yours truly was NeNe Leakes and former hubby/Greg, whose shoes got some Wendy “Shoe Cam”, by the way.

So, NeNe recently graced the cover of Ebony Magazine’s Money and Power issue where she caught a lot of flax or posing in a tub of diamonds. When asked about that by Wendy, she said she had no contol over the magazine’s concept with the shoot. She also said she got a lot of negatives, but, just as many positives in that head angling and eye rolling way, NeNe, the only”original”housewife of Atlanta could do. She’s also doing an upcoming cover shoot with Sister 2 Sister Magazine. In a game called,”I DO TAKE TWO” the couple answers questions from Wendy:

1. Who made the first move to get back together? Greg- both agreed

2. After dining out, who is quicker to pick up the check? Both said the other as Greg explained that it’s “their”money.

3.Who does the dishes? Greg-both agreed

4. Who goes to fast food drive thru- Greg-agreed

5. Who is more “freaky” in the bedroom? Greg! both agreed. NeNe laughs, makes those obvious motions (eyes, head, lips) says, “I’m such a prude.”

Wendy Williams gifted her newly rejoined couple and the “I’m very rich b!tch” celebrity with lingere made of money, to celebrate their love… awww.


Drama Returns With Basketball Wives LA

Morning peeps!  Hope your September start off is better than mine:( I have been working so hard on projects of late, I’ve missed bringing y’all  weekly “ts” grgrgrr! Anyhoo, letss get this thang started with a breakdown of the return of Basketball Wives La- Ok, now, there’s a new sheriff in town and she’s got a big ole donkey-dunk! ( term from Housewife from Atlanta)  Brooke is her name and she’s a friend of Draya’s, having met in the “industry” doing Urban Modeling. Brooke gladly admits to having been a “Video Vixen” too-well shut yo’ mouth! and she’s dating Vernon Macklin (yawn)

So, now Gloria is writing a cookbook. She and Matt were separated for 8 months and according to last night’s episode, Gloria and he are back together. Y’all know he was rumored to be hooked up with Eva Longoria at one time- maybe during the split? Anyho, it seems Gloria and sister Laura hadn’t spoken for a year? A whole year without speaking to your sister?  Go back a second g-moguls and remember how they left us hanging on Baskeball Wives La last season.  Jackie was toast! Her lies and backstabbing had caught the heck up with her right?

Well, She’s back! Yep, Jackie found a slither of an opportunity with an all forgiving Malaysia who champions Jackie’s good and motivational side. Malaysia is willing to give  the woman another chance. Okay, what do Jackie start saying? Same old bull about the girls are jealous of how she got it going on with family, marriages, businessses-yada, yada, yada…change? I don’t think so.

Stayed tuned for stuff to hit the fan because Jackie has shown up at Gloria’s cookbook party (Malaysia urging) and the women don’t seem amused. Anyhoo, people, I predict the same sort of drama here.  Caught a bit of Daytime Talk return with all new shows. Wendy Williams had Maxism Chmerkovskiy. The View had Tony Danza as guest host and Katie Curic gave viewers Jessica Simpson on her debut talk…all boring.  just sayin’

Okay, now, there’s The Housewives of New York and their whorish ways! Okay, some of them- okay, then, three of them …alright, people, only two of the women were alleged to sleep with the same guy, but, on different nights-NASTY! One can only hope there were condoms and plenty of sanitizer somewhere in the vicinity of the “gurls” vacation!

Question and a Statement:

Would you compare Sonya of Housewives of New York with Anna Nicole Smith?

That Countess LuAnn can spin a tale, doncha know:)


Charles In Charge At “Sweetie Pie’s”

Okay, so I find myself laughing one of those hearty, gut wrenching, eyes misting tears sort of deal while taking notes for today’s post. I watched episodes of “Sweetie Pies” on Oprah ‘s OWN after the festivities and honors sent to all the fallen on Memorial Day. Watching Sweetie Pies always makes me hungry, even after a full day of eats!  Y’all know I’m a displaced Southern girl.  I assure  you “I had no choice in the matter”….But, family & food were two of maybe 5 good things that came out from the soils of my upbringing….Those platters of greens, fried chicken, sweet potatoes and apple pies served up at Ms. Robbie’s restaurant? All good! Moderation is key, people.

Anyhoo, and people think they know a g-mogul because, there’s always “anyhoo”…  Aside from the food and arguing between mama & son, son & fiancee’ and problems cropping up while trying to open another restaurant, I’ve witnessed what I’d call a breakout star in the makings. Can you guess? If you guessed young Charles-Ms. Robbie’s nephew? then you win and deserve to keep reading my views on Charles:)

Charles is a kid from back in the day- innocent, but, then not so much, ha! He is hilarious people… take the time he wanted to become a bartender, so he goes to a friend whose a mixologist…is that a word? Okay, y’all, dude mixes drinks and shows Charles a few tricks. Charles gets drunk from all the ‘tasting’ going on. Tearfully funny! Lucky for him, he takes a cab home… Charles doesn’t impress Ms. Robbie when he practices his newfound skills on her.

In last night’s episode, Charles wants to work at the new restaurant as anything other than, a bus boy, floor sweeper, or dishwasher. Maybe he’ll be the manager and open up around 4:30 when there’s no one to manage-ha! Ultimately he admits he doesn’t know what he wants to do and heads to the zoo, because he’s always loved animals… He’s afraid to blow into the nose of the Llama. He’s wondering who needs a degree to pick up some poop? The scene at the zoo with a clueless Charles was hysterical and great food for fodder in this post. I could write a daily column on Charles and actually enjoy doing it:)

Okay, people, loads of stuff to do before keeping it moving to my next site. What, didn’t know I’m a regular Renaissance woman? Y’all can visit if you’re brave enough) http://clara54.wordpress.com and http://authentic-woman.net …don’t forget to:


Bullying Tami Strikes Again On Basketball Wives!

Okay now since the influx of Reality TV, we have seen some bullies on the horizon. The Celebrity Apprentice introduced us to Amarosa, for goodness sake! And every gurl on Bad Gurls either bullied or got bullied. Who can forget Chrissy on Love & Hip Hop? That chick got mean and dirty with her friends when they blinked the wrong way. Just sayin’

Last night’s episode of Basketball Wives just took the cake!!!!! We know how mean spirited  & foul-mouthed Evelyn and Tami can be. We know what a disgrace they are to the more image conscious woman out there (Wendy “how you doin” Williams) in a word. But, we still watch this train wreck!

We’ve heard it through the grapevine that some advertisments are pulling out from Basketball Wives because of the “embarrassing” direction the show is headed. Some even speculate that Shaunie is trying to distance herself from the show as well… Last night was a bust because of the obvious harrassment and bullying going on

I didn’t see a halo on Tami Roman’s head, did y’all? I mean who died and made her your guardian angel, or your highness or even GOD almighty!?!!! – That was some whacked out stuff and that chick was doing some unforgivable adult bullying! Kesha Nichols did the right thing by asking for help- surely, the other women didn’t use their influence to help her out!

Tami Roman blames her erratic behavior on needing “anger management.” How’s that working for ya, Tami? Jamie Foxx hit it dead on when he sang, blame it on the “Alcohol.” Shaunie alluded to this being the culprit as well. I’m a g-mogul from way back and I call it like I see it. Y’all don’t have to agree with me either, this is America, people- we can agree to disagree without employing those bullying tactics- cause “we’re adults!” Tami better be glad her tail wasn’t arrested, she’d get sobered up quick and in a hurry, doncha ya know:)

Anyhoo, a few parting words?  Susie, keep your damn trap shut, gurl!

holla’ if you ain’t scared!